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Austin Personal Injury Case Settlements and Verdicts

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We understand the difference that fair verdicts and settlements can make to our clients and their families.  McMinn Law Firm represents a broad range of cases, from very visible public event cases litigated in front of a jury to an individual’s car accident injury claim negotiated with an insurance company outside of court.

If you are deciding on an Austin personal injury lawyer, keep in mind there are many different kinds of personal injury and accident law firms. Some firms limit their clients to high-profile cases that not only have the potential to earn compensation for the victim and the firm, but also can be counted on to provide publicity for the firm.

That’s not how Jason McMinn nor Justin McMinn evaluate and choose client cases. Instead, we want to help injury and accident victims. We choose cases for which McMinn Law Firm can best use our expertise to try to win fair compensation for victims and their families.


Selected Accident and Injury Settlements Negotiated By McMinn Lawyers in May, 2015

  • McMinn negotiated two settlements resulting in $69,000 paid to an Austin woman whose vehicle was rear-ended in a five-car pile-up on I-35. Her serious injuries required two surgeries. Total amount recovered was $110,000.
  • A Kyle man received a cash award when McMinn negotiated two settlements on his behalf. He was a passenger in a car that was hit by a train.
  • An on-duty Central Texas municipal police officer suffered serious injuries requiring surgery when he was hit by a drunk and texting driver. McMinn lawyers negotiated a total award of $100,000 with $65,000 paid to our injured client.
  • An Austin woman suffering permanent spinal damage from a severe collision received a cash settlement negotiated for her by McMinn personal injury lawyers.
  • An Austin man sought representation after sustaining severe injuries in a collision that also totaled his car. We negotiated a settlement for him that provided money needed for medical expenses including spinal surgery.
  • A San Antonio woman who was injured critically in a motor vehicle collision and needed surgery received $74,750 as a result of McMinn negotiations on her behalf.
  • A North Austin woman was at a shopping center when she was hit by a drunk driver and injured. McMinn accident lawyers negotiated a settlement on her behalf.
  • An Amarillo woman was walking in a parking lot when she was hit and suffered a broken hip. McMinn lawyers achieved a policy-limits settlement for her.
  • After spinal surgery made necessary by a severe vehicle collision, McMinn negotiated negotiated a policy-limits settlement for an Austin woman.
April, 2015
  • An Austin man suffered multiple, serious injuries when he was hit by a drunk driver. The injured man received $65,000 as a result of McMinn Law Firm’s representation which led to an $100,000 award.
  • The firm negotiated for and won settlement funds for injuries and losses of a local Austin mother and young child who were rear-ended by a commercial vehicle.
  • An Austin man was pulling on to I35 when his vehicle flipped after colliding with an intoxicated driver’s vehicle stopped in the middle of the highway. Our client suffered back and neck injuries for which we negotiated a significant settlement to help compensate for the losses caused by the accident.
  • An Austin woman who works as a public servant suffered injuries in a car accident that was not her fault; McMinn Law Firm represented the crash victim and she received settlement funds.
March, 2015

McMinn Law Firm Won Settlements for Victims of Four Austin Car Crashes 

  • An Austin woman who suffered a back injury when hit by an uninsured driver.
  • A San Antonio woman hit from behind, causing a multiple-car accident and significant injury.
  • A Taylor woman suffering personal injury damages when another driver struck her while attempting to change lanes.
  • A North Austin resident suffering serious personal injuries when her vehicle was hit in a high-impact collision while stopped at a stop sign.
January & February, 2015

Austin Personal Injury Victim Recovers Award From Restaurant

After choking on a sharp object in a dish served to him at an Austin restaurant, An Austin man suffered cuts and other injuries.  McMinn Law Firm helped the victim recover damages for this incident.

Victim of DWI Car Accident Recovers $104,750

South Austin DWI collision leaves limo bus driver with multiple injuries and subsequent surgery. McMinn Law Firm acquired the client from another attorney, and negotiated a $7,000 offer to a $104,750 recovery for the auto accident victim.

Austin Woman Suffers Infection from Laceration During Manicure, Recovers $91,000

A local woman suffered serious injury when a routine manicure led to a bone infection. The victim’s finger was lacerated during the spa service, which later required surgery to treat the infection. With relentless persistence, McMinn Law Firm was able to recover $91,000 for our client.

$65,000 Settled for Dog Bite Victim

Morgan’s Point Resort: woman was attacked by a dog and sustained multiple injuries, including surgery and a crushed thumb bone.

December, 2014

Austin-area Man’s Hand Severely Injured in Car Accident; Receives $46,500

During a car crash, an Austin-area high-tech employee suffered severe injuries to his hand. It was fractured and required multiple surgeries. Through two lawsuits McMinn personal injury lawyers won awards resulting in $46,500 for the victim.

December, 2014

Municipal Worker in Austin Receives $120,000 After Collision Caused By Semi-Truck Driver

City of Austin Water employee was hit on the job by an 18-wheeler driver who ran a red light. Sustained permanent and life-altering injuries and suffered economic harm. Through McMinn Law Firm’s advocacy, the victim received $120,000 as recovery for the permanent, life-altering injuries and economic harm caused by the collision.

December, 2014

$32,500 Award to an Austin Man Hit While Riding His Bicycle

In a bicycle / car accident, an Austin man riding his bike and the vehicle collided in an intersection. The McMinn Law Firm was able to reach a settlement that provided $32,500 to the victim.

Fall, 2014

$185,000 Personal Injury Settlement in Bus / Car Accident Case

An Austin man’s vehicle was rear-ended by a bus in an accident that seriously injured the victim. The crash also broke most of the equipment owned and used by the victim to make a living. The McMinn Law Firm was able to recover 185,000 with $111,000 paid to the victim.

Fall, 2014

$250,000 Personal Injury Settlement in Car Accident Case

The McMinn team settled a car accident case for a North Austin woman who was disfigured when a services truck struck her car after not yielding the right of way out of a private drive. The truck’s operator was a repeat traffic offender and was unlicensed by the State of Texas. The victim suffered permanent and life-altering injuries as a result of the impact. The truck operator and the company contracting him were found negligent in the case, yielding $150,000 for the victim.

Fall, 2014

$341,250 Recovered for an Austin Man Suffering a Back Injury; Car Crash Case Involving an Intoxicated Driver

The McMinn Law Firm is proud to announce the recovery of $341,250 for their clients as compensation for injuries sustained in a car crash involving an allegedly intoxicated driver, according to the claim. You can read more about the case as well as the verdict reached here.


$107,250 Recovered for an Austin Man Suffering a Back Injury; Social Host Liability Case

We are proud to announce the settlement of a case for $107,250 involving a car crash where the driver allegedly was an intoxicated minor, according to the claim. You can read more about the case here.


$763,750 Recovered for an Austin Man Suffering a Brain Injury; Suit Against Two Sixth Street Bars

The victim was allegedly struck by a 25 year old who had been served alcohol at a local bar until she was intoxicated at three or four times the legal limit, according to court documents for the case in Travis County District Court. The petition states that the driver lost control of her vehicle and struck the victim while she was walking on the sidewalk with her friends. The driver left the scene of the accident after striking the victim, but later returned.


$1,950,000 Settlement in Truck Accident Case

Represented an Austin man hit by an 18-wheeler truck driving in the wrong lane; the truck crushed his bucket truck, which he was using to repair a traffic light. The Austin man suffered from spinal injuries. After exposing the poor safety history of the trucking company, they agreed to settle the case for $1,950,000 with a client recovery of $1,025,000.


$250,000 Settlement in Brain Injury Case

Represented a six-year-old Austin girl who sustained a brain injury at a local Austin business. Prior to trial, the local business agreed to settle the case for $250,000 with a client recovery of $125,000.


$165,000 Settlement in Car Accident Case

Represented a Buda family involved in a head-on automobile collision. The husband and wife received spinal injuries from the impact of the collision. Prior to trial, the at-fault driver’s insurance company agreed to settle the case for $165,000 with a client recovery of $82,000.


$100,000 Settlement in Bicycle Accident Case

Represented an Austin man hit by a car that jumped the curb and struck him while he was riding his bicycle. After suit was filed, the insurance company agreed to pay $100,000 with a client recovery of $50,000 for the Austin man’s spinal injuries.