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It’s a great feeling to know that when a client looks back on the process of their case they can rate it a “5 Star” experience.

According to a new survey by Super Lawyers and Findlaw, consumers overwhelmingly trust online reviews. So if you want to see what others thought about working with an attorney, you’re not alone. 87 percent of Americans say they trust online reviews in their search of which law firm to rely on.

Our legal team works hard to help clients recover in every case. It is our goal that to reach the outcomes clients deserve. Serving clients with respect and integrity is part of the mission at McMinn Law Firm. It is always a pleasure to know when our hard work has helped a client recover from their accident.

My experience was beyond exceptional

My experience was beyond exceptional from the moment I spoke with Jimmy over the phone. The team at McMinn is dedicated to getting you healthy first and taking care of all the stress and paperwork in the background. I highly recommend working with the McMinn Firm if you want first class treatment and maximum compensation.

- Jonathan

great to work with

Justin and Jason are great to work with. They prioritized my requirements and worked closely with me to close the case. Thank you very much Justin!

- Arun N.

well respected

Not only was I pleased with my settlement, but I was pleased with the level of professionalism. They are well respected by other attorneys and it shows when it comes to things like mediation and settlement conferences.

- Michelle B.

These guys were great!

These guys were great! We had a major accident that totaled our SUV and gave us a trip to the ER. It was the other guy’s fault, so his insurance company called us right away to settle it quickly (to “help” us). Good thing we called Justin McMinn at the McMinn law firm before talking to anyone! We had no idea what to do and wondered if we should call on legal help. Justin and the staff at the McMinn Law firm were understanding and sorted it all out for us, with a focus on ensuring our health was okay over six months of treatment, and ensuring that the hospital and doctors didn’t gouge us (which they tried to do big time!) before settling with the other insurance company. We were able to replace our brand-new SUV like for like and received a five-figure settlement on top of that, which more than paid for expenses. The accident was traumatic, but without the folks at the McMinn law firm, we would have been out over five figures of expenses that the hospital tried to charge just for exams! Thanks Justin and Ashley!

- Kenneth B.

They really fight for you.

I want to thank the mc minn law firm for helping Me out. I was in a car accident 6/24/2019. I got hit from several directions on hwy 71 in Austin , ended up with serious back pain , ended up with bad herniated disks. The mcminn law firm got me the help I needed since day one . They got me with the best and greatest doctors . A year and a few months from the accident I finally got my settlement. And I’m very happy . To me this was all new, never been in car accident before. I was lost at first because I didn’t know what to do . I was scared . My accident was very traumatic . Jason and Justin both assure me that I was in good hands , and sure I was . Both Justin and Jason are very professional attorneys . They really fight for you . I also want to thank Tove Sebring and Ashley Munsel . For always helping me and answering all my questions and concerns that I had . Thank you Jason and Justin ????.

- Maggaly C.

Their entire team was amazing!

Jason, Justin, and their entire support team represented me in an accident involving an 18 wheeler. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, and maybe as importantly, the service along the way was something you would want as a client, their entire team was amazing! I can with great confidence recommend them to friends, family, and to anyone who happens to read this. Thank you McMinn Law Firm for a job well done!

- Charles

Highly recommended to anyone!

THE BEST P.I. Lawyers in Austin! I had the privilege of being represented in my case by the dedicated McMinn law firm. I approached them the first time, with a huge burden on my shoulders of having to pay off 60+ k in hospital bills. The McMinn law firm quickly set up an appointment for me and sat with me to answer all of my concerns and how the process would play out. I had not just the surety of how it would play out but the comfort of knowing I could reach out to them at any time with any questions! I was impressed by their swift, efficient, transparent work on my behalf. I could not have asked for a better team. Highly, highly, highly recommended to anyone needing a personal injury lawyer who will fight tooth and nail on your behalf!

- Kevin

The McMinns were amazing.

The McMinns were amazing. Within two days of my accident – and still barely able to move – I received a visit to my house for personal consultation (on a Saturday). All the initial feedback about my potential case turned out to be 100% accurate, and when it finally came time to settle they didn’t back off an inch. …If you’re hurt, make the call.

- Harry

McMinn Law Firm went above and beyond

McMinn Law Firm went above and beyond for my wife after her accident. After being rear-ended by a large truck on the interstate, she was left with significant back pain and months of physical therapy ahead. Justin and his team made the entire process so much easier on her, they took care of her, and they got us back on our feet following what could have been a very traumatic event.

- Kolby P.

Absolutely the best experience

Absolutely the best experience I have had with any lawyer period in my life and trust me I have hired numerous lawyers in my life (none injury) , My story begins when I was hit by a younger male driver (rear ended) with no driver’s licence and cause $12,000 in damage to my car and bad news for my back. I called Justin on Dec 22nd and he met with me write before Christmas or maybe it was eve in the morning, (talk about work ethic this guy). He was extremely nice and worked with me every step of the way from the medical process in getting me the help I needed to recover for my back, to communication through email/phone calls etc….in getting my case and the ball rolling. If you are injured insurance companies WILL jerk you around UNLESS you hire someone like Justin. He helped me every step of the way and what I can say is Mcminn law firm are stand up people and someone you can trust if you are injured in an accident. Especially a serious accident. Don’t hesitate to contact these folks because they do care about you and your rights.

- Scott P.

Great to work with

Jason, Justin, Tove, and Ashley were great to work with, especially in the early days of my recovery from neck and back fractures. Their main concern was that I focus on getting better, and let them deal with the case details, so that the extra worry wouldn’t weigh me down. It took a while, but eventually a settlement agreement was reached and I received enough to take care of things going forward. Thanks, everyone at McMinn.

- David

Confident I made the correct choice

After sustaining life-altering injuries in an auto accident, I searched for the best attorneys I could find in Austin to represent me, which lead me to the McMinn bothers. Now that everything is done, I am confident I made the correct choice. Almost a year after my accident and I still find every day a challenge, so it’s impossible to put a price on what I went through. With that said, I believe they got me the best settlement possible. If you were injured with a mound of medical bills and have no idea where to start, you need to give these guys a call, seriously, just do it. I would like to personally thank everyone who worked so hard on my case.

- John B.

Lawyers that anyone can trust.

I am glad that i chose this guys. I really believe on this guys when i had my case i didn’t have to worry about anything because i knew that i was on good hands .i will always appreciate whether they had done for me..this are the lawyers that anyone can trust they always done a great job.they olso have a great team if you can’t contact them right away. It will be someone at the office that will help.

- Jose O.

...best law firm in Austin.

This law firm is one of the best ones I’ve worked with by far they took my case and meet with me and sat down with me to lay out all my options and explained everything to me in a way I would understand. They help me find a doctor that was great and they worked with them to make sure I didn’t have to pay any medical bills. They keep me updated on a continuous basis and where very easy to get ahold off when I had questions about the case and when it came to end of my case they did great. The outcome was better than I could have imagined and they are just the best law from in Austin.

- Connor S.

I absolutely recommend working with them

I was involved in an accident while visiting Austin a few months back, and was worried that I would have a hard time being from out of state. Justin McMinn took care of absolutely everything, and really put my mind at ease throughout the whole process. I absolutely recommend working with them

- Laura K.

I'm SO glad I chose McMinn Law Firm!

I went with my gut, met them, and knew that the McMinn’s are not only highly intelligent, but extremely skilled, educated in law, experienced, compassionate, understanding and personable. They dont go down easy, and will advocate on your behalf because it’s the RIGHT thing to do! I’m so grateful I chose the McMinn Law Firm. It took a lot of patience, and a lot of work, but we came out on top and my medical bills, current and future care are being taken care of. Bless these people, they truly want the best for their clients and will be honest from the beginning with you! If you’re in need, set up a consultation. It cant hurt!

I am beyond grateful for Heather, Jason, Justin, Tové and all of the McMinn legal team! Each member of the McMinn law firm played an integral role in fighting for justice with me. I never felt like anything was hidden or kept secret from my knowing, and I respect the impeccable professionalism everyone from the team has and continues to exhibit in search of finding me justice and doing what’s right. If you are looking for legal help, give them a call. They are seriously some of the best people, let alone attorneys, I have had the pleasure of working with! The McMinns are not just attorneys, they’re family, and I am so glad I’ve been given the opportunity to have these fine, respectable, honest, individuals in my life. I wouldn’t go back and change anything. I’m SO glad I chose the McMinn Law Firm!

After very long and exhaustive battle with many challenges, lefts and rights, and honest betrayal from my own insurance company, I never gave up, and neither did the McMinns. I am so grateful and pleased with the never-ending work and genuine support that the entire McMinn legal team continuously showed me over the arduous period of pursuing justice for my human and legal rights. As a horrible near-death accident transformed a healthy 27 year old woman into a 30 year old disabled, handicapped, and seriously chronically injured woman, the McMinns were with me every step, which I was able to fight to make my lifes dreams come true. I continued pursuing my graduate degree, despite facing such hardships like chronic pain, and having to take off a year from my studies. I still continue to thrive to this day, and pursue dreams regardless of the stresses I’ve endured. If I didn’t have such a strong legal team on my behalf working all the time on my case, I wouldn’t have been able to focus on continuing my life and succeeding in graduate school.

As an auto-insured individual, you never think you’ll have to file a lawsuit against your own insurance company that you trust, but when the unthinkable happens, the McMinns are never afraid to step up to the plate and show you what real trust and respect is. When it comes to making important choices, they treat you as an equal, providing adequate and useful counsel while allowing you the final say, with dignity. I am truly blessed to have the A-Team on my side, and without all of you, I doubt we would have confidently settled with such a wonderful outcome if I had chosen any other legal team. The McMinn law firm was so persistent that even after we had a successful win in court with a jury, still having to face pushback from my insurance company as they continued to appeal the ruling, the McMinn legal team continued to defend my case with confidence supported by their extensive knowledge of the law, years of experience, and solidarity in trusting not only in myself and the legal process, but awareness of wrongful behavior and trusting in the greater good.

This is truly a moment in history where ‘David’ conquered ‘Goliath!’

- Courtney L.

Best in Austin!!

Best in Austin!! if you want your business taken care of right. Call McMinn law firm.

- Isaiah W.

I highly recommend that you contact them

I was rear ended by a large truck. Am thankful for Justin and Jason and their team and all the hard work they put into resolving my case! I highly recommend that you contact them if you’re injured in a wreck!

- Lori M.

Would recommend these lawyers to anyone.

I hired the McMinn Law Firm to represent me in a personal injury case. The firm accepted my case after a local firm mishandled my case. This case was a rather difficult one due to the prior attorney incompetence. Jason and Justin took the time and explained everything to me. I was offered $7000.00 for my case by the insurance company before the McMinn brothers worked their magic. At the end of the day let’s just say I am very pleased with much more than the offer. I would recommend these lawyers to anyone I know. Thank you Jason and Justin McMinn.

- Denise P.

I am absolutely impressed.

Where to start? First of all, I was very hesitant to hire a lawyer to represent me in the first place. It is something I had never done or had to do before, so I was skeptical to say the least. Justin, Jason, and their amazing staff calmed my skepticism within the first few weeks. They are VERY good at communicating the details – VERY responsive – VERY professional – VERY supportive, and VERY patient. So, the entire experience has been pleasant and I would/will definitely & highly recommend their service!

Fast forward to the settlement and OH MY GOODNESS!! Let me just say that it FAR exceeded what I had imagined, and I am absolutely impressed. I went from slight skepticism to very solid confidence. If you hire the McMinn Law Firm to settle your case, you have made a very wise choice.

I don’t often leave reviews – even when I have had excellent service – but, I just couldn’t resist when it comes to a situation that can be unsettling and serious. These guys, and their staff are AWESOME! Thank you all so very much for making this experience worth it for me. Filled with gratitude!!

- Mary C.