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Accidents and fatalities happen too often. Often the process of recovering from a serious incident can take a toll on an entire family.

See what options are available for those with serious injuries when they seek representation from experienced legal professionals.

Areas of Personal Injury Cases We Handle:

How were you hurt? McMinn Law Firm attorneys have experience in a wide range of personal injury cases.

  • Car Accident
  • Truck Accident
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Wrongful Death
  • Animal Bite Injury
  • Premises Liability

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Local Austin Personal Injury Lawyers

Austinites who choose McMinn Law Firm are represented by nationally recognized local personal injury attorneys who serve clients in Texas. Clients always work with Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn.

About Mcminn Law Firm

For over 15 years Austin has trusted McMinn Law Firm with car accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, and dog bite cases. Brothers Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn have a strong track record of fighting for the compensation their clients deserve, while also providing caring and quality customer service.

Knowledgeable, caring staff and experienced personal injury attorneys are available to speak with clients about any aspect of their case. Our job is to ensure victims of personal injury receive compensation they need after an accident. We believe our community in Austin should be a safe place to live. That’s why we relentlessly hold reckless companies and people accountable for harmful actions across the state of Texas.

Finalist, Austin Statesman’s Best of Best Contest 2019

McMinn Law Firm was one of three finalists for the Best Law Firm category. For the Best of Best Award, people in the Austin American Statesman’s (a Gatehouse Media publication) readership area are invited to vote for Best of Best area businesses.

Client Satisfaction: Top Priority

Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn have worked hard for a five-star rating on Google. When clients are hurt, they need help from attorneys like Jason and Justin. Making sure we meet client expectations and meet their needs is always our number one priority. Schedule a free consultation to see how we make sure every client has a five-star experience. Read what former clients have said about McMinn Law Firm.

“Jason, Justin, and their entire support team represented me in an accident involving an 18 wheeler. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, and maybe as importantly, the service along the way was something you would want as a client, their entire team was amazing! I can with great confidence recommend them to friends, family, and to anyone who happens to read this. Thank you McMinn Law Firm for a job well done!” – Charles

“Jason, Justin, Tove, and Ashley were great to work with, especially in the early days of my recovery from neck and back fractures. Their main concern was that I focus on getting better, and let them deal with the case details, so that the extra worry wouldn’t weigh me down. It took a while, but eventually a settlement agreement was reached and I received enough to take care of things going forward. Thanks, everyone at McMinn.” – David

Highly Experienced Austin Personal Injury Lawyers

Justin McMinn is a personal injury and car accident lawyer in Austin, Texas. He is an award winning attorney, who has been recognized for his excellence in client satisfaction, legal experience, and abilities as an industry leader.

Jason McMinn is an accomplished auto accident lawyyer in Austin, TX. He specializes in car accident, truck crash, dog bite, and premises liability cases.

In a recent case, Jason McMinn led the charge in a UIM jury verdict. A Travis County jury awarded an Austin woman $462,424 after she was injured at the hands of a drunk, underinsured driver.

Jimmy Feigen, Personal Injury Attorney

Attorney Jimmy Feigen began his legal career at McMinn Law Firm after graduating from the University of Texas School of Law in 2020.

Now a personal injury lawyer, James “Jimmy” Feigen is best known for his successful swimming career in which he won multiple Olympic medals for Team USA.

Read more about attorney Jimmy Feigen to see how his contributions to McMinn Law Firm help to ensure the best outcomes for clients of McMinn Law Firm.

Car Accident Lawyers: After a car accident, clients face medical bills and the challenges of getting the medical treatment they need. The job of insurance adjusters is to protect the bottom line of the insurance company.

Personal injury attorneys protect the interests of their clients. Lawyers of McMinn Law Firm offer relentless representation to victims of car accident injury.

Truck Accident Lawyers: At McMinn Law Firm, we hold negligent companies accountable when their business practices harm people in Austin. McMinn Law Firm has handled high profile trucking accidents. In 2016, Justin McMinn helped a client who was injured in a serious truck accident that went viral because it was caught on dash cam. In that situation, the brakes failed. In truck accident cases, there can be multiple parties involved in negotiations. Truck accident victims hire injury lawyers like Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn to help fight against insurance adjusters who are trying to pay out minimum compensation.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Motorcyclists can suffer when drivers fail to take enough care to look for smaller vehicles. In the Texas hill country, motorcyclist enthusiasts ride to enjoy the rolling hills and picturesque landscape. Unfortunately some drivers never look for motorcyclists on their path. 30% of all motorcycle fatalities happen at intersections. Drivers who don’t share the road with all road users must be held accountable for their negligence. Experienced professionals of McMinn Law Firm ensure that clients suffering from motorcycle injury can obtain the highest quality medical care.

Uber Accident, Lyft Accident or other Rideshare Crash Attorney: People often take rideshares because they are supposed to be a safer alternative, especially when going out at night. However, Uber and Lyft do hire negligent drivers to work for the apps. Rideshare companies carry liability insurance policies of up to one million. If you were injured during an Uber or Lyft ride, an experienced lawyer can help. Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn have been recognized in local Austin news outlets for cases involving Uber and Lyft. Austin trusts lawyers of McMinn Law Firm to stand up to companies like Uber and Lyft when they put profits over safety. Learn more about options after a rideshare crash.

Animal Attack: Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn have extensive experience in the area of dog bite law. When dog owners allow their animals to aggressively attack, they must be held accountable. McMinn Law has been in the news for several notable dog bite cases. If a dog owner has allowed their animals to harm, reach out to McMinn Law Firm to learn more about options.

Premises Liability: In some cases, businesses do not take reasonable care to ensure the safety of guests on their property. McMinn Law Firm filed a case against a business when a man suffered severe brain injury when harmed at the hands of employees of a business. In another case, McMinn Law Firm defended a woman whose ankle was broken while outside an Austin area business. Learn more about how lawyers Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn help clients get the compensation they need for medical treatment and pain and suffering.

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Asking a question from our experienced legal staff is only a call away. Reach us at 512-474-0222. If you aren’t ready to speak with one of our lawyers, or you live in a different area, a forum on allows people from around the country to post their questions anonymously online. Be careful not to reveal any details from your case. Once your question is on the forum, attorneys all over Texas and the United States can answer it immediately.

For more self-help, read about the most commonly asked questions about personal injury law in our Q&A Resource Guide.