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Who Is Liable In An Accident With A Learner’s Permit?

Driving is something that every teenager looks forward to learning how to do. In Texas, once you turn 15 you qualify to take a learners permit course and upon passing receive your driving learners permit. This means that you can drive while a licensed adult is accompanying you in the car. However it is important to remember that with more driving comes the risk and responsibility of being in control of a motor vehicle. Just because you’re a guardian is in the car does not mean you are excused from the event of an accident.

Everyone’s first motor vehicle accident is an extremely nerve racking thing. Not only is there the fear that you’ve caused some serious damage or even worse, injured someone, there is also the looming stress of what legal repercussions will accumulate. This fear is magnified in an instance where the accident is caused by a learner who only has their permit. In the state of Texas, traffic and moving violations that are committed by a learner with a permit can still be prosecuted and hold them as a driver liable.

The legal action taken by a victim or the police will most likely result in fines, an order to more driving or traffic safety courses, and in most cases a suspension of the learner’s permit. Fortunately for the guardians and owners of the vehicle that the learner was operating, most insurance companies will grandfather the learner that they oversee into the policy before they are technically added, however some insurance companies will withhold from some payments leaving the bill up to the learner to figure out.

Car Accidents, regardless of who is driving, can be inconvenient and dangerous. Despite serious property damages and needs for repair, injuries can leave victims in the hospital, out of work, and stuck with stress and rising medical costs. If you’ve been hurt or injured in a motor vehicle accident at the hands of a learning driver, there is still compensation ready for your hardships. Contact a legal advisor at The McMinn Law Firm for legal advice on the case.