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McMinn Law Firm represents a broad range of cases, from very visible public event cases litigated in front of a jury to an individual’s car accident injury claim negotiated with an insurance company outside of court.

We understand the difference that fair verdicts and settlements can make to our clients and their families. If you are deciding on an Austin personal injury lawyer, keep in mind there are many different kinds of personal injury and accident law firms. Some firms limit their clients to high-profile cases that not only have the potential to earn compensation for the victim and the firm, but also can be counted on to provide publicity for the firm.

That’s not how Jason McMinn nor Justin McMinn evaluate and choose client cases. Instead, we want to help injury and accident victims. McMinn Law Firm takes on cases that our legal team will be able to help clients reach a satisfying outcome.

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$500K to Man Injured in Commercial Vehicle Accident
A man was injured when a commercial vehicle failed to yield at a red light on the I-35 frontage road. The collision was caught on the dash cam of a third party, revealing singular fault at the commercial driver’s hands. The T-Bone style collision caused severe damage to the plaintiff’s vehicles and resulted in severe injury.

$500,000.00 Total Settlement | Attorney’s Fees $200,000.00 | Miscellaneous Expenses: $4,971.49 | Net to Client (After Medical Expenses): $225994.36

$1.3M For Man Injured at Hands of Speeding, Drunk Driver

McMinn Law Firm secured a settlement of $1.3M for the passenger of a speeding drunk driver. The man suffered severe injuries to his left wrist, left hand, and neck. The drunk driver was believed to be driving his Corvette at 75-100 mph when he struck a stone wall in a residential neighborhood. Following the crash, the drunk driver immediately fled the scene on foot, leaving the passenger injured, and unassisted in the smoking vehicle. Left alone, the passenger was forced to kick out the door and window to exit the vehicle. A Good Samaritan contacted 911 so that the client of McMinn Law Firm could receive needed medical treatment. The client of McMinn Law Firm required emergency surgery at the hospital where he remained for four days following the crash.

McMinn Law Firm negotiated with the drunk driver’s insurance company and settled for $1,300,000 before trial. Even though he didn’t carry health insurance, the passenger was able to receive needed medical treatment for his hand and neck injuries. The client of McMinn Law Firm has a path going forward after this horrific drunk driving crash that never should have happened.

Expenses: $2,716.06 | Attorney’s Fees: $433,333.33 | Net to Client: $863,950.61

$350K for Client in Uninsured Motorist Accident

McMinn Law Firm recently settled a case for a man who was rear ended and injured by an uninsured motorist. Because the client sustained injuries to the head, back, neck and arm, it was important that he get enough money in the settlement to treat his injuries going forward. McMinn Law Firm secured a total settlement of $355,000.00 with the client’s insurance company. After payment of past medical bills, the client received a settlement of $170,742. With this settlement, our client necessary medical treatment in the future. Settlement breakdown included $350,000 in Uninsured Motorist (UIM) coverage and $5,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP.)
Expenses: $42,258 | Attorney’s fees: $142,000 | Net to Client: $170,742

Woman Rear-Ended By Concrete Truck While Stopped in Traffic

We recently helped a woman who was severely injured by a concrete truck driver. Unfortunately some companies believe that profits are more important than public safety. A woman was stopped in traffic when a concrete truck failed to maintain control of the vehicle or stop in a timely manner. Her vehicle was struck so hard she hit the vehicle ahead of her as well. The woman was rushed to the hospital by EMS. She suffered permanent injuries to her neck and spine.

The concrete truck driver was hired by the company despite having been fired from a previous employer for failing a drug test. Two other previous employers fired the driver for failing to meet safety standards. The woman hired Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn to handle her auto – truck accident case. Prior to trial, she was ultimately awarded $1,000,000 for the pain and suffering she experienced because of the rear-end accident.
Attorneys fees: $397390.83 | Expenses: $30,967.17 | Net to Client: $565,119.25

$800,000 for Man in Head on Collision with Commercial Truck

A man was struck head-on by the driver of a truck operated for a construction company. The employee of the construction company was determined to be at-fault for failure to yield to right of way while making an unprotected left hand turn.

Following the crash, the man turned to McMinn Law Firm for help. He faced medical bills after being rushed to Seton Medical Center by EMS. Justin McMinn and Jason McMinn began work on the investigation of the case.

The man sustained several severe and life changing injuries. After the car-truck accident he was left with a hangman’s fracture of the C2 cervical spine, fractures in the thoracic spine, and a fracture to his sternum. He underwent surgery as part of his extensive medical treatment.

During the man’s treatment, Jason and Justin negotiated with the other driver’s insurer. They fought for every dollar he was owed. In the end, the case settled for $800,000.00. Attorneys fees were $320,000. A sum of $264,495.64 goes to the client after medical expenses. This settlement will compensate the client for his injuries, pain and suffering, and potential future medical needs.

Victory For Survivor of Auto Accident Caused By Distracted Driving

A distracted driver attempted an unsafe left turn and struck the client’s vehicle on the passenger side. The impact caused the client’s vehicle to rollover two times. The client of McMinn Law Firm was rushed to the ER for her personal injury damages including injury to her back, concussion and TBI.

Total Settlement: $145,007.00 | Lawyer’s Fees: $48,335.66 | Net to Client: $69,660.57 | Med Bills $26,660.57 | Misc Fees: $1,008.52

Austin, TX Jury Awards $462,624 To Victim of Intoxicated and Underinsured Driver

A Travis County jury awarded $462,624 to a McMinn Law Firm client who suffered serious injuries at the hands of a drunk driver who was underinsured. This verdict is one of the largest uninsured / underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage awards in Travis County.

Jason McMinn, personal injury lawyer, led the charge. The defendant was our client’s UM / UIM carrier. The verdict is 18x more than an offer made by the defendant at mediation. The verdict is 6x more than an offer the defendant made a few days before trial.

$2.95 Million Settlement for Man Injured in Distracted Driving Austin Area Auto Accident

McMinn Law Firm settled a case for a passenger in a school bus who was injured at the hands of a distracted driver. While traveling on a frontage road, a commercial pickup truck rear-ended a school bus causing it to roll over. During investigation, McMinn Law Firm found that at the time of the crash the truck driver made a phone call.

Our client suffered severe injuries to the spine and had to spend 10 days in the ER before he could be discharged to a rehab center. But in this settlement, the client of McMinn Law Firm has the money he needs to take care of injuries sustained in the crash. McMinn Law Firm secured a total recovery of $2,950,000.00 for the injured client. A sum of $1,751,908.00 goes to the client for medical bills, pain, and suffering.

Reckless drivers must be held accountable for the harm they cause in our central Texas community. Read more about McMinn Law Firm to see why Austin trusts Jason McMinn, Justin McMinn, and Heather McMinn to win for them in their personal injury cases.
Attorneys fees: $1,198092.00 | Expenses: $19,718.06 | Net to client: $1,751,908.00

$1.2+ Million Settlement for Bicyclist Hit by Drunk Driver

Over $1.2 Million Settlement Reached by McMinn Law Firm

McMinn Law Firm reached a settlement of $1,232,500 for a man who was struck while riding his bike by a hit and run driver. The driver of the vehicle was intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Total Settlement: $1,232,555.00 | Attorney’s Fees: $427,518.33 | Expenses: $1,987.90 | Net to Client: $803,048.69

$350K in Commercial Truck Accident Settlement

In a recent McMinn Law Firm settlement, the plaintiff was injured at the hands of a careless driver operating a commercial semi-truck. The client was attempting to make a right-hand turn when the operator of the Freightliner rear-ended the client’s vehicle. As a result of the crash, the client suffered severe personal injury damages to his right shoulder. With this settlement, the client can seek the ongoing medical care needed to treat pain from his injuries.

TOTAL: $350,000.00
Tax Free to Client: $113,341.19 | Medical Bills: $93,573.65 | Lawyer’s Fees: $140,000.00 | Miscellaneous Expenses: $3,085.16

$375K in I-35 Tractor Trailer vs Van Crash

A tractor trailer was traveling southbound on I-35 when they made an unsafe lane change into the Volkswagen van operated by McMinn Law Firm’s client. The 20-year-old client of McMinn Law Firm sustained serious back and neck injuries. McMinn Law Firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of the client, but was able to settle for a favorable outcome prior to trial. This client received important funds for necessary medical treatment and for care going forward.

Total Settlement: $375,000 | Attorney Fees: $150,000 | Medical Expenses: $68,984 | Miscellaneous Expenses: $3,086.95

$160K in Car Accident Settlement

Recent result, car accident: $165,000.00

A client of McMinn Law Firm suffered injuries to their neck and back in a crash involving a rideshare driver. This crash happened on Congress Avenue in Austin, TX.

Rideshare companies carry insurance policies of up to $1M in the event of reckless driving.

Net to Client: $90,834.00

Medical and Misc. Expenses: $19,165.98

Attorney’s Fees: $55,000.00

$500,000 Settlement to Man Injured at Hands of Drunk Driver

We recently helped an Austin Lyft driver when he was injured at the hands of a drunk, uninsured driver.

Waiting for the light to change on South Congress, the man was rear ended by a drunk driver. The drunk and impaired driver was travelling in excess of 70 mph. At a loss of what to do next, the man sought help from Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn to help with the uninsured motorist claim. He was initially denied coverage by his own insurance company, but with the help of Jason and Justin, the case was settled for $500,000.

Expenses: $1,972.09 | Attorney’s Fees: $175,000 | Net to Client: $323,027.91

$300K Settlement in West Texas Crash Caused By Distracted Driver

A distracted driver made an unsafe U-Turn while traveling in Ward County, Texas. The collision involved two heavy-duty pickup trucks, and resulted in full airbag deployment in the client’s personal vehicle. As a result of the crash, the client suffered permanent personal injury damages. McMinn Law Firm’s client received medical care for injuries to his back, pelvis, and chest.

Miscellaneous expenses: $107.45 Payment of Accounts: $15,887.00 Tax Free Balance to Client: $184,005.55

$137,500 for Client Injured in Collision on FM 2222
McMinn Law Firm secured a settlement for a male driver who was injured in a serious crash on FM 2222. The driver of a Jeep Grand Cherokee attempted to make an unprotected left hand turn into a private drive. With this settlement, the client can seek medical treatment they need to move on after the accident.

Lawyer’s Fees: $45,833.00 | Miscellaneous Expenses: $1,236.76 Payment of Accounts $12,200.00 | Tax Free Balance to Client $78,229.90

$110K for Animal Attack Victim While on a walk in her neighborhood, an Austin area resident was attacked by an unleashed dog that belonged to a nearby neighbor. The loose, unrestrained dog, caused serious injurious to the client. As a part of this settlement, the client of McMinn Law Firm was able to seek necessary medical treatment and take time to heal from injuries. Total Settlement: $110,000.00 | Lawyer’s Fees: $36,666.67. | $291.68 | Payment of Accounts: $22,500 | Tax Free Balance to Client: $50,541.65

$1.28M for Passenger of Impaired Driver A client of McMinn Law Firm sustained severe injuries in a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler tractor trailer. The client of McMinn Law Firm was the passenger of an impaired driver. The 2020 crash happened when the driver made an unprotected left turn in Georgetown, TX. The sedan was struck on the front passenger side.As a result of the crash, the client sustained permanent personal injuries. The client needed immediate, lifesaving medical care due to severe injuries to their right leg and pelvis, head, and back. The patient required extensive medical treatment that remains ongoing in physical therapy and pain management.Total Recovery: $1,282,500.00 | Attorney’s Fees: $513,000.00 | Miscellaneous Expenses: $5,001.67 | Tax Free Balance to Client: $564,429.25

$250,007.00 in Rideshare Accident A rideshare passenger sustained injuries in Bee Caves, near Austin. The client of McMinn Law Firm sustained injuries to his pelvis when the rideshare driver made an unsafe left turn. The rideshare vehicle was struck in a T-Bone style collision. This settlement helps our client pay for surgery and ongoing medical treatment for injuries sustained in the crash. Attorney’s Fees: $83,335.67 | Miscellaneous Expenses: $50,000.00 | Tax Free Balance to Client: $116,671.33

$280K in Pedestrian vs. Auto Case In 2019 a client of McMinn Law Firm was struck while walking in north Austin in an auto vs pedestrian crash. The driver of a compact sedan failed to see a pedestrian crossing while pulling out of a driveway. The pedestrian suffered fractures to her tibia and fibia. As a part of her necessary medical care, she required immediate surgery.  Lawyer’s  Fees: $93,333.34 | Misc. Expenses $939.54 | Payment of Accounts: $33,882.80 | Tax Free Balance to Client: $151,844.32

$150K Settlement in Bicycle vs Auto Accident A bicyclist was severely injured by a negligent driver attempting to turn left. The man was thrown from the bicycle upon impact. He was transported to the hospital where doctors performed emergency surgery on his elbow.Total recovery of $150K | Attorney’s fees: $50,000 | Expenses: $298.17 | Net to Client: $99,701.83

Automotive Care Client Receives $175K in Settlement A McMinn Law firm client was injured at the hands of a negligent auto body shop. McMinn Law Firm took the case to trial, but settled outside of court. After dropping off his vehicle for routine service and repairs, the man suffered severe spinal injuries. The mechanic failed to secure his tire with lug nuts, causing a wheel to fall completely off blocks away from the shop. The client was able to treat for chiropractic care recommended by his doctors. Austin trusts McMinn Law Firm when negligent companies harm Austinites.Expenses: $4,193.54 | Attorneys Fees: $58,111.53 | Net to Client: $112,694.90

$775K for Client Injured at Hands of Rideshare Driver During the summer of 2019, a woman sustained severe back injuries after she was hit by a person operating their vehicle for a rideshare company. Although actively driving passengers for the service, the driver was also operating a cell phone according to a witness. The woman was injured when the distracted driver struck her vehicle. A lawsuit was filed in this case, but a settlement was reached before trial. With the help of McMinn Law Firm, she can receive the medical attention needed to treat her injuries with the best medical care.Total Settlement: $775,000 | Attorney’s Fees: $310,000.00 | Expenses: $3264.73 | Net to Client: $461,735.27

$750,000 in Truck Accident 18-Wheeler Case An 18-wheeler driver fell asleep at the wheel causing a guardrail to travel across all lanes of traffic. The client struck the guardrail at a high rate of speed. The accident caused him to suffer severe injuries. McMinn Law Firm reached a settlement of $750,000 for the client’s injuries. The case was prepared for trial.Attorney’s Fees: $304,565 | Tax Free Balance to Client After Payment of Medical Accounts: $237,135

$300,000 Settlement April 2018 A woman was struck head-on by a drunk driver while at a complete stop. A policy limits settlement was reached with the defendant’s insurance company. $200,000 to the client for losses.Expenses: $913.02 | Attorney’s Fees: $100,000 | Net to Client: $199,086.98

$202,000+ in Hays County in Crash Settlements A pilot was rear-ended while driving in Hays County. Because of the crash he was forced to have a spinal discectomy surgery. With an underinsured motorist policy, and coverage from the driver, the case was settled at $202,400k. After payment of accounts for past medical expenses, the client’s cash free balance was $85,850k. Attorney fees totaled $74,650k between the defendant’s coverage and UIM coverage. The value paid to the client before payment of accounts was $94,500k.

$700K Settlement For Client Injured by Rideshare Driver When a rideshare driver failed to yield to right of way, our client suffered severe brain injuries upon impact. Distracted driving harms many in Austin and surrounding areas. Drivers for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft must be held accountable. The settlement in this case will help our client go back to the life they had before the accident.Total Recovery: $700,000.00 | Attorney’s Fees: $233,333.33 | Expenses: $5,379.02 | Net to Client: $460,927.66

$685,000 Settlement May 2018 A young woman was rear-ended by a tractor trailer going southbound on IH-35. The case was prepared for trial and settled in mediation.Expenses: $13136.10 | Attorney’s Fees: $274,000 | Net to Client: $397,863.90

$150K in Vehicle Rollover Crash A two vehicle collision caused serious injuries to a 19-year-old man. A driver entered an intersection before it was clear, striking the client’s vehicle and causing it to roll over.
Attorney’s fees: $50,000 | Expenses: $404.67 | Net to Client: $99,595.33

$237,500 Settlement in Truck Accident Case McMinn Law Firm recovered a $237,500 settlement in a wrong-way commercial vehicle crash. A commercial vehicle lost control when it attempted to brake for stopped traffic. Instead the driver lost control of the vehicle and veered into oncoming traffic.The client of McMinn Law Firm suffered a fracture to his spine. As a result of the personal injury settlement, the client will be able to take care of past and future medical expenses related to the crash.

$350k+ in Austin Rideshare Injury Settlement While stopped at a red light, a woman was rear ended by a distracted rideshare driver. The woman’s vehicle was rear-ended with such force she was pushed into the vehicle in front of her. (A rideshare is another name for transportation networking companies such as Uber or Lyft.) As a result of injuries sustained in the crash, she had to undergo spine surgery. McMinn Law Firm helped her get the $352K insurance settlement she deserves.Total Settlement: $352,500.00 Attorney Fees: $117,500.00 Expenses: $442.17

$430,000 for T-Bone Crash in North Austin An inexperienced driver made an unsafe left turn, causing a T-bone collision. Five family members, including two children, were treated for their injuries.Expenses: Waived | Attorney’s Fees: $108,500 | Tax Free Balance to Client: $321,500

$700K Settlement in Motorcycle, Rideshare Crash McMinn Law Firm’s client was operating a motorcycle on Lamar Blvd. when a rideshare driver struck him when making an unsafe lane change. The rideshare driver was found to be 100% at fault. The motorcyclist’s head went through the back passenger’s windshield upon impact. The client suffered a broken wrist, discectomy, spine injury, emotional trauma, traumatic brain injury. With this settlement, he can get the medical treatment needed to make a full recovery.
Tax Free to Client: $280,877.65 | Medical and Misc. Expenses: $185,789.02 | Attorney’s Fees: $233,333.33

$800K for Client Injured in T-bone Auto Accident A client suffered severe injuries when she was T-boned by a distracted driver who failed to yield to right of way at a stop sign. The suffered severe hematoma. In the course of representing the client, this case was prepared for trial and settled outside of court. This settlement will help our client receive the healthcare she needs going forward after the crash.Attorney’s fees: $320,000.00 | Expenses: $5,805.58 | Net to Client: 474,194.42

Illegal U-turn Case Settled for Client A driver making an illegal U-turn in an 18-wheeler struck McMinn Law Firm’s client. Both vehicles were traveling on a small country road. The client was treated by EMS, and suffered personal injury. McMinn Law Firm settled the case for a total recovery of $60,000.Attorney’s Fees: $20,000 | Expenses: $621.94 | Net to Client: $39,378

$200k+ Settlement May 2018 An Austin woman’s vehicle was struck on the front passenger side by a landscaping truck that failed to yield to the right of way when turning left. McMinn Law Firm settled the case for $202,500. The client received more than $134k for compensation of damages.Expenses: $302.51 | Attorney’s Fees: $67,500.00 | Net to Client: $134,697.49

$645,000 Recovery; Commercial Van Runs Over Child Subsequent to a mobile glass repair company van hitting a young girl in a Travis County parking lot, her family engaged McMinn Law Firm to help them fight for compensation for medical expenses and other losses. The settlement awarded $425,700 for the victim / family.Expenses: $6,450 | Attorney Fees: $212,850 | Net to Client: $425,700

Client T-Boned by Underinsured Driver Running Red Light An underinsured driver ran a clearly visible red light, striking McMinn Law Firm’s client in a T-bone type collision. McMinn Law Firm quickly secured a $75,700 settlement for the client. Attorneys fees were $25,233. The client received a $50,074 tax free balance for treatment of future injuries.

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