Holiday Help For Foster Families: McMinn Law Firm’s Joy of Sharing

McMinn Law Firm Helps TruLight127 Support Local Families Fostering and Adopting Children

TruLight127 Ministries speaks to the core of our philosophy of giving at McMinn, and we are proud to support their mission of giving to foster children in need.

Trulight127 Founder Inspired By Own Childhood Struggles and the People – “Lights” – Who Helped Her Family

TruLight127 is devoted to advocating for the needs of children in foster care. Founder, Sondra Ajasin, knows families need more support than what they receive from the agency.

“For a long time, I felt that foster families needed more support than what they get from the agency. Only basic needs are covered, which makes good business sense but doesn’t make good human sense.”

Ajasin found inspiration for her work after she had her own struggles as a kid in an abusive household. She does this as a way to thank the people that were “lights” in her life. Looking back on community members that would take her and her siblings to church, and invite them over to dinner when there wasn’t enough food at home – and who treated her with kindness and respect – she remembers the positive impact it had on her.

“It meant the world to me that they would help us out, and I realized how much that shined a light in me. I think everybody can do something that can shine a light,” said Ajasin.

Ajasin works with foster parents and adoptive parents to help care for children, and relieve some financial stress from the additional child or children in the home. She says she always puts the kid’s needs first, and helps families cope through stressful weeks in a new home. As some foster kids move from home to home, they don’t have many belongings that stay with them.
“The first couple of weeks that a kid goes to a new foster home is hectic, and financially straining. There’s so much to do between a visit with a therapist, a doctor’s visit, they have to get enrolled in school, and if TruLight can be of assistance it leaves them more time to bond with the kid,” said Ajasin.

Now, Ajasin has truly gone above and beyond to shine a light for foster children in need. The organization puts on an annual fall carnival for children to enjoy face paints, hay rides, games and just  the joys of being a kid. The night also serves as an important night for foster parents – when they can go out on a date and strengthen their relationship. Something else that shines? TruLight127 anticipates a scholarship fund for braces.

“These kids already have low self esteem so we want to get a scholarship fund for the kids to have a great smile,” said Ajasin.

That’s something we can smile about. No matter how bah-humbug the world can feel, we are proud to be able to support organizations like TruLight127. Our joy in sharing with these families is a cornerstone of our giving philosophy.

Helping multiple foster families and their children have gifts they want and need is our way of saying thanks to our community, and we’re thrilled that we can spread the holiday cheer!

This holiday season McMinn has donated time and funds to help foster families have the celebrations they’ve hoped for and the necessities of daily living such as toiletries and socks. McMinn will be providing gifts for 15 children in two families.

Just like our own families, the little ones are ready to play. The youngest (at 3) wants only toys she can ride on. And for the six-year-old girls? Anything puppies or Frozen. This Christmas a few playful boys will have new Legos and board games to make happy memories with.

The families’ Christmas wouldn’t be complete without additional support from Young Professionals in Energy (YPE) who have pledged to donate life sustaining items such as socks, diapers, and toiletries. Thanks to Lindsay Watson, McMinn Law Firm Staff Member and YPE Board Member, who coordinated the effort!