McMinn Law Firm’s Pledge To Community Giving

Make no mistake: Jason McMinn, Justin McMinn and Heather McMinn devote relentless focus to clients who have been seriously injured in an accident. They know their clients are relying on them to be a top-notch, successful personal injury lawyer. Austin, though, needs much more than juries and courts. Austin needs much more even than advocates dedicated to helping people who’ve been hurt get the compensation they deserve. Austin needs local businesses committed to our community.

Thanks to a strong track record of successful settlements and verdicts, McMinn Law Firm has the resources to give back to the community we serve. We are proud to support these organizations. McMinn Law Firm’s values, community citizenship, charitable giving, or social consciousness.

At McMinn Law Firm, we believe deeply in the generosity of spirit, time and talents. Jason McMinn, Justin McMinn, and Heather McMinn are all committed to the wellbeing of children in Central Texas.  Below are selected organizations and social campaigns supported by McMinn Law Firm.


About TruLight127

McMinn Law Firm is a proud advocate of foster children in Texas, and TruLight 127 who helps provide additional support for foster care families. The mission of TruLight127 is to promote stability and prevent children from “aging out” of the foster care system in Texas.

Support for Trulight Pajama Ball and April Matching Gift

During the month of April, TruLight127 has the opportunity to raise 200k through a matching grant by the Wade Richmond foundation. Even amid Coronavirus, the organization remains steadfast in providing care for kids and working to meet their 100k donation goal. McMinn Law Firm has pledged a $5,000 donation goal for the month of April.

Watch a video featuring Jason McMinn and Heather McMinn to see ways that others can support TruLight during National Child Abuse Prevention month.

Run to eRace Child Abuse

October 2018: We are proud to sponsor TruLight’s 5k/10k Run to eRace Child Abuse. On October 13 the community will come together to raise funds for TruLight Village. The village is a vision of leader, Sondra Ajasin to provide emergency and temporary housing for foster kids of all ages and into young adulthood.

September 2018: Attorney Heather McMinn assisted Michelle and her family in the adoption of her three sons. It is truly awesome to be able to help these families and brighten their future.

February 2018: On Valentine’s day 2018, Heather McMinn assisted in the adoptions in Sondra Ajasin’s family.

April 2016: McMinn Law Firm played an integral role in organizing “Shout it From the Rooftop,” benefitting TruLight127. Read on for more details later in this post.

Nov. – Dec. 2015: McMinn Law Firm joined with TruLight127 to provide holiday gifts for 15 children in two families. Lawyers and staff at McMinn Law Firm donated time and money to foster families.

“For a long time, I felt that foster families needed more support than what they get from the agency. Only basic needs are covered, which makes good business sense but doesn’t make good human sense.” – Sondra Ajasin, TruLight127 Founder

Shout it From the Rooftop: End Child Abuse

Heather McMinn Donates Time to Help Families Adopt

Adoption Day united this Austin-area family with the help of Heather McMinn. On Halloween 2019, Autumn and her family celebrated their future together, made official with the help of Heather McMinn, TruLight127 and Judge Bill Squires.

Twice in May Heather McMinn made adoptions possible by donating her legal skills. Families adopting children out of foster care received the legal support needed to make their family whole.

Family Adoption Day

Judge Wright approved an adoption in Bexar County Family Court. Heather McMinn helped keep this family together forever. Congratulations to the happy family! We are so proud that Heather can provide the legal resources they need.

Monday May 8, 2019 Heather McMinn found a happy outcome in joining the Ajasin family with their adoptive daughter, Funmilayo.

Heather has long been an advocate for children in foster care – a passion that began during her time as District Attorney for Gaudalupe County. While in that role, she was able to help prosecute perpetrators for harming children, but has since donated her time and talents to help them.

In preparing for the adoption, Heather reached out to her former assistant of Guadalupe County DA, now County Court at Law Judge William G. “Bill” Squires III. With Heather filing the paperwork, and Squires granting the adoption, the two made it possible for Funmilayo to join the Ajasin family forever.

Doing adoptions is great because it’s wonderful to see the healing that these kids go through once they find their forever home.

Sondra Ajasin and Yomi Ajasin both work tirelessly to help children in foster care. Sondra is the CEO and Executive Director of nonprofit, TruLight127 Ministries. Their mission is to help foster families care for children in foster care.

Last year, Heather McMinn helped the Ajasin family with their first adoption on Valentine’s Day of 2018.

Funmilayo initially came to the Ajasin family as a foster child when she was only a few days old. The family didn’t intend to adopt again at that time, but fell in love with girl as their daughter.

It’s just wonderful to see these two adding to their family,” Heather McMinn said to the Seguin Gazette.

Heather McMinn calls others to see if there is any way they can make a difference in the lives of foster children across the state of Texas. “I think being a foster parent is a calling, but if you are at all interested in becoming a foster parent or even just helping support foster families, I really urge you to step out.”

“There are so many children that need love and support. You can donate, you can volunteer to babysit – you have to pass a screening, but you can help babysit foster children. There is just a lot of ways you can serve and foster children without having to be a foster parent,” said Heather McMinn.

McMinn Family Sponsors Effort to Keep Children from Having to Sleep in the Offices of Child Protective Services

The foster care system in Texas is at a crisis. Oftentimes children have no other choice but to sleep at the offices of the Child Protective Services. For children escaping abuse, there are not enough beds.

That’s why TruLight127 Ministries is building the first emergency center in Guadalupe County for foster kids. The property will help address the most urgent issues in Central Texas foster care including:

  • Children removed from abusive situations who face sleeping in CPS offices due to the immediate lack of beds for children
  • Lack of homes/resources for children ages ten and older
  • Lack of support for families who are foster parents

McMinns Support of Youth Village Recognized by McMinn Lane

TruLight127’s Youth Village is on a 10+ acre property in Seguin. Currently 2 of a total 8 homes are constructed. Major fundraising efforts are underway to construct the remaining portions of the master plan.

McMinn Making Adoption Day Possible

We’re so glad that Heather McMinn was able to donate her time to make Adoption Day – a reality for Sondra Ajasin and her growing family! Sondra is the spirit behind TruLight127, a Central Texas organization that works hard to better the lives of children in foster care.

Heather McMinn has assisted with many other adoptions throughout the year, making adoption day possible for foster parents and their kids throughout Central Texas.

During Child Abuse Awareness Month, McMinn Law Firm reached out to the community to join us in raising money for TruLight127 Ministries. All are invited to Rooftop on the Square to raise money in support of foster children and to discuss additional ways we can support kids at risk of abuse.

Benefit event for children in foster care

Together with partners in the community we raised $6,900 for the support of children in foster care. Shout it from the Rooftop was such a success! We were able to support foster children in need and raise awareness during Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month.

Foster kids across central Texas are in need of additional support. We believe that we can all do something to end child abuse.

All proceeds will go to serve the needs of children in foster care. TruLight127 helps foster families maintain a stable and healthy environment as well as assisting children who are “aging out” of the system.

As avid supporters of Texas Baseball, Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn committed $1 Million to the baseball program’s new player development facility.

“You know, you’re a student-athlete but you’re a student first and oftentimes you end up going pro in something else. It’s nice to give back to what enabled Justin and I to go ‘pro’ practicing law. Without a degree from The University of Texas and the doors that it opened, I doubt any of this would’ve been possible for us,” said Jason McMinn.

Wednesday August 8, the McMinn’s met with University of Texas Vice President and Athletics Director Chris Del Conte to finalize the gift.

“This incredibly generous gift, which will undoubtedly help our baseball program to thrive going forward, only further exemplifies their commitment and dedication to Texas,” said Del Conte.

Support for Texas Undergraduate Law Review

Beginning in the Spring of 2020, McMinn Law Firm pledged financial support for Texas Undergraduate Law Review.

This undergraduate student organization provides an opportunity for students to develop skills essential to legal scholarship. Each spring and fall semester the organization produces a law journal edited, published, and distributed by undergraduate members of the organization.

Read the latest publication from TULR.

McMinn Law Firm Sponsors Ski Bees Golf Tournament

We’re partnering with Ski Bees of Austin to promote the importance of physical activity. Year round, Lake McQueeney Ski Bees offers physical activity programs to water skiers and golfers of all age groups.

Proceeds from the Ski Bee Golf tournament go to groups working to protect and preserve our Guadalupe River lakes. McMinn Law Firm lends support to this cause on October 26th as a Hole Sponsor in the 2019 Ski Bee Tournament.

We Support Austin Child Guidance Center

Affordable psychiatric care isn’t accessible to all families. But the mission of the Austin Child Guidance center is to provide kids in need with mental health care.

We support the Austin Child Guidance Center at the Good Samaritan Level. This donation provides one psychiatric evaluation to a low income child. It will help children and their families along the path of early intervention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Children in foster care perform at Antone's night club

Kids In a New Groove (KING)

About KING

The McMinn team supports Kids in a New Groove, a non-profit organization that aims to build solid foundations for youth in the Texas foster care system through one-on-one music mentorship.

McMinn Law Firm Contributions to KING

November 2017: McMinn Law Firm commits as a sponsor of Kids in a New Groove for another year. At the 2017 Music Matters Luncheon, McMinn Law Firm was honored to have Texas DFPS Commissioner Hank Whitman as a guest of the firm.

May 2016: McMinn Law Firm celebrates Foster Care Awareness Month with KING as a Diamond Sponsor of KING Concert Club, an annual series of 4 private shows with great Austin artists. The shows are intimate experiences of treasured Austin talent to raise funds allowing KING to reach more youths through its programs.

Nov 2015: KING held an annual luncheon and fundraising event. Kathy Valentine of The Go-Go’s addressed attendants with the impact music on fostering creativity and anchoring purpose in a young person’s life.

Nov 2014: On Nov 6, 2014, KING held a luncheon outreach and fundraising event; McMinn Law Firm is a corporate sponsor for this luncheon.  Speaking in 2014 was Dr. Bob Duke from KUT’s “Two Guys On Your Head” and president of UT’s Music and Learning Center.

Oct 2014: In October, McMinn Law Firm began sponsoring  the nonprofit.

McMinn Law Firm Celebrates Win by Kendall Beard McMinn in Austin’s Dancing with the Stars

Kendall Beard McMinn danced for a win in the 12th annual Dancing with the Stars Austin event benefiting Center for Child Protection.

Center to Child Protection helps children in Texas who have experienced abuse. They offer free resources for children who need medical, therapy, and forensic services during the investigation and intervention process. Studies show that 1 in 10 children will be abused before their 18th birthday – there is so much work to be done to assist children healing from abuse.

Kendall Beard McMinn, partner of Justin McMinn, captured the winning “Globe Trophy.”

The competition took place December 1, 2018 at the J.W. Marriott hotel. The event is expected to have raised $1.6 Million. That’s enough to provide 2,000 children with forensic interview services or 128 children with a year of weekly therapy sessions.

Andy Roddick Foundation

Heather McMinn and Jason McMinn at Andy Roddick Foundation Formal dinner

Jason McMinn and Heather McMinn, as well as Justin McMinn and Kendall Beard McMinn, donated to Andy Roddick foundation in 2018 as individual sponsors.

In November 2017, Jason McMinn and Heather McMinn showed their support for the Andy Roddick Foundation by attending the organization’s annual fundraiser.

Through grants and the generous support of community members, the Andy Roddick foundation has provided youth with opportunities to learn, thrive and succeed for 18 years.

Their work provides support for youth through after school programs, camps, and play filled activities all year long for youth in Central Texas.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas

McMinn Law Firm is proud to announce that we will be a table sponsor at this year’s Ice Ball in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas.

The organization pairs children between the ages of 6 and 16 with caring, adult mentors. Children who are a part of the program are more likely to stay drug and alcohol free, do better in school, avoid early parenting, and feel better about themselves.

Creative Action Network

In Texas, everything is bigger. That includes hair at the Big Hair Country Fair, and how much we value giving back to our community. Justin McMinn and Jason McMinn of McMinn Law Firm proudly support the mission of Creative Action in Austin. Through interactive classroom performances, and after school community-based programs, Creative Action helps inspire kids to be confident, creative, critical thinkers. A commitment to community giving sustains programs that improve the lives of youth in and around Austin, TX.

Creative Action reaches more than 20,000 youth and the adults who care for them each year. In 1997 the program was founded by four University of Texas Drama and Theatre for Youth graduates. Their first mission was to develop an interactive violence prevention program. By 2014 the Creative Action network has received the prestigious “Our Town” grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, and in 2015 CA’s Karen LaShelle was named “Nonprofit Executive of the Year” at the Nonprofit Excellence Awards by Mission Capital.

The Neighborhood Longhorns Program

This unique partnership between University of Texas athletics and non-profit, The Neighborhood Longhorns Program provides economically disadvantaged youth with learning opportunities.

As University of Texas alumni, McMinn Law Firm was proud to take the opportunity to provide support to our community’s future through academic and fun courses. In May 2016, Jason and Justin participated in The Neighborhood Longhorns Association’s annual celebrity golf tournament. The McMinn Law Firm injury lawyers support the future of Austin through impactful organizations like the NLP.


CACGC helps children with a safe, comfortable place to be when abuse or neglect has been alleged. Through coordination of partner agencies providing a broad range of support to children, CACGC focuses on the well-being of each child they serve.

4th Annual Seguin Designer Purse Bingo

McMinn Law Firm is honored to join Heather McMinn, District Attorney, as silver-level sponsors for the 2015 Purse Bingo Fundraiser on Thursday Nov 7, 2015.

CASA of Central Texas

court appointed special advocates logo

About CASA

Our partners Justin and Jason McMinn are proud champions of the CASA Central Texas organization. A CASA – or Court Appointed Special Advocate – acts as the voice of abused and neglected children who have been removed from the home. CASAs are responsible for communicating with all parties involved in a child welfare case and ensuring the best interest of the child is met.

McMinn Law Firm Contributions to CASA

September, 2014: Our firm contributed to the annual fundraiser, Under the Big Top, held in Seguin, Texas. See photos of the evening here.

Dress for Success – Austin

McMinn Law Firm employees gathered professional attire to donate to women in need. The organization works to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support.

women pose in front of clothing .mcminn law firm donates to Austin nonprofit dress for success with professional attire

About UBER Dress for Success, Austin

As a part of their commitment to making cities better, UBER provided free pick up and delivery of clothes to help disadvantaged women dress well for job interviews.  McMinn Law Firm employees gathered and donated clothes for this important campaign.