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It’s a great feeling to know that when our clients look back on the process of their case they can rate it a “5 Star” experience.

According to a new survey by Super Lawyers and Findlaw, consumers overwhelmingly trust online reviews. So if you want to see what others thought about working with an attorney, you’re not alone. 87 percent of Americans say they trust online reviews in their search of which law firm to rely on.

Our legal team works hard to secure the best possible outcome in every case. Serving clients with respect, integrity, and to the best of our ability is part of the mission at McMinn Law Firm. It is always a pleasure to know when our hard work has helped a client recover from their accident.

I highly recommend that you contact them

I was rear ended by a large truck. Am thankful for Justin and Jason and their team and all the hard work they put into resolving my case! I highly recommend that you contact them if you’re injured in a wreck!

- Lori M.

I highly recommend that you contact them

I was rear ended by a large truck. Am thankful for Justin and Jason and their team and all the hard work they put into resolving my case! I highly recommend that you contact them if you’re injured in a wreck!

- Sassi M.

Highly recommend both Jason and Justin.

The McMinn Lawfirm represented me and my daughter in a personal injury auto accident case. I appreciate their resolve, integrity, and regard in the handling of our cases. I am happy with the outcome and highly recommend both Jason and Justin.

- Christy W.

Patient and understanding

I got into a roll-over car accident in December of ‘17 and my case settled this last week. Choosing to go with McMinn Lawfirm for my personal injury was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The lawyers are thorough and caring along with their entire staff and have gone above and beyond to make sure I get the compensation I deserve. They have been patient and understanding the entire time and fought to get me what I am owed. I am able to start putting my accident behind me and can rebuild my future and I couldn’t have done it without their help. I would absolutely recommend their business to anyone seeking help from a personal injury lawyer. 5 stars all the way!

- Cassidy A.

They really made things easier for me.

I was very happy in the hiring of the McMinn Law Firm. Justin was honest throughout the entire process, and their experience served me well in the handling of my accident. They really made things easier for me at the time when I needed it most! Thanks guys!

- Collin B.

Absolutely the best experience

Absolutely the best experience I’ve had with a lawyer. Always responsive and went beyond expectations on all communications. Settlement was far greater than satisfactory. Team was relatable and empathetic. Will use again (if needed).

The experience left a fresh minty taste. Thank you, y’all!

- Neal H

The whole staff was awesome.

After my car wreck I was hopeless and confused because I didn’t know what my next step was going to be. I asked God for guidance and googled personal injury lawyers and McMinn Law Firm is what popped up so I called not only did Justin ease my mind he also came to me which was so convenient considering the fact that I couldn’t walk at that time. It felt great knowing that everything would be handled and all I had to do was focus on getting well. The whole staff was awesome answering questions and keeping me updated on the progress of my case. I must say that I received way more than I thought I would, Justin fought for every dime which was truly a blessing since I had been out of work for so long.I Thank God for this team and making this life changing experience easy for me if I ever need them again (which I pray I don’t It’s nothing personal guys lol) or if anyone I know has been in an accident I will definitely recommend McMinn Law Firm. THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!!!!

- Kizzie W.

These guys will work hard for you.

These guys will work hard for you. Glad I didn’t go to anyone else.

- Roddie F.

Straightforward and helpful!

After months of frustration dealing with the insurance company of the driver who hit me, I finally sought the assistance of McMinn Law Firm. Even though it was months after the accident, they took over and got a settlement within just a few months. I’m so thankful for their help! Don’t wait to call them right away if you are in an accident! They are so friendly, straightforward and helpful! I ended up with a great settlement- more than I ever expected. These guys are a delight to work with!

- Edith Stowers

Extremely experienced.

McMinn law firm handled my case, after I was involved in a serious auto accident. After doing some internet research on local law firms, McMinn law firm was the obvious way to go, so I decided to give them a call. Glad I did, as they turned out to be extremely experienced. They know TX laws and have experience with all the major insurance carriers. The settlement I received was larger than expected and allowed me to plan for my future needs. I feel very fortunate and pleased to have worked with this law firm. I highly recommend this law firm.

- D. H.

So glad I chose McMinn!

They get the job done quick and shoot you straight along the way. Their knowledge, attention to detail, and persistence made all the difference. So glad I chose McMinn to represent me, big thanks to their entire team!

- Wolf M.

Justin and Jason exceeded all of our exp

We sought legal representation from the McMinn Law Firm after my family and I were involved in a serious auto accident last year. It was clear from the start that the insurance carrier from the other party was not interested in our well being. They were only concerned with their bottom line. The accident was a total “no fault” on our part but, they continued to undercut the value of our losses. We hired Justin and Jason McMinn because we refused to be put in debt by an accident that wasn’t our fault! Our medical bills were piling up and not to mention my vehicle had also been totaled in the wreck. The brothers McMinn started an aggressive campaign against the other parties insurance company immediately. Then we started seeing REAL RESULTS! Justin and Jason exceeded all of our expectations. The whole firm is very professional, courteous, and easy to work with. They did all the hard work and we could not be more pleased with the outcome of our case. We will recommend The McMinn Law Firm to anyone. Thank you Justin and Jason McMinn for representing my family and I.

- Kevin H.

Great, easy to communicate with.

I’m glad I contacted the McMinn Law Firm for my car accident case. Justin was great, easy to communicate with, and provided me with a great outcome despite the driver who hit me not having insurance. I would definitely recommend this firm!

- Annie P.

Where you want to go!

I had a guy come into my lane, then claim I had rear ended him. Jason & Justin fought for me and got his policy limits out of court. I couldn’t have asked for a better out come! I have always thought very poorly of accident attorneys, but this law firm changed my out look! Don’t waste your time with the other guys, this is where you want to go!

- James B.

Very best legal minds in Austin.

Jason and Justin McMinn are 2 of the very best legal minds in Austin. They were extremely professional and effective in dealing with my case when my bicycle and I were hit by a car during a triathlon. They are very caring and very knowledgeable about all aspects of personal injury cases. I certainly hope that there are no more accidents in my future, but in case something does happen, I will definitely turn to the McMinn brothers for legal assistance again!

- Mirian R.

Would recommend these lawyers to anyone.

I hired the McMinn Law Firm to represent me in a personal injury case. The firm accepted my case after a local firm mishandled my case. This case was a rather difficult one due to the prior attorney incompetence. Jason and Justin took the time and explained everything to me. I was offered $7000.00 for my case by the insurance company before the McMinn brothers worked their magic. At the end of the day let’s just say I am very pleased with much more than the offer. I would recommend these lawyers to anyone I know. Thank you Jason and Justin McMinn.

- Denise P.

Great job on responding quickly...

After being attacked by a Pitbull while on a walk, I turned to the Mcminn Law Firm for help to ensure my hospital bills would be paid. They did an excellent job on my case and did a great job on responding quickly to any questions I had, and kept me updated throughout the whole process. They were able to get the insurance company to agree on a great settlement without even having to take the case to court. I would highly suggest them to anyone.

- Ashley A.

Integrity, confidence, compassion

You will not see any advertisements on t.v. asking you to “come see us”.But if you do go see McMinn Law Firm , you will see Justin and Jason .I am not saying that you will see them together but whichever one you see , you will see “integrity, confidence, compassion and friendliness. After experiencing a very bad experience with the first law firm I chose I went to see McMinn Law Firm . My first visit I saw Justin, after leaving the office I left feeling assured that he would really fight for me.The second visit I saw Jason and I left the office feeling confident that he would continue that fight,AND HE DID…….

- Sherrilyn R.

Hired Jason and Justin and they exceeded

Hired Jason and Justin and they exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend these guys to anyone. Recovered $110,000 total on a car accident case.

- David D.

Made me feel like family

After I was hit by a drunk driver I was hesitant to call a lawyer but I’m glad I did. Jason and Justin took care of everything for me and made me feel like family. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for representation.

- Bree O.

Very helpful and hard working.

The Brothers McMinn were very helpful and hard working on my case from the start. They got me the settlement I deserved in the most timely fashion possible. I undoubtedly would come to them for any legal needs I may have in the future.

- William H.

Best Lawfirm in Austin!

The Mcminn Lawfirm has been handling my case since May 2014. I was hit by a driver who ran a red light and injured my back pretty badly. Today we settled with a notoriously horrible insurance company and Jason Mcminn got me the settlement I deserved after all of this headache. Their staff is incredibly thorough and they are committed to their clients. I would recommend them to anyone for personal injury! Best Lawfirm in Austin! | Review shared October 2015

- Selenia R.

The McMinn brothers are amazing.

The McMinn brothers are amazing in what they do. Everything was explained in detail and they set the right expectations for me. My case was traumatizing to me since the accident involved my 4 year old daughter. Mediation went great and Justin and our mediator Greg explained everything. The case was a total of 7 long months but I am greatful it was ONLY 7 months, it could have well been 1 to 3 years. My daughter walks away in better conditions and we can put it all behind us. Thank you both!

- Connie F.

These guys are the best.

These guys are the best. At McMinn Law Firm you deal directly with either Jason or Justin. You are not stuck dealing with a paralegal like other personal injury firms. Would highly recommend to anyone dealing with a personal injury accident.

- Joseph O.