Austin Motorcycle Accident and Insurance Tips

Austin Lawyers Providing Motorcycle Accident Representation

Over the past several years, McMinn has represented many individuals involved in accidents while riding their bikes or motorcycles. Although there is nothing quite like the freedom of riding, this fast-paced mode of transportation is a frequent cause of accidents. Over 96% of motorcycle accidents result in injury, so it is important to know the risks, and have a lawyer on speed dial in case you are injured.

Vehicle Variety Could Cause Injuries on the Road

Motorcycle and bike riders are faced with additional responsibilities on top of the unique dangers they face on the roads.  Make no mistake, when riding a bike you are often at the mercy of those four wheel vehicle drivers. But with so many types of transportation on the road, communication is key in maintaining safe streets. It is important for car and truck drivers to be aware of motorcyclists on the road, but also for motorcyclists not to drive recklessly, and weave carelessly between vehicles. Common cycling accidents include:

  • Motorist emerging into path of cyclist
  • Motorist turning across path of cyclist
  • Cyclist riding into the path of a motor vehicle, often riding off a pavement
  • Cyclist and motorist going straight ahead
  • Cyclist turning right from a major road and from a minor road

This applies to both motorcyclists and bicyclists. There are times when it is safer to stay behind a slow car, and there are times it is better to go around someone. However, making your presence known is essential. Because of the size of a motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle, many drivers do not notice them on the road. Although they should be more aware, making your presence known by waving and making eye contact is essential in passing safely. For more information on motorcycle safety, check out another one of our posts here.

What To Do If You’ve Been in an Accident

So, despite caution, you’ve gotten into a motorcycle accident. You may be a little shaken, but there are some important steps to take once you’ve been in an accident.

  1. Check for Injuries: you might be in shock and haven’t noticed the pain. Maybe there is some glass in your leg, or maybe you’ve broken your arm. It is important to collect yourself and assess your physical damage, as well as the injuries of the other people involved.
  2. Call 911: even if someone witnessed the accident, don’t assume someone has made the call on your behalf. Is someone is injured or there is a substantial amount of damage, make sure you call the police or an ambulance right away. If the damage is minor and you are able to pull over and get out of the way of traffic, address the damage with the other person involved in the accident, and decide if you would like to call 911.
  3. Get Out of the Road: if there is major damage and you cannot move the vehicle out of the road, you must walk over to the shoulder or sidewalk and wait for assistance. If you can push your vehicle try and get it out of the way of traffic, and make sure you have your hazard lights flashing.
  4. Exchange Information: if damage is substantial, make sure you exchange information with the other victim of the accident. You want vehicle information, i.e. make, model, color, license plate number, as well as personal information, such as name, home address, phone number, email, insurance information and drivers license information.
  5. Don’t Claim Responsibility: when accidents happen, things blur. You weren’t on your motorcycle and in the other vehicle at the same time. You can’t possibly know what happened on their end, so don’t apologize or claim any responsibility. Claiming responsibility could hurt you in the end.
  6. Talk To Witnesses: if someone saw what happened they are incredibly important to the incident. As an unbiased witness, they will most likely have a more realistic account of what happened and what they saw will be important. It is key to get that information as soon as possible because the event will become less clear as time passes, so the sooner the information is written down, the better.
  7. Collect Yourself: become aware of your surroundings. Where you are, what time it is, what the weather is like, and other aspects of your surrounding area that could be important later.

Accidents and Injuries Aided by Motorcycle Insurance

If you own a motorcycle, it is a good idea to check your motorcycle insurance policy limits regularly. Remember, full coverage doesn’t mean all expenses will be covered in an accident, it only means that you will be covered in all areas. Coverage includes:

  • Liability: covers you for personal injury damages you have caused to someone else
  • Property damage: covers you for damage you do to someone else’s property
  • Uninsured/Under-insured: covers you if you are injured by someone with no insurance or someone who can’t cover all your expenses
  • Collision: covers repairs to your vehicle
  • Comprehensive: covers theft of your vehicle or parts
  • Medical: covers payments for your medical bills

Umbrella coverage can be optimal coverage if you can afford it. Umbrella covers cases in which the damages are extensive. In these cases you will know you are covered no matter what the cost.

Austin Welcomes Motorcyclists, But Still Promotes Safer Roads

Over the years, Austin has gotten a reputation as a friendly motorcycle and biker town. Austin is a diverse city, leading to an increase of those cool motorcycle types ending up here. With bustling hills and a variety of terrains, it is inevitable that motorcyclists would love Austin. But, although this has led to more riders, it has inevitably led to more accidents.  If you or a loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s extremely important to know your rights.

Because of the serious damages that typically occur in motorcycle collisions, these cases often become hotly litigated.  That is why it is extremely important that you consult an experienced Austin Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to protect your rights.

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