Car Accidents

Car-Accident-Whiplash-Treatment-Car-Accident-Whiplash-Motorcycle-Accident-Crash-Rear-EndedA car accident is a major event, and when it happens to you, you could find yourself flooded with medical bills, lost wages, and other costs.  An injury from a car accident can cause a person much pain and suffering along with enormous bills.  You need someone to turn to, and our car accident lawyers at the McMinn Law Firm are here to help.

In order to effectively handle the aftermath of a car accident, our firm is dedicated to assisting our clients and will fight for your case.  We have your best interests in mind and will use our knowledge of personal injury and wrongful death cases to maximize your compensation.  When you have been injured, you want a lawyer who can handle all the details, and we will keep you informed on the progress of your case.

Types of collisions that can result in injuries are head on collisions, rear end collisions, SUV rollovers, motorcycle accidents, and truck and bus accidents.  A number of factors can contribute to car accidents, such as: intoxication, distraction, recklessness, and texting.  We will take all of these factors into consideration when building your case. We also understand the details of insurance coverage related to motor vehicle accidents.  Insurance companies do not want to deal with you, and at the McMinn Law Firm, we know how to get insurance companies to pay attention.

Whether you have been injured in a car crash, knocked down by a hit and run driver, or involved in a bike accident, having a car accident attorney on your side makes a huge difference in the amount of compensation you will receive.  We will quickly review the accident, take pictures, analyze the insurance coverage, and review your medical records so you can get the help and treatment you need right away.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, our lawyers at the McMinn Law Firm are here to help.  Contact us today for your free consultation.  Call us 24/7 at (512)-337-1993 or use the contact form.

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