bartender charged with assault Joey Ohare

Joey O’Hare News Update: When Enforcement Turns Into Injury

Events Timeline & News Digest Provided By O’Hare’s Austin Personal Injury Lawyer, Jason McMinn

All of us at McMinn Law Firm are praying for Joey O’Hare’s recovery, and for his family during this very difficult time.  Below is an ongoing list of events and media coverage related to Joey O’Hare’s injury suffered at Kung Fu Saloon in November, 2014.

Update, February 2, 2015

    • Tony Plohetski and the KVUE Defenders investigated the rise of bouncer-involved injury in downtown Austin. The series uncovered nine reports, from the past three months, where Austin Police Department officers had investigated bouncer-involved altercation.
      • “…When bouncers go too far, crossing the line between lawful enforcement of trespassing laws and criminal behavior.”
      • In Texas, bouncers are not regulated by any state laws, which generally require bars and clubs to hire bouncers with no training or experience.
      • Glenn Jones with Texas Certified Academy states, “Avoiding training is only going to lead to negligence…It’s going to lead to either the officer or employees getting hurt, or even the suspects or subjects getting unnecessarily handled or hurt themselves.”
  • Austin American Statesman

Update, January 20, 2015

bartender charged with assault Joey Ohare
adriana chavez
  • MyFOX Austin’s story
    • Witness Adriana Chavez recounts the events of November 16th and states, “I had to turn him around and lay him in my chest. I was like, ‘Joey wake up’. He was kind of dazed out, I’m guessing from the hit.” She later states, “…nobody helped me pick him up, nobody cared to call 9-1-1. The bartenders that worked there, they only threw a bar towel at me. He’s a guy, he was too heavy for me to pick up.”
      MyFOX Austin also interviews Kung Fu Saloon’s attorney, Randy Howry, who states, “Right now there is a lawsuit on file. There are certain restrictions on our ability talk about the information and the evidence.”
    • KXAN runs Kung Fu Saloon surveillance video on 6pm news
      • Video, friend give insight into Kung Fu Saloon assault conducts interviews with Adriana Chavez and Kung Fu Saloon attorney, Randy Howry. Jason McMinn, attorney for O’Hare, was given 40 hours of footage from eight different cameras. McMinn states, “[he] could find nothing in the video resembling provocation.
      • Related article: Instructor: Private security limited in use of force KXAN investigates when and where businesses can use force. Interviewee Glenn Jones, senior instructor at Texas Certified Training Academy, comments, “[security guards] don’t get special treatment from the law — with or without special training.”
    Jason McMinn news cameras
  • McMinn Law Firm holds press conference re Kung Fu Saloon surveillance video from night of incident.

  • Original post: Austin, November 25, 2014

    Contains graphic medical images.
    Order of timeline has changed from original post to currently most-recent-first.

    Joey O’Hare before attack. While bar assault victim Joey O’Hare and his family endured O’Hare’s 8-hour surgery today, important developments in the O’Hare case were covered by several media outlets.

    January 18, 2015

    joey ohare case

    January 8, 2015

    Jason McMinn of McMinn Law Firm standing outside with reporter and cameraman
    • Additional coverage of TABC investigation of Kung Fu Saloon, including quote from Jason McMinn of McMinn Law Firm representing O’Hare and his family in the lawsuit against Kung Fu Saloon. From Noelle Newton @NoelleonFOX7 of myFoxAustin KTBC:

    “Attorney Jason McMinn expects investigators to find clear violations.

    ‘The bar did nothing to help him. The bar tried to prevent him from being helped that evening from what I know,’ said McMinn.”

    Full story here.

    December 16, 2014

    November 26, 2014

    Justin McMinn of McMinn Law Firm and Police Representative in Front of Kung Fu Saloon

    Justin McMinn serving restraining order on Kung Fu Saloon.

    November 25, 2014

    November 24, 2014

        • McMinn Law Firm, representing Joey O’Hare and his family, files a lawsuit against Kung Fu Saloon, alleging negligence by the bar.
    Joey O'Hare in surgery for brain injury
    • Joey O’Hare continues to require hospitalization and surgeries.
    • O’Hare family interviewed by media.

    November 16, 2014

      • Incident occurs at Kung Fu Saloon after which Joseph (Joey) O’Hare requires emergency brain surgery.