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Every two minutes a Texan is seriously injured in a car crash. If you’ve been injured in a car crash, trust the McMinn Law Firm to fight for the money you deserve. If you sustained a personal injury, we want to help. Austin car accident lawyer of McMinn Law Firm with clients across Central Texas by getting the compensation they rightfully deserve.

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McMinn Law Firm has helped thousands of injury victims over 15 years. Our Austin car accident attorneys negotiate with insurance companies relentlessly. Client satisfaction is our top priority. Obtaining remarkable results for clients is our passion.

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Recognized by Superlawyers, A Five-Star Record on Google Reviews, and other accolades on lawyer rating services. See our top awards.

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When you hire McMinn Law Firm to represent you, we’ll handle all you need to move on. Count on us to pay medical bills, negotiate a fair settlement, and more. Let us handle the paperwork while you focus on recovery. View Client Testimonials

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Over a thousand clients have relied on our Austin accident attorneys for compensation for their financial recovery. We have delivered incredible results for our clients. Learn more about our strong track record of success. See Verdicts and Settlements.

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We don’t get paid unless you do. Never owe any fees unless we win a settlement or verdict on your behalf. About McMinn Law Firm

Top Austin Personal Injury Accident Attorneys

McMinn Law Firm proudly serves Central Texas as trusted Austin lawyers for car accident, truck accident, and personal injury claims.

There are many reasons you may hire a personal injury attorney. An attorney can help when:

  • in the ER right after accidents,
  • tired of dealing with insurance companies and medical bills,
  • overwhelmed with lost wages,
  • dissatisfied with current representation,
  • or in the process of considering hiring an attorney
  • No matter where you are in the consideration process, reach out with your questions. Injury causes pain and suffering. We want to help so you can focus on your recovery.

    Austin personal injury lawyers Justin McMinn and James Feigen

    Personal injury lawyers serve people in our Austin-area community when they face serious:

    Covid-19 Precautions and Business Updates:

    Our office is open to serve new and existing personal injury clients. We are steadfast in our commitment to protect the rights of clients. Appointments now available over video conference or in person. Masks are optional for fully vaccinated clients and staff.

    Speak with a personal injury lawyer about your situation – from where you feel comfortable.

    Austin Truck Accident Lawyers

    When trucking companies in Austin operate negligently, those they hurt need help. Austin truck accident attorneys stay on top of the latest in commercial vehicle regulations.

    When reckless companies put profit over the safety of the public, count on attorneys at McMinn Law Firm to fight for the compensation you deserve. 18-wheeler accidents harm the lives of people in Austin. We are committed to protecting our community from the dangers of negligent trucking companies. Attorneys of McMinn Law Firm have extensive experience in truck accident law and commercial vehicle litigation.

    We know that you are turning to us for strong representation in your personal injury case. As you face the insurance company, trust us as stewards of your personal injury case. Our role as strong advocates for your personal injury recovery remains. We’ll help you get through this challenge. Clients trust in us to help them get the cash settlement they need.

    Let us – at no cost to you – evaluate your situation so you can be sure. We don’t get paid unless you do. Call or reach out today to speak to an attorney with no obligations. Click here for a free case consultation..

    Winning Results for Deserving Auto Accident and Personal Injury Clients

    • Recognized on #1 Verdicts in Texas (as designated by, an aggregator of settlements and verdicts information) in the Uninsured Motorist practice area for verdict awarded in Travis County to a client who suffered injuries due to a drunk driver. More about
    • Secured one of the Top 50 Settlements in Texas (also designated by for a child who was injured. Attorney Fees: $212,850 | Net to Client: $425,700
    school bus flipped over in Austin area auto crash

    $2.95 Million Settlement for Man Injured in Distracted Driving Austin Area Auto Accident

    McMinn Law Firm settled a case for a passenger in a school bus who was injured at the hands of a distracted driver. While traveling on a frontage road, a commercial pickup truck rear-ended a school bus causing it to roll over. During investigation, McMinn Law Firm found that at the time of the crash the truck driver made a phone call.

    Our client suffered severe injuries to the spine and had to spend 10 days in the ER before he could be discharged to a rehab center. But in this settlement, the client of McMinn Law Firm has the money he needs to take care of injuries sustained in the crash. McMinn Law Firm secured a total recovery of $2,950,000.00 for the injured client. A sum of $1,751,908.00 goes to the client for medical bills, pain, and suffering.

    Reckless drivers must be held accountable for the harm they cause in our central Texas community. Read more about McMinn Law Firm to see why Austin trusts Jason McMinn, Justin McMinn, and Heather McMinn to win for them in their personal injury cases.
    Attorneys fees: $1,198092.00 | Expenses: $19,718.06 | Net to client: $1,751,908.00

    sports car wrecked after drunk driving crash

    $1.3M For Man Injured at Hands of Speeding, Drunk Driver

    McMinn Law Firm secured a settlement of $1.3M for the passenger of a speeding drunk driver. The man suffered severe injuries to his left wrist, left hand, and neck. The drunk driver was believed to be driving his Corvette at 75-100 mph when he struck a stone wall in a residential neighborhood. Following the crash, the drunk driver immediately fled the scene on foot, leaving the passenger injured, and unassisted in the smoking vehicle. Left alone, the passenger was forced to kick out the door and window to exit the vehicle. A Good Samaritan contacted 911 so that the client of McMinn Law Firm could receive needed medical treatment. The client of McMinn Law Firm required emergency surgery at the hospital where he remained for four days following the crash.

    McMinn Law Firm negotiated with the drunk driver's insurance company and settled for $1,300,000 before trial. Even though he didn't carry health insurance, the passenger was able to receive needed medical treatment for his hand and neck injuries. The client of McMinn Law Firm has a path going forward after this horrific drunk driving crash that never should have happened.

    Expenses: $2,716.06 | Attorney's Fees: $433,333.33 | Net to Client: $863,950.61

    Why Choose McMinn Law Firm Injury Attorneys

    One look at Google Reviews makes it clear that Austin, Texas injury victims have been glad they chose McMinn Law Firm. We’ve successfully handled truck accident, auto accident, and dog bite claims. Read the clients’ stories in their words.

    Positive Client Results – Top Rated Law Firm

    “Jason, Justin, and their entire support team represented me in an accident involving an 18 wheeler. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, and maybe as importantly, the service along the way was something you would want as a client, their entire team was amazing! I can with great confidence recommend them to friends, family, and to anyone who happens to read this. Thank you McMinn Law Firm for a job well done!” – Charles

    “The McMinns were amazing. Within two days of my accident – and still barely able to move – I received a visit to my house for personal consultation (on a Saturday). All the initial feedback about my potential case turned out to be 100% accurate, and when it finally came time to settle they didn’t back off an inch. …If you’re hurt, make the call.” – Harry

    “I was rear ended by a large truck. Am thankful for Justin and Jason and their team and all the hard work they put into resolving my case! I highly recommend that you contact them if you’re injured in a wreck!” – Lori M.

    Award Winning Law Firm in Austin, TX

    BBB A+ Rating: Better Business Bureau (BBB) bases its ratings on information provided by the business, and on public data sources. McMinn Law Firm’s A+ rating is the highest available.

    Super Lawyers: Super Lawyers, designated Justin McMinn among the top attorneys as a “Super Lawyers Rising Star each year from 2013 to 2021. Jason McMinn has been selected as a Super Lawyer in 2021 and 2020., found McMinn Law Firm to be one of the Best Personal Injury Lawyers of Austin in 2021 as well as Best Car Accident Lawyers of 2021.” (Last Updated August 2021.)

    Your Free Personal Injury Consultation

    Reach out to speak with a lawyer or a member of our legal team today. We’re available over the phone, text and more. Tell us what happened and how you need help. We will assist you to move forward after the crash.

    Meet with car accident attorneys Justin McMinn, Jason McMinn, or James Feigen to learn more about your options. There are no obligations to sign when you schedule a meeting at McMinn Law Firm. Clients do not pay anything up front. No money is owed to the attorney unless we win a settlement for you.

    Work With A McMinn Injury Attorney

    Choosing McMinn Law Firm means working with a McMinn. Depending on the nature of your case, either Justin McMinn or Jason McMinn, or both, will be a part of most client meetings. The brothers direct legal strategy in all cases at McMinn Law Firm. James Feigen joined the McMinn Law Firm in 2020 as a personal injury attorney.

    We’re proud to be a local business serving our community. When you sign up with McMinn Law Firm, you hire lawyers who have a deep understanding of Central Texas juries and courts. We live here, we work here, and we serve our clients here.

    Accident Lawyer Jason McMinn

    Jason McMinn has over a decade of experience handling personal injury and auto accident cases in Austin. He is trusted by clients for his vigilant focus in representing their interests during negotiations and before a jury.

    Justin McMinn, Personal Injury Attorney

    Justin McMinn has practiced personal injury law since 2007. Justin McMinn has been recognized as one of the top commercial vehicle accident attorneys in the United States by the National Trucking Trial Association.

    Jimmy Feigen, Personal Injury Lawyer

    Jimmy Feigen joined McMinn Law Firm in 2020. His legal area of focus includes auto accident, car crash, personal injury, and premises liability. Read more about attorney Jimmy Feigen.

    Giving Back to Our Central Texas Community

    Through time, talents, and monetary contributions, we believe that it is our duty to give back to our community. It is an honor to be able to improve the lives of children across the state of Texas by supporting organizations such as TruLight127, University of Texas Athletics, and Kids in a New Groove. Read more about how McMinn Law Firm gives back to the Austin community.

    “Focus, drive, and integrity are really what’s most important in becoming a successful attorney. As well as having good character — lawyers are held to a very high standard.” – Jason McMinn

    Highly-Rated Austin, Texas Attorney

    We hold reckless drivers and companies accountable because we believe Austin should be a safe place to live. Those who caused the car accident, truck accident, must be held responsible. McMinn Law Firm advocates for client recovery in every way. In all situations, we want to ease your difficulties by being here to answer your questions.

    We take many kinds of cases, from 18-wheeler crashes, to traffic accidents at Austin’s most dangerous intersections, to pedestrian fatality car crashes, to car accidents during Uber / Lyft – style ride-service trips. We also represent victims of many types of personal injury cases, from nightclub injury to nail salon cases, including wrongful death cases.

    • Car Accident
    • Truck Accident
    • Motorcycle Accident
    • Uber or Lyft Accident
    • Commercial Vehicle or 18 Wheeler Accident

    Call at 512-474-0222 or live chat with McMinn Law today for a free case evaluation.

    Personal Injury Cases in Austin, TX

    When clients were facing some of the scariest moments of their lives, they put their trust in McMinn Law Firm to get them the financial compensation they needed. See more injury case settlements by McMinn Law Firm here.

    Personal Injury Info Center: Do’s and Don’ts

    If you are facing a personal injury or car accident, don’t make a mistake that could cost you your recovery. Please keep in mind these Do’s and Don’ts for personal injury clients:

    1. Do keep a journal of how the injury has impacted your life, including resulting limitations and changes.
    2. Do take photos and videos of your injury when it happens, and each day going forward.
    3. Do keep medical bills and receipts, medical records, and detailed notes of visits with medical professionals.
    4. Do document all interactions with insurance companies, and seek a lawyer’s advice before accepting a settlement offer.
    5. Do insist on a police report if you are injured in a crash or as a result of criminal activity.
    6. Don’t delay getting medical treatment. If you wait, insurance and other parties can argue your injuries were the result of something that happened after the car accident or personal injury event.
    7. Don’t let your social media posts damage your injury case. Don’t post venting rants about your accident.
    8. Do take photos of your injury but don’t post those photos online anywhere. Be very careful about what you post; read more about personal injury social media guidelines.

    Inform yourself about the matters of negligence, documenting crashes and more.

    Car Accident, Truck Accident, & Personal Injury Law

    If you have questions about your case, we have the experience to provide answers you need. The first few days after a car accident or truck crash are critical to your case and your recovery.

    When should you hire a lawyer? If you’ve been hurt, reach out to an accident lawyer for help as soon as possible.

    Many clients first reach out after an Austin car accident or truck accident that was not their fault. Request a free case evaluation.
    Others have suffered the losses of life-altering injuries -including wrongful death, serious brain injury and dog bites, motorcycle and boat wrecks, and auto accidents caused by drunk drivers.

    If you’ve been in an accident and you’re receiving medical treatment, a lawyer can help you pay medical bills.

    Personal Injury and Auto Accident Statistics in Austin

    According to Texas Department of Transportation, there were nearly 475,000 crashes in Texas in 2020. That same year, 3,896 Texans lost their lives in traffic accidents. In Austin, there were 11,755 crashes that according to official reports resulted in hundreds of injuries.

    Based on reportable crashes in 2020:

  • 1 person was killed every 2 hours 15 minutes in Texas auto crashes.
  • In Texas, 1 person was injured in a car accident every 2 minutes 34 seconds on average.
  • 1 reportable car, truck or auto accident occurred every 1 minute 7 seconds in Texas.
  • Some of the most common causes of accidents in Texas include speeding, distracted driving, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    Speeding, Failure to Maintain Speed a Leading Cause of Injury in Texas Car Crashes

    Crash reports indicate excessive speed or reckless driving related to speeding under a few different names including “Failure to control speed” “Speeding – (Overlimit)” “Unsafe Speed”. In statewide crash data, 324 people were killed in crashes caused by “Speeding – (overlimit)” and 469 killed in crashes caused by “unsafe speed”. And another 475 fatal crashes were caused by “failure to control speed” according to police records. In total, more than 140,000 crashes in Texas could have been prevented by limiting speeding.

    Distracted Driving Kills and Injures Texas Drivers

    Every day people in Austin are injured in a distracted driving accident. Read more about distracted driving injuries.

    Personal Injury Law in Austin, TX

    Statute of Limitations

    In Texas, a general rule is that personal injury cases must be filed within two years of the date of the accident. Don’t delay in hiring an auto accident attorney. The sooner you sign up with an attorney, the faster they can help advise you and help you get the compensation you deserve.

    How long does a personal injury case last?

    Many personal injury cases only last six months or one year. The length personal injury litigation varies by case. Once a claim is filed, an attorney typically waits for the client to treat their injuries. Until the client reaches a stable point in their physical treatment, it is difficult to properly assess long term damages sustained in the personal injury accident. Not all cases go to trial. Many settle out of court for the benefit of the plaintiff. Going to court can be a costly and traumatic event. Oftentimes, a satisfactory result can be reached through personal injury negotiations. Each of these elements of a case will help determine the duration of a personal injury case.

    Experienced personal injury representation

    Attorneys must be licensed to practice law in Texas by passing the Texas State Bar Exam. And once licensed, an attorney must complete continuing education hours. These requirements are the bare minimum. Attorneys of McMinn Law Firm have combined over 30 years of experience representing Austin area auto accident victims in Texas courtrooms.

    What to Expect with Car Accident Attorneys of McMinn Law Firm

    • Fast to respond – we maintain good communication with clients
    • Contingency fee agreement
    • Medical Expenses. Have access to the highest quality medical care.
    • Premium experience at no out of pocket cost to you. McMinn Law Firm offers competitive rates
    • Tax free personal injury settlement
    • A+ Business Rating
    • Compensation for your Austin Car Accident Injuries

      Personal injuries have serious effects on a victim’s life. At-fault parties are held responsible for the harm inflicted on personal injury victims and their families. A compensation claim should include payment for mental and physical suffering due to the incident. Select cases that go to court may include punitive damages.

      Austin accident attorneys work to negotiate for tax free personal injury settlements that include remuneration for physical damages, mental anguish, and changes to a person or family’s livelihood. Personal injury damages include:

      • Medical bills due to the accident, both past and future
      • Lost wages, your loss of income due to injuries sustained in the crash
      • Lost future wages, or loss of earning potential
      • Costs directly and indirectly related to disability such as buying a more expensive vehicle, widening doorways, barriers to work, and more.
      • Accident related transportation costs

      Your attorney will also advocate for your right to recover damages that cannot be evaluated as a sum of an equation. Personal injury victims can be compensated for non-economic damages such as pain and mental anguish. In addition to property damages, most clients receive compensation for the pain they endured as a result of of the accident.

      How Can You Get the Most Out of Your Auto Accident Case?

      If you’ve started to think about hiring an attorney to help with medical bills after an accident, you’re on the right track. Hiring an experienced attorney is one step to securing the best financial outcome after a crash. Your timing, commitment to treating injuries, and following guidance of your auto accident attorney will also help ensure you see the best results.

      Seek Medical Attention

      After an auto accident, people often enter a state of heightened adrenaline. Surviving a serious auto crash pushes the body into overdrive. Although this is a healthy response, medical professionals still advise car accident patients to seek help as soon as possible. Don’t wait for painful injuries to appear to seek medical help. Time allows injuries to set and the body may not heal correctly without professional care.

      The severity of your injuries will determine in part your ability to seek medical compensation from the accident. Having a strong track record of medical assistance illustrates to insurance adjusters and potential jury members the reality of the situation. You needed medical care for serious injuries, and the at-fault party is responsible for paying for it.

      Call For Professional Help from Law Enforcement Immediately

      Call the police after an auto accident. Without a police report, the other party will claim no-fault. It is in the best interest of their insurance provider to deny any fault, even if they admitted fault at the scene of the accident. The report from an unbiased third party will help in determining fault, who to hold accountable after the accident.

      Collect Evidence from the Scene of the Accident

      If possible, take photos of the scene immediately after an accident. Or ask someone else who witnessed the crash to take photos. Crucial evidence from an auto accident will help your attorney build a case.

      After A Serious Injury or Accident, We Want You To Focus on Your Medical Recovery.

      Whether you’re not sure how to deal with overwhelming medical costs and income lost after a serious injury, or focused more on understanding legal fees and what to expect, contacting us is a great next step.

      We take many kinds of cases, from 18-wheeler crashes, to traffic accidents at Austin’s most dangerous intersections, to pedestrian fatality car crashes, to car accidents during Uber / Lyft – style ride-service trips. We also represent victims of many types of personal injury cases, from nightclub injury to nail salon cases, including wrongful death cases.

      We primarily serve clients in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas. We welcome inquiries outside of the area because we are committed to representing the people of Central Texas. We encourage open communication to help you get through this difficult time.

      Our Austin personal injury firm files lawsuits, negotiates settlements, and aggressively argues in trial for verdicts.

      Contact the McMinn Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation that can provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision about how to proceed. Contact us by telephone, text, (512-474-0222) live chat or our online form.