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Austin Truck Accident Lawyer

More 18-wheeler accidents happen in Texas than in any other state.

At McMinn Law Firm, we use our experience to advocate for the rights of semi-truck accident victims. When trucking companies in Austin operate negligently, those they hurt need help. We are there to be their guidance, support, and legal advocate every step of the way.

Hurt In a Semi-Truck Crash? Let Us Fight For the Compensation You Deserve

We protect the rights of those injured by dangerous truck drivers and trucking companies. If you or someone you know was injured, call today to learn more how to reach full recovery after the accident.

$350K in Commercial Truck Accident Settlement

In a recent McMinn Law Firm settlement, the plaintiff was injured at the hands of a careless driver operating a commercial semi-truck. The client was attempting to make a right-hand turn when the operator of the Freightliner rear-ended the client’s vehicle. As a result of the crash, the client suffered severe personal injury damages to his right shoulder. With this settlement, the client can seek the ongoing medical care needed to treat pain from his injuries.

TOTAL: $350,000.00
Tax Free to Client: $113,341.19
Medical Bills: $93,573.65
Lawyer’s Fees: $140,000.00
Miscellaneous Expenses: $3,085.16

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Woman Injured in Cement Truck Case, Nearly $1M Settlement

A woman was injured in truck accident when she was rear-ended by a cement truck. Our client was stopped in traffic when a concrete truck forcefully rear-ended her vehicle causing her car to slam into the one in front as well. She was rushed to the hospital by EMS. She still suffers from permanent injuries to her neck and spine. McMinn Law Firm Truck Accident lawyers won a $1M recovery on her behalf.

Total Settlement: $993,477.08 | Expenses: $30,967.00 | Attorney Fees $397,390.83 | Net to Client: $565,119.25

Unfortunately some companies put profits over safety. The driver of the cement truck had been fired twice previously. He had been fired for failing to meet safety standards as well as failing a drug test. The injured woman hired truck accident attorneys at McMinn Law Firm to handle her case. Prior to trial the woman was awarded almost $1,000,000 for pain and suffering caused by the severe truck accident.

In photo, Jason poses at McMinn Law Firm with client injured by cement truck.

$1.2+ Million Settlement in Truck Accident Case

$1,237,000 Settlement Reached for Client who suffered injuries in truck accident.
Total settlement to client, minus legal fee: $739,334. A woman was rear-ended by a tractor trailer while traveling on IH 35 in Austin. The force of the collision caused her to vehicle to collide with one in front of her. The client of McMinn Law Firm sustained several permanent injuries.

Expenses: $3,165.06
Attorney’s Fees: $495,000
Net to Client: $739,334.94

Justin McMinn Settled Confidential Truck Accident Case

Justin McMinn worked tirelessly to defend the rights of one of the 2222 gravel truck accident victims.

Below, watch a video of the shocking gravel truck crash. Read more about the gravel truck crash and how Justin McMinn secured settlement for client D. Nelson.

 Why Choose McMinn Law Firm

Trusted truck accident attorneys at McMinn Law Firm have been helping clients since 2005. Brothers Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn have experience fighting for results injured clients deserve.

Austin Truck Accident Lawyers at McMinn Law Firm Prioritize Client Satisfaction:

  1. Highly Rated in client satisfaction. Whether you view Google Reviews (4.8 stars), Facebook reviews (5 stars), Avvo Reviews (5 stars), Yelp reviews (5 stars), it is clear that clients are happy they chose McMinn.
  2. McMinn Law Firm received an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau.The rating, determined by BBB is not based on client reviews. An A+ rating demonstrates that the business has been deemed trustworthy by the independent organization.
  3. When you choose McMinn, you will work with Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn. Skilled attorney James Feigen joined the law firm in 2020, and works directly with Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn for client results. Unlike other law firms that may seem more like a factory than a law firm, McMinn Law Firm knows every case deserves to be handled by an experienced attorney. 


Austin Truck Accident Lawyers Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our clients were injured by large trucks while driving on I-35. While Texas economies boom, that means more cars, trucks and people. Mopac even has a mock Twitter account outlining the daily traffic woes. It’s no secret that accidents and transportation are a major problem for Austinites. What isn’t always as obvious is what to do after a truck accident or who to seek for help.

How much can I get from my truck accident case?

In personal injury claims, a settlement’s value can be calculated by adding up the value of the medical bills, lost wages, and other money spent on recovery. Then, “pain and suffering” claims may be added. These are typically calculated from a multiplier of general damages.

Don’t forget that your settlement will depend upon liability in the crash, your history, and the history of the truck driver. Investigations of the crash may be a factor including toxicology reports, driving history, and dangerous driving risks.

Every case is different. McMinn Law Firm settled a case in 2018 in which a man was injured when a truck driver fell asleep. What happened next wasn’t that the tractor trailer drove into the client’s lane, but rather into the guard rail. The guard rail was carried into several lanes of traffic. Unable to maneuver around the object, the client drove over the guardrail while traveling at 65 mph. Whether your injury happened due to a fatigued truck driver, an unsafe turn by a UPS truck driver, or a commercial truck speeding to their next job, a personal injury lawyer will be able to help you sort out options.

Why should I hire a lawyer? I got an offer and need to pay medical bills ASAP.

If you have pending medical bills it may be tempting to settle a semi-truck accident claim quickly. But there are a few reasons waiting to settle can save you money in the long run.

You may not be fully aware of your injuries.
Additional treatments may be needed before the injuries can heal.
The victim experienced unexpected pain and anguish in their personal life.
If you believe that your insurance adjuster is looking out for you in settlement proceedings – think again. Don’t forget that your insurance adjuster is employed by the insurance company. Their purpose is to protect the insurance company’s bottom line.

You can avoid the risk of accepting a settlement claim that doesn’t fully cover you if you wait. An experienced personal injury attorney will help you to make the right decision on when to settle. The answer to “should I hire a lawyer?” is often “yes.”

What happens after I hire a truck accident lawyer?

Attorneys at McMcminn law firm know how to negotiate with the many parties that could be involved in the case. Unlike with a car vs car accident, a truck accident could have happened because of many more factors. A potentially overlooked, but very important area of safety is the weight and handling of the freight. How goods are transported from Point A to Point B is regulated by the Office of Freight Management and Operations in the U.S. Department of Transportation. This office conducts research and provides regulations for the transportation of goods industry. When trucking companies fail to comply with these regulations, they can put the community at risk.

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The McMinn Law Firm has helped injured Austinites for fifteen years, winning over 100 million dollars in settlements to date.

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Better Business Bureau (BBB) bases its ratings on information provided by the business, and on public data sources. McMinn Law Firm's A+ rating is the highest available.
In the years 2013-2014 and 2016-2019, Justin McMinn has been selected each year as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers, a Thomson Reuters service. Jason McMinn has been selected as a Super Lawyer in 2020., a company that evaluates and recommends local service professionals, placed McMinn Law Firm on their list of 20 recommended car accident attorneys in Austin.

What Past Clients Are Saying

"Jason, Justin, and their entire support team represented me in an accident involving an 18 wheeler. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, and maybe as importantly, the service along the way was something you would want as a client, their entire team was amazing! I can with great confidence recommend them to friends, family, and to anyone who happens to read this. Thank you McMinn Law Firm for a job well done!"

- Charles

"The McMinns were amazing. Within two days of my accident – and still barely able to move – I received a visit to my house for personal consultation (on a Saturday). All the initial feedback about my potential case turned out to be 100% accurate, and when it finally came time to settle they didn’t back off an inch. …If you’re hurt, make the call."

- Harry

"I was rear ended by a large truck. Am thankful for Justin and Jason and their team and all the hard work they put into resolving my case! I highly recommend that you contact them if you’re injured in a wreck!"

- Lori M.

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