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When the head or the skull is directly impacted by a brute, external force, a traumatic brain injury may occur. Such injuries are classified depending on the severity of the impact, and unfortunately, is slowly becoming the leading cause of death and injuries all over the world, for both children and adults.

Brain trauma occurs from the sudden acceleration and deceleration of the force sustained by the head. Apart from the actual injury in the brain, secondary injuries and their effects may also be manifested by the in the rest of the victim’s body that the affected part controls. While physical injury is a given, the effects may reach as far as emotional and even psychological. It may result in grave injuries, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a decline in cognitive functioning. At its worst, TBI can also lead to death.

There is a variety of symptoms that can be detected to initially identify if an individual who sustained a blow to the head is suffering from TBI. As an example, many victims who fall unconscious after the impact are most likely injured in the left side of their brain.

If the injuries are mild, the individual may still retain his or her consciousness, or temporarily lose it but gain it back in a few seconds. It may also result in feelings of nausea, headaches, as well as exhibiting a lack of motor coordination and movement. As a result, many may have problems balancing themselves, and complain about dizziness and light-headedness. Other symptoms include a ringing sound in the ears, fatigue, blurred vision, and even changes in sleep patterns.

The cognitive effects of mild TBI are also severe enough on their own. They may be confused, and have problems concentrating and recalling memories. Furthermore, they seem to be constantly distracted and have a problem focusing their attention on a specific thought.

If the injuries are severe, then the effects also worsen. Victims may experience persistent headaches, prolonged vomiting and continuous feelings of nausea. The person may also remain unconscious for a prolonged period of time – longer than expected, and if he or she is conscious, he or she may experience convulsions, pupil dilation, slurred speech and aphasia, as well as weakness or numbness of the arms and legs. They may also have problems coordinating their movement, and may be constantly agitated and restless.

There are also cognitive and social effects caused by moderate to severe TBI. Victims may exhibit a change in attitude and behaviour, differences in personality, and display deficits when it comes to social judgment. If conscious, they may be unable to maintain attentiveness, and have noticeably slow reaction time compared to pre-injury.

Furthermore, TBI may increase the pressure in the skull, and this is also highly dangerous to the individual. It impacts the individual’s level of consciousness, and even paralysis to one side of the body. This is known as Cushing’s triad, in which the brain is unable to sustain the blood pressure as a result of the injury.

Children who experience TBI may not be able to fully express their pain and suffering. As such, it is best to watch out for prolonged and persistent crying, as well as irritability and inconsolability.

Vehicular accidents, slips and falls, sporting events, and occupational accidents are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury. Sadly, these usually happen as a result of other people’s negligence and as such, are highly preventable.

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