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FAQ | Personal Injury Lawyer Q & A

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When you or a family member suffer a serious personal injury, your questions may seem endless.

Below is a library of questions we hear most often, and answers we hope will help you.

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Immediately After You’re Hurt FAQ

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A personal injury lawyer advocates for injury / accident victims to recover compensation from parties whose actions or negligence contributed to the cause of the injuries.

A personal injury lawyer's services usually include:
Communicating - on the client's behalf - with insurance companies, medical billing, law enforcement, court systems, and other involved parties;
Gathering documentation to calculate financial damages, and pain and suffering;
Explaining the personal injury case process, including deadlines, and range of possible outcomes of the case;
Negotiatingwith insurance companies, medical care billers, and other sources of costs or compensation;
Representing the client in formal legal proceedings, including mediation and, when needed, trying the client's case in court;
Working on a contingency fee basis, meaning, clients only pay legal fees if the lawyer wins them compensation for the injury.

Working With A Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ

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First, bringing any and all relevant documentation will help us give you an accurate assessment of your situation. For example, if you were involved in a car accident and are coming in for a personal injury consultation, bring any paperwork from the mechanic, medical treatment documentation, a copy of the police report and any witness information. Constructing a timetable of the events in question prior to your consultation will provide a sound, clear starting place for the McMinn attorneys. Prepare yourself to be thorough and honest; we need all the facts to help you as completely and effectively as possible. We recommend documenting your personal injury as early as possible, including at the site of the crash if possible. Even if you choose not to hire McMinn Law after this consultation, everything discussed still falls under attorney/client privilege, keeping your sensitive information confidential. Finally, prepare a list of questions and be ready to ask them. This is, after all, meant to give you answers and clear the way for your legal plan of action.

Dealing With Insurance FAQ

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No matter how much pressure you may feel from the adjuster, do not accept a settlement from your insurance company before you speak with a personal injury lawyer. Keep in mind that the insurance adjuster's job is to protect the bottom-line of the insurance company. Even though they were assigned to your case, their main reason for employment is reduce costs for the insurance company. Speak with a lawyer about your options first - there are no risks or fees when you meet with a lawyer for a free consultation.

About The Money: Settlements & Legal Fees FAQ

Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn at Mcminn take personal injury and accident cases on a contingency basis. Our compensation is based on a percentage of the settlement and award amount you receive if you do receive one.  We don't get paid unless you receive a settlement; this means you won't have out-of-pocket fees to McMinn Law Firm.

More Q & A For McMinn Law Firm Clients FAQ

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Personal injury law is an area of law that provides compensation for victims emotionally or physically injured as a result of an accident. You may have a potential injury case if someone around you acted negligently and caused you harm. What is negligence? A negligent act is when someone does something that a reasonable person would not do. However, a negligent act alone does not mean that you have a personal injury case. You must prove that an injury was caused because of this negligent act. That is why you need a personal injury lawyer to act on your behalf. If you can prove negligence in a case, and you suffer harm or injury, you may be entitled to some kind of compensation. Personal injury lawsuits also may cause a business to change their practices in order to prevent future injuries. In the past, personal injury lawsuits have been the reason behind a number of safety improvements in many different industries.