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The McMinn Law Firm has helped vehicle injured Austinites for fifteen years, winning over 100 million dollars in settlements to date.

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Being in a car accident can bring your personal and professional lives to a screeching halt, and they can lead to significant costs and damages related to medical bills and missed work. When your accident was caused by someone or something else, you could be entitled to compensation for the costs and damages associated with your injuries.

To determine whether or not you have a case, and how much it might be worth, the law and outcome of other cases must be applied to the unique circumstances of your accidents and injuries. Often, additional follow-up opinions and evidence will be needed to fully measure the costs of your injuries in the long-term, as we’ll discuss below.

Once you have accurately calculated your car accident damages and collected evidence to prove them, this information needs to be drafted into a claim. That claim is then submitted to the insurance carrier of the at fault party of the accident, in the time allowed, and in the format required.

There’s no doubt about it, recovering what you deserve for a car accident is a complicated process. The best way to collect what you deserve is by working with an experienced Austin car accident attorney who knows how to put the law to work in support of the best outcome in your case.

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Common Causes of At-Fault Car Accidents Where You Could be Entitled to Damages

When you are in a car accident that is caused by someone or something else, you are entitled to compensation for the related costs and damages associated with your injuries. Determining when another party is at fault for an accident requires a consideration of the legal concept known as “negligence,” and the collection of evidence to prove it.

While we won’t turn this into a law school class, it is important to know that unless another driver or cause was responsible for the accident that injured you, it is not likely that you’ll be able to collect damages from the other party. The law and the outcome of similar cases will be applied to the unique facts and circumstances of your accident to determine what you are entitled to. The most effective way to ensure that the law is accurately applied to your car accident, so you can collect what you are entitled to, is by working with a dedicated Austin car accident lawyer.

Some of the most common causes of at-fault car accidents for which you could be entitled to compensation for your damages are:

  • Distracted Driving – When a driver is engaging in any activity while driving that impairs them visually, mentally, or manually while driving, they are violating the law by engaging in distracted driving, and will be responsible for the damages for any accidents they cause. Texting while driving is a dangerous example of this practice, as the driver’s vision is impaired by being on the phone not the road, they are mentally impaired by thinking about the text not their driving, and they are manually impaired due to their hands being on the phone instead of the wheel.
  • Drunk Driving – Drivers impaired by the influence of drugs or alcohol are unable to safely operate their vehicle, and are breaking the law. Literally all drunk driving crashes or intoxicated driving accidents are preventable, and all intoxicated drivers will be liable for the damages they cause in accidents.
  • Drowsy or Fatigued Driving Getting behind the wheel while tired can be just as dangerous as when impaired by drugs or alcohol, and drowsy drivers will be liable for the damages their unsafe and irresponsible driving causes.
  • Vehicle malfunctions – Some accidents happen even when all drivers involved were exercising caution and driving safely and in line with the rules of the road due to vehicle malfunctions. If a vehicle malfunction caused your car accident, you could be entitled to compensation for your damages from the vehicle manufacturer.

Determining if another party caused the accident you were injured in is the first step to recovering compensation for your damages. Next, evidence must be collected to prove your short- and long-term damages. Evidence ensures that you recover complete compensation, and are not left having to cover costs linked to your car accident out of your own pocket in the future.

Potential Damages Include Short- and Long-Term Medical Bills and Lost Earnings

Immediately after your injury, you should seek out emergency medical care to ensure that you have not been harmed in the accident. Sometimes the adrenaline and excitement of the accident can cause injuries to be overlooked. In other instances, what might have seemed like a minor bump on the head that required a few stitches could have caused a traumatic brain injury, a serious long-term injury with costly treatment requirements.

Without Evidence You Cannot Collect Compensation for Your Injuries

You can only recover damages that you can prove with evidence. If all you have is the emergency room bill, that is all you can collect. If your injuries might require decades of pain treatment, rehabilitation, and other medical interventions, all of those costs will come out of your pocket unless you have evidence to prove them. This comes in the form of follow-up opinions from medical and occupational experts, and your Austin car accident attorney will schedule all of these appointments for you if they take your case.

A medical expert measures the costs that will be associated with your injuries for the remainder of your life. The occupational expert then applies this information to your working life and measures the cost of your injury in terms of your ability to earn. You are entitled to compensation for any negative change to your ability to work and support your family, calculated from the time of your injury through the remainder of your working life.

All of this information is then incorporated into a claim that is submitted to the insurance carrier of the party at fault for the accident. Your car accident attorney will use the evidence to negotiate a settlement, and if the insurance company will not agree to a fair settlement, your attorney will take them to court on your behalf, at no cost to you.

If We Take Your Case, You Pay Nothing Up-Front, and Nothing Out-of-Pocket

When we take personal injury cases, such as car accidents or 18-wheeler crashes, we take them on contingency. This means that we only get paid if we win  your case, out of a portion of the winnings that we’ll agree upon before we get started. Your initial consultation is cost-free, and if we take your case, you’ll only stand to win, with no out-of-pocket expenses.

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The sooner you have a dedicated Austin car accident attorney from McMinn Law Firm on your case, the sooner you can let your attorney take over. You can step back and focus on recovering from your injuries, while your experienced attorney focuses on putting together the best possible case to collect the full compensation you are entitled to.

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The McMinn Law Firm has helped injured Austinites for fifteen years, winning over 100 million dollars in settlements to date.

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Seeking Help After an Austin Car Accident

Are you an Austin TX resident that’s been involved in a recent car crash? Do you want to seek compensation for your injuries, but are uncertain of how to go about doing so? If so, then you need to learn all you can about hiring an Austin car accident attorney.

Some people wonder, “Is it really worth hiring an Austin car accident attorney?” the answer is yes. They can make the difference between thousands of more dollars in your settlement, as well as receiving any compensation at all.

Ranked as the top Austin car accident lawyer with a high rate win rate. Our car accident attorneys in Austin specialize in accidents and will work tirelessly for you. See below for suggested information on all the reasons you should prioritize hiring a car accident lawyer for your case.

1. They Can Give You Guidance

If you’ve received car damage or sustained physical injuries due to the negligence of another driver, then you’re entitled to some form of compensation. However, you must take the right steps to do so.

The first step is hiring an experienced Austin car accident attorney. They’ll be able to guide you throughout this entire process, ensuring you know the ins and outs along the way.

They can give you step by step instructions from that point on. These steps could make or break your case. For example, did you know that a delay in seeking medical attention can sabotage your compensation?

Many people are hesitant to seek medical attention at first, because they’re afraid of the medical bills attached to it. However, the insurance company will hold it against them, claiming that the delay in treatment shows they aren’t as injured as they claim.

Don’t put your case in jeopardy. Hire an Austin car accident lawyer, tell them your side of the story, and then listen to the instructions they give you. This makes the entire process easier, as you’re following the instructions of an experienced attorney who’s been in the position multiple times before.

2. They’ll Take Over Communication

Those of you that have tried to file a claim with an insurance provider that you pay know how frustrating it can be to communicate with them. Now imagine trying to file a claim with a provider that you don’t pay. It’s nearly impossible.

In fact, most insurance providers won’t take you seriously until you lawyer up. For them, it’s just a matter of waiting until you become desperate enough to take their insanely low offer. They might also flat out refuse to compensate you in any way.

That all changes the moment you hire a lawyer. They’ll take over the communications and handle the back and forth with the insurance provider. That way, you can focus on recovering from your injuries and getting everything back to normal.

If you need financial help, the lawyer can also help point you in the direction of a trusted pre-settlement funding company to cover those costly bills in the short term. You don’t have to pay a penny back until you win your case. If you don’t get compensation, then you don’t have to pay the pres-settlement loan back at all.

3. Calculate Your Compensation

Let’s say that you live in a perfect world and the insurance provider instantly asks you how much compensation you’re looking for; can you, in full confidence, give them a figure? 

Of course not. Why? Because you’ve never been in this situation before. There are so many factors to consider when calculating your target compensation for a settlement.

The goal is to wait until the provider offers your target number; but how can you do that without knowing what compensation you should be looking for?

A trusted car accident attorney can help you with this aspect of your case as well. They’ll ask you many different questions to get a feel for your situation, how the injuries/damages have affected you, and help you calculate the right compensation amount.

Such factors include medical bills, car repairs, lost wages, mental damage, long-term disabilities you sustained, and much more.

4. Build Evidence for Your Case

A bulk of the evidence that you could gather for your case would be found at the scene of the car accident. Things like photos, witness records, etc. can go a long way.

However, the second you drove away from that car scene, it becomes nearly impossible for you to retrieve. 

Fortunately, an experienced attorney in Austin has a full network of resources. They can help you retrieve the police report, retrieve potential videos of what happened, and help you build evidence for your case. This evidence can help force the insurance provider’s hand in giving you your desired compensation.

5. Determine the Severity of Your Injury

If you’re looking for confirmation on the severity of your injuries, you won’t get it from the insurance provider. They have one job: to get you to settle for as little as possible. 

Your trusted car accident attorney that you hire can steer you in the right direction. They’ll consider all the facts and help you comprise a compensation amount that reflects the severity of your injury.

They’ll also help you consider long-term setbacks from the injury, such as a form of disability, that can help you get more compensation.

Hire an Austin Car Accident Attorney for Your Case Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on all the reasons you should hire an Austin car accident attorney, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

Take the time to visit and read this page for more information on how we can help you with your car accident case. For more inquiries, please contact us at 512-474-0222 and we will be happy to assist you further.

What Kind of Cases Do Austin Auto Accident Attorneys Take?

Car crash lawyers are there for people when they need help after a traumatic motor vehicle accident . Often people who experience traumatic crashes turn to personal injury attorneys when they don’t know how they can pay for their medical bills.

Filing a personal injury claim with an accomplished attorney can be the strong strategy against an insurance company offering a questionable settlement. Unfortunately, an insurance adjuster’s job is to protect the bottom line of the insurance company. It is not their goal to make sure that those injured due to another’s negligence get the help they need and deserve. That’s why personal injury lawyers are so important to those facing injuries in a serious accident.

Sure, an attorney can be helpful, but how do you know that they will take your case?

Personal injury attorneys can work a variety of areas, or choose to focus on a certain area of law in which they have deep knowledge. It is true that cases involving truck accidents can involve regulations that would not be present in a car-vs-car accident. When choosing an attorney, it’s important to work with someone who has the experience and resources needed to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Often, important indicators on whether or not someone who was injured in a crash can find representation depends on:

  1. Who was at fault in the crash
  2. Whether or not there were injuries in the crash
  3. If the injured person sought medical treatment of their injuries

Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn have over a decade of experience in a variety of personal injury cases.

They include car accidents involving:

Who was involved, who was at fault in the Crash?

No two people are the same, and no two car crashes are the same.

Previous injuries or a poor driving history can come into question during personal injury proceedings. Personal injury clients with a clean driving record could have a more straightforward path to proving liability in a crash. In personal injury, the plaintiff must prove that the injuries sustained were due to the incident at hand. If the plaintiff has a complicated medical history, it may be more difficult to prove that the injuries were not present before the crash.

Passengers involved in a crash should not have to worry about possible liability. For example, if you were in an Uber that was at fault, you still have a path to recovery.

Whether one party was at fault in a crash will play a large role in settlement and case proceedings. It is often that one party will receive a ticket following a serious car accident. Police reports can serve as evidence in a personal injury case. These records can provide clarity in determining fault. In Texas, a claim can still be made if the personal injury client could have had some ability to prevent the accident. If the crash could have been prevented with defensive driving, then the client may receive a percentage of fault.

Recoveries can be made by parties as long as they are not greater than 50% responsible for the crash. It is up to the attorney or law firm whether or not they want to take a case in which the client could be proved to be at fault.

Whether or not there were injuries in the crash

If there were no injuries in the crash, there is no personal injury case.

Most auto accident lawyers will not take cases that only involve property damage. Property damage can be handled by insurance adjusters.

Personal injury auto accident cases are not for “emotional damage” alone. The trauma from a crash may be serious. It could cause someone to experience PTSD from a crash. But without treatment of injuries there is no case.

Did the injured person seek medical treatment?

After an accident, if you believe you may be injured, it is very important for your health and chance at recovery to see a doctor.

Failure to see a doctor after the accident could be an indicator to juries that the plaintiff is faking it. It certainly could be true injuries from the crash – car accident injuries can take time to present themselves.