Austin Personal Injury Lawyer: When, Why, and How

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Accidents and fatalities happen too often. Often the process of recovering from a serious incident can take a toll on an entire family.

See what options are available for those with serious injuries when they seek representation from experienced legal professionals.

Why To Hire a Lawyer After a Serious Accident

  1. The other side will always argue that they weren’t negligent or that the incident was your fault. It’s a good idea to have someone on your side that will advocate for your present and future well-being.
  2. Hiring a lawyer means that you have someone handling all the paperwork for you, and you can focus on recovering from injuries.
  3. You don’t pay anything unless we win because we work on a contingency fee basis.
  4. An experienced lawyer will have the knowledge to secure a larger settlement in almost every case.
  5. We’re on your side every step of the way.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Austin

Personal injury law works to protect individuals against the harmfully negligent acts of other individuals or organizations. In car accident cases, a lawyer may be necessary in order to hold an insurance company accountable for the compensation deserved by the injured.

No two personal injury cases look the same. If you aren’t sure if you have a case, the best way to find out is to call a local personal injury attorney.

Read on to see how a case works, what to expect from your lawyer, and tips for finding great representation. Most common practice areas can include car accident cases, dog bites cases, and truck accident cases.

Learn more about personal injury law now with this Intro to Personal Injury Law Infographic.

If you already know the basics, we recommend reading articles featured by Texas Bar Today for the latest in personal injury news across the state.

Understanding the basics of personal injury law

How Does a Personal Injury Case Work?

One of the first moves in any case is for the injured party to find and sign with legal representation.

Watch this video to see the answers to one of the most common questions we receive: “How do you calculate pain and suffering in a personal injury case?”

Documenting a Personal Injury Case

First thing after an accident, it’s really important to seek medical care for the benefit of your health. Whether or not you think you need to hire an attorney, keep a record of doctor’s visits, medical bills, and how your felt after the incident.

Read our tips on documenting a personal injury case.

Going to Trial and Settling in a Personal Injury Case

Not sure if you should settle or go to trial? This question is best left up to your lawyer, but there are benefits to settling and going to trial. It depends upon the case what could be the best outcome to you. If your case goes to trial, your attorney will have the opportunity to show a jury how the other party acted negligently. A case may go all the way to jury trial if the plaintiff’s legal counsel doesn’t receive a reasonable offer to settle before a trial date. If your lawyer wants to settle, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t willing to go the distance for your case. Going to trial isn’t always in your best interests. When you settle out of court, you don’t have to relive the incident in a public setting, you can usually access payment faster, and it won’t require all the additional costs of going to trial such as expert witness fees.

Still have more questions about personal injury?

Asking a question from our experienced legal staff is only a call away. Reach us at 512-474-0222. If you aren’t ready to speak with one of our lawyers, or you live in a different area, a forum on allows people from around the country to post their questions anonymously online. Be careful not to reveal any details from your case. Once your question is on the forum, attorneys all over Texas and the United States can answer it immediately.

For more self-help, read about the most commonly asked questions about personal injury law in our Q&A Resource Guide to the practice area.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law is a very broad area of expertise. Find the right practice area for your case by reading about practice areas from a list.

Justin McMinn and Jason McMinn are experienced negotiators who have handled personal cases in all the practice areas listed. You can be confident that if there’s ever a case that they believe could use additional legal expertise, they will ensure that more attention will be paid to the nuances of the case by the best legal minds in the state.


Jason McMinn is an accomplished personal injury attorney in Austin, TX. He specializes in car accident, truck crash, dog bite, and premises liability cases.

  • In a recent case, Jason McMinn led the charge in a UIM jury verdict. A Travis County jury awarded an Austin woman $462,424 after she was injured at the hands of a drunk, underinsured driver.
  • Jason McMinn’s client awarded $10k in punitive damges by jury
  • Jason McMinn Settles Spinal Discectomy Case
  • Visit Jason McMinn’s complete bio page. 


    Justin McMinn is a personal injury and car accident lawyer in Austin, TX. He is an award winning attorney, who has been recognized for his excellence in client satisfaction, legal expertise, and abilities as an industry leader.

  • In 2017, Justin was named Top 10 in Texas by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys. Justin was recognized as Top 10 Under 40 in Texas by The National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys.
  • Justin McMinn Wins Gravel Truck Accident Case on 2222
  • Read more about Justin McMinn’s legal expertise.