Justin McMinn on Delaney Nelson case

Gravel Truck Crash Victim Retains McMinn Law Firm

Austin Gravel Truck Wreck Victim Retains McMinn Law Firm

Representing a driver hurt in last week’s heavily publicized gravel truck crash in Austin, personal injury lawyer Justin McMinn filed a lawsuit against Marcos Trucking Corp.

Delaney Nelson, a student at Concordia University, was driving to class last week when the commercial dump truck hauling gravel careened out of control across all lanes of 2222, smashing Delaney’s car and causing her serious injuries.

“Glass was embedded in her face and ears and she has also had significant spinal issues,” said the victim’s attorney Justin McMinn.

A dash cam in a vehicle witnessing the accident recorded the brutal collision. The witness shared the truck crash video which quickly was picked up by more than 60 online outlets, publicizing the crash and documenting important evidence.

“Anybody that watches that video, their first reaction is oh my gosh, how many people died in the accident? Fortunately here nobody did die,” said Justin McMinn.

Gravel Truck Crash: Case News Digest

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KEYE TV | Lindsay Liepman | 3-10-2016 | Austin attorney says dump truck never should have been on the road

Article quotes from truck accident attorney Justin McMinn:
“It was very scary and traumatic for her [injured driver]”
“The truck never should have been on the road, and that driver should never have been behind the wheel”
“It’s about community safety and if you’re going to be in our community and operate a business you’ve got to do things the right way and if you don’t, things like that can happen”

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