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It’s a great feeling to know that when our clients look back on the process of their case they can rate it a “5 Star” experience.

According to a new survey by Super Lawyers and Findlaw, consumers overwhelmingly trust online reviews.  So if you want to see what others thought about working with an attorney, you’re not alone. 87 percent of Americans say they trust  online reviews in their search of which local business to rely on.

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The McMinn brothers are awesome! My friends and I got in a car accident in Jan 2017, and they helped with everything start to finish. They referred us to some great specialists and handled everything in a timely manner. We were all awarded way more than we thought we would each get with their help and persistence. I have many friends who never looked for legal help after their accidents, or dealt with bad lawyers, but I cannot say the same. My experience was amazing. I highly recommend! | Aaliyah M. | McMinn Law Firm Client

“Would Definitely Recommend” Personal Injury Attorneys at McMinn Law Firm

The lawyers at McMinn Law Firm understand how life changing successful resolution in a personal injury case can be for our clients. If you have found yourself in a serious drunk driving crash, you may have medical bills piling up. Read this review to see what happened when Alma contacted McMinn law firm to help her afford recovery after being hit by a drunk driver in Austin.

“I’d been hurt when a drunk driver hit my car while my daughter and me were driving. It wasn’t my fault so I signed up with a law firm I saw on TV. But soon after I completed my medical treatment, that firm dropped my case.”
– Alma | Reviewed McMinn Law Firm in 2015

Without representation, our client said that the insurance company did not return her phone calls. A friend searched online to help her find a way to pay hermedical bills after being hit by a drunk driver. She called McMinn Law Firm.

My call was answered by a person who really worked there, and then quickly I was able to talk with the lawyer. Once I signed up, I didn’t have to deal with insurance companies and the medical bills any more; they did that. The settlement they negotiated for me was great and more than I expected. I definitely would recommend McMinn Law Firm; they did a great job for me.”
– Alma | Reviewed McMinn Law Firm in 2015

We are so glad that Alma found us – and that we were able to help her!

The McMinn Law Firm Treats Clients like Family

It is important to us that we comprehensively advocate for our client’s recovery every time. While you’re getting better and moving on, we do the work to make sure you’re being taken care of and will receive justice after the case.

After I was hit by a drunk driver I was hesitant to call a lawyer but I’m glad I did. Jason and Justin took care of everything for me and made me feel like family. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for representation.
– Breanna | Reviewed McMinn Law Firm 2015

We take your injury personally – and we have since Jason McMinn founded the McMinn Law Firm in 2005. We are glad to have been able to help Breanna recover after her accident!

“Integrity, Confidence, Compassion” | Jason McMinn, Justin McMinn

It’s true – you won’t find our law firm on billboards or in local T.V. ads. But we do take the time to make sure every client sees that we truly care about their recovery.

You will not see any advertisements on t.v. asking you to “come see us”.But if you do go see McMinn Law Firm , you will see Justin and Jason .I am not saying that you will see them together but whichever one you see , you will see “integrity, confidence, compassion and friendliness. After experiencing a very bad experience with the first law firm I chose I went to see McMinn Law Firm . My first visit I saw Justin, after leaving the office I left feeling assured that he would really fight for me.The second visit I saw Jason and I left the office feeling confident that he would continue that fight,AND HE DID…….
– Sherrilyn | Reviewed McMinn Law Firm in 2015

Car Accident Lawyers Called “Committed to their clients”

Working on cases with difficult insurance companies can be challenging. However we are confident that we have the experience and uncompromising determination to get every client the justice they deserve. The staff at McMinn Law Firm is experienced in car accident, truck accident, slip and fall cases and more.

If you have a unique case, do not hesitate to contact the McMinn Law Firm for a free consultation. We will help you recover and set accurate expectations from the beginning of every case.

The Mcminn Law Firm has been handling my case since May 2014. I was hit by a driver who ran a red light and injured my back pretty badly. Today we settled with a notoriously horrible insurance company and Jason McMinn got me the settlement I deserved after all of this headache. Their staff is incredibly thorough and they are committed to their clients. I would recommend them to anyone for personal injury! Best Lawfirm in Austin!
– Selenia | Reviewed McMinn Law Firm in 2015

“Overall a Great Experience” with McMinn Law Firm

We are so glad we were able to help Josiah receive the settlement he needed in a timely fashion.

First off i have a lot of positive things to say about this firm! they not only recovered 7,000.00 from an injury i had obtained. Justin not only treated me with the utmost respect but also got the hospital to waive all they fees i had recieved! over all an great experience(given the situation) and my case was settled in a very timely manner. I expected the outcome to be good but never imagined amazing. I would definitely would recommend and will personally be using Justin and his team to handle any case of mine in the future!
– Josiah | Reviewed McMinn Law Firm in 2016

Our legal team works hard to secure the best possible outcome in every case. Serving clients with respect, integrity, and to the best of our ability is part of the mission at McMinn Law Firm. It is always a pleasure to know when our hard work has helped a client recover from their accident.

Meet the Partners at McMinn Law Firm

jason mcminn Austin car accident attorney

Jason McMinn | Founder of McMinn Law Firm

Jason McMinn is an aggressive, award winning personal injury trial lawyer.


Justin McMinn | Austin Personal Injury Lawyer

Justin McMinn is an award-winning partner at McMinn Law Firm.

Experienced Personal Injury Trial Lawyers Jason McMinn, Justin McMinn


We want to thank our former clients once again for taking their time to review us. We are so happy that they put their trust in us to represent them in their personal injury case.

The McMinn Law Firm team is always here to help you answer any questions you may have about your case. Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn work closely with each client to communicate the progress of their case and to set expectations from the beginning.

Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn have extensive experience in a variety of practice areas. Let us answer your questions about your case.

We understand it’s important to our clients to choose a lawyer who represents their best interests and needs. We also understand they have many options. Thanks to each of our clients for choosing us to represent them in their personal injury case.


If you or someone you know has been searching for a personal injury lawyer, we understand how stressful the selection process can be. We encourage you to find a lawyer you feel confident in working with.

You can reach Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn 24/7 by phone at 512-474-0222, emailing us at or by filling out our online form.