About McMinn Law Firm

Brothers Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn, practice personal injury law at McMinn Law Firm.

McMinn Law Firm was founded in 2005 by Jason McMinn. Justin joined the firm in 2007. They serve clients facing personal injuries throughout Central Texas. Both Justin McMinn and Jason McMinn have a strong track record of helping seriously injured clients seek resolution and settlements.

Heather McMinn, wife of Jason McMinn, joined the firm in 2017 to assist with specific cases when they reach litigation stage. Heather is a skilled litigator, with eight years of experience as District Attorney for Texas’ 25th judicial district.

McMinn Law Firm has been involved in a number of significant verdicts and settlements. In 2017, the firm was honored to learn that a 2017 verdict in Travis county, for a client who suffered injuries in a DWI crash, was the highest Uninsured Motorist Verdict in Texas for that year. In 2016, McMinn Law Firm secured one of the Top 50 Settlements in Texas for a child who was injured.

Early in his career, Jason McMinn worked as an insurance defense attorney. He now uses those insights to seek justice on behalf of people suffering serious injuries from accidents. He is an experienced trial lawyer.

Justin McMinn has spent the greater part of his legal career honing his expertise in personal injury negotiations. His vast knowledge of personal injury law assists the firm in reaching maximum fair settlements for clients.

When not at the office, Jason McMinn, Justin McMinn, and Heather McMinn dedicate time to their families and causes they are passionate about. As avid baseball fans, the family announced a $1 million donation to Texas Baseball in August of 2018. Their passion for young people across the state can be seen in their contributions to missions of Kids in a New Groove, TruLight127, and more.

The McMinn’s job is to advocate for the rights of those who have been injured. Crash victims deserve the ability to treat their injuries and receive compensation for their losses.

The attorneys at McMinn Law Firm know there are no “winners” in personal injury cases – there are those whose lives are changed forever due to another’s recklessness and those who face the consequences of ruining another’s life.

It is the duty of a personal injury accident lawyer, Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn, to ensure that victims have an advocate for their financial recovery after the accident.

The McMinn’s, lifelong Texas residents, are committed to principles that serve justice for every individual and family. McMinn Law Firm is dedicated to helping personal injury clients recover maximum fair, lawful, compensation.

Paralegals and Legal Team at McMinn Law Firm

A talented lawyer would be nothing without a diligent and smart support staff. Paralegals at McMinn Law Firm are who keep the wheels turning. We’re so lucky to have such a talented team!

Team was relatable and empathetic. – Neal

Tove Sebring, Senior Paralegal and Office Manager, joined the team in 2016. She has served as the President for the Capital Area Paralegal Association.

paralegal, Ashley Munsel

Ashley Munsel, Paralegal, joined the staff in fall of 2016 as a legal assistant. She found a true passion for helping people through the personal injury process, and pursued a paralegal certification from UT in January of 2018.

Stephanie Silguero, Paralegal, joined the McMinn Law Firm legal team in March 2019. Stephanie has worked as a paralegal since 2006. She has a focus on helping Spanish speaking clients

The whole staff was awesome answering questions and keeping me updated on the progress of my case. – Kizzie

Recently Settled Cases at McMinn Law Firm

$2,030,000 Settlement; Automobile Accident

Car illegally turning left crashed into oncoming vehicles; victim suffered permanent disability. Award resulted in $1,319,500 to accident victim for losses.

Settlement for Austin Woman Injured When Family Hit By Drunk Driver

An Austin woman and her two children were hit when a drunk driver crashed into the client's car. McMinn Law Firm negotiated a settlement for the serious back injury suffered by the mom.

Woman Hit by Drunk Driver Receives $81,627 Policy Limits Settlement

A woman was struck head-on by a drunk driver while at a complete stop. A policy limits settlement was reached with the defendant’s insurance company, giving the client $81,627 tax free for future losses and pain and suffering.

Truck Crash Victim Receives $291,121

A young woman rear-ended by a tractor trailer going southbound on IH-35 suffered several injuries. McMinn Law Firm prepared her case for trial and settled in mediation. She received $291,121 tax free for losses and future expenses.

Woman Whose Car Was Hit by Commercial Truck Awarded $199,086

An Austin woman’s vehicle was struck on the front passenger side by a landscaping truck that failed to yield to the right of way when turning left.
Client received an award of $199,086 for compensation of damages.

News: Austin Personal Injury Lawyers

Every time we sign a case, it is Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn’s duty to ensure every client secures the best possible recovery. Everyone at McMinn Law Firm takes that responsibility seriously.

$1.2+ Million Settlement for Bicyclist Hit by Drunk Driver

Over $1.2 Million Settlement Reached by McMinn Law Firm

McMinn Law Firm reached a settlement of $1,232,500 for a man who was struck while riding his bike by a hit and run driver. Total settlement to client, minus legal fee: $803,000. The driver of the vehicle was intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of traffic fatalities in Austin, Texas. Luckily, here our client survived but I think this settlement sends a message that our community will not tolerate this type of behavior.

Justin McMinn | Bicycle Accident Lawyer, Austin
car that was rear ended photo shown at scene of crash I-35

$1.2+ Million Settlement in Truck Accident Case

$1,237,000 Settlement Reached for Client who suffered injuries in truck accident.
Total settlement to client, minus legal fee: $739,334. A woman was rear-ended by a tractor trailer while traveling on IH 35 in Austin. The force of the collision caused her to vehicle to collide with one in front of her. The client of McMinn Law Firm sustained several permanent injuries.

We are very pleased with the settlement. When trucking companies break the rules and cut corners to put profits over safety then they need to pay the price when those actions injure people in Travis County.

Justin McMinn | Truck Accident Lawyer, Austin

Dog Bite Trial: McMinn Wins For Client

A Georgetown, TX, man was bitten by a Border Collie when the dog jumped over a fence. The dog caused serious injury to his face. He and his family sought legal help from McMinn Law Firm. An animal attack trial was held in Williamson County, TX, where the jury awarded maximum damages and punitive damages to victim. More on legal services information related to animal attacks.

I think the verdict speaks volumes for what the Williamson County Citizens feel about feeling safe in their backyard. It also sends a clear message that pet owners need to take responsibility when they know they have a dangerous animal and it has previously bitten someone.

Jason McMinn | Austin Personal Injury Lawyer
heather mcminn, client, jason mcminn pose with smiles in front of law office

Austin, TX Jury Awards $462,624 To Victim of Intoxicated and Underinsured Driver

A Travis County jury awarded $462,624 to a McMinn Law Firm client who suffered serious injuries at the hands of a drunk driver who was underinsured. This verdict is one of the largest uninsured / underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage awards in Travis County.

Jason McMinn and Heather McMinn are the personal injury lawyers who led the charge. The defendant, Farmers, was our client’s UM / UIM carrier. Farmers offered $25,000 to settle at mediation and $75,000 a few days before trial.

This verdict first and foremost provides needed compensation for our client.
Also, this award speaks to how the Austin community believes insurance carriers must honor their contracts with their policyholders.

Jason McMinn | Austin Car Accident Attorney

Justin McMinn, Jason McMinn Receive National Awards at Mcminn Law Firm

  • McMinn Law Firm has been named in 2017 by Three Top Rated as an outstanding law firm in Austin, TX.
  • Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn were awarded the honor of being acknowlof 2017.
  • McMinn Law Firm announces that principle attorneys Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn have been accepted into The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Trial Lawyers publication for 2017. Their record of trials and client satisfaction is what led the committee to select them for the title. The National Trial Lawyers examined their achievements of leadership as well as overall trial results.
  • A history of success: Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn were both admitted to Top 100 Trial Lawyers of 2014.
  • This award takes note of hard working trial lawyers who have accomplished many wins and recoveries in fewer years than most. Justin McMinn was named in the Top 40 Under 40 list of 2014.

Best Car Accident Attorneys in Austin by Expertise

Expertise aims to connect people with the best local experts. With a rigorous ranking system of more than 25 variables across five categories, their team analyzed the top results to provide consumers with a hand-picked list. For car accident lawyers in Austin, McMinn Law Firm was named one of the top 18 law firms in a study that reviewed 202 firms.

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau (BBB) helps consumers make smarter decisions. Businesses are evaluated based on the BBB Standards for Trust, a comprehensive set of best practices for how businesses should treat the public in a fair and honest manner. BBB's vision is to create an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other. View the McMinn Law Firm BBB profile. McMinn Law Firm has been designated with an A+ rating by the Central Texas BBB.

Best of Thervo 2019 award

Top 10 Car Accident Lawyer Award

Thervo.com features the most qualified professionals in the area. Thervo uses proprietary research to select top professionals. All business features are based on merit alone. A business cannot pay to be featured on Thervo.

Paralegal Honored by Capital Area Paralegal Association

Congratulations to senior paralegal, Tove Sebring, for her recognition of excellence awarded by Capital Area Paralegal Association.
Tove Sebring began working at McMinn Law Firm in 2016. She has over 15 years in experience as a legal professional. Tove is passionate about helping clients return to their life from before the accident. She works hard to make sure every case runs as smoothly as possible.

We are excited for this opportunity to recognize Tove!

Want to find out more about our staff? visit our LinkedIn page for more information on our outstanding team members.

Helping Clients Through Difficult Times

We are driven by a sense of honor to help clients obtain the justice they deserve. McMinn Law Firm is committed to justice for our clients, and are a proud members of Texas Center for Legal Ethics.  We continue to support this professional organization because we believe that a lawyer’s word is a bond to be honored.

From your initial consultation through the final resolution of your case, our attorneys are committed to protecting your rights.

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