Manis, Pedis, and Lawyers – Oh My!

When you go into a nail salon you expect to be pampered. Nothing beats a toe trim, foot massage, or the perfect shade of nail polish. It may even be the one chance you ever have to read through your favorite guilty-pleasure magazine. But there may be something beyond the bubble bath you don’t think about. The risks.  You could walk out of a salon with more than just a pedicure.

Study Shows Weight Gain From Nail Polish

The chemicals inside your favorite nail polish could contain harmful chemicals that react with natural hormones – giving some consumers unusual side effects. Some users reported weight gain after using products that contain the TPHP.

  • Sally Hansen
  • Mabelline
  • Essie
  • OPI
  • Milani
  • And more

Recovery From a Foot Bath? Why?

Without proper sanitary precautions, a trip to the nail salon could send you to the doctor’s office anticipating a long recovery. With days in and out of buffing, clipping, and trimming, it’s not uncommon for feet and toes to get an occasional nick or damage on soft skin. If open wounds come in contact with another surface, there’s a risk for spreading some pretty nasty bacteria and viruses.

3 Reasons to Avoid the Nail Salon if You Have a Cut

  1. Athlete’s Foot – Scaly, itching feet are definitely not part of what you ordered up when you chose “Kiss Me on the Lips” pink for your toes! This fungus is anything but fun. It’s easy to catch, common, and can stick around for a long and painful period of time if left untreated. The fungus grows quickly in warm, wet places – like between someone’s toes, a bath of water, or on the floors of a salon. Though cases vary, people often have peeling, cracking, and scaling on the skin of their feet which may lead to burning and itching. If you see skin on the bottom of your feet that seems soft, and pale white, it may be time to visit the drugstore, and steer clear of the nail salon until your case has cleared up completely to avoid spreading this pesky no-fun fungus.
  2. Warts – Next up on the what-not-to-catch list? The little bumps that form from a contagious virus called the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). This skin cell disease is related to the type that causes cervical cancer – but they are benign. You can avoid warts by requesting a new pumice stone or bringing your own. Otherwise, you may be at risk for these contagious growths that can be painful.
  3. MRSA – If you have an open sore, or get cut during your manicure or pedicure, don’t continue. Serious superbug infections like MRSA have become a more common, and more dangerous in recent years. An increase in the use of antibiotics have produced antibiotic resistant infections such as MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) VRSA (Vancomycin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), or C-Difficile. Of the “superbugs” MRSA is most commonly found in community environments, such as the hand bath at your neighborhood nail salon. Though uncommon, it could be a serious threat to even a healthy person’s immune system. Again, if you have an open sore of any kind – you are put at greater risk for the dangers of super-bacteria hiding in nail files.


What are the Chances?

You may be just visiting, but these hazards go unseen and could affect anyone in contact with the pathogen. New York Time’s now famous nail salon article. OSHA has helped us understand some of the job hazards with their guidelines for nail salon technicians. If your nail technician fails to follow any of these guidelines, they are putting you -and them- at risk.

  • Wears gloves, and avoids contact with clients with cuts, open sores, or visibly infected skin
  • Throws away disposable gloves after use
  • Avoids all contact with bodily fluids
  • Cleans and disinfects tools after each client:
    •     wear gloves when cleaning and handling disinfectants
    •     wash tools with soap and water
    •     soak tools for 10-30 minutes
    •     rinse and clean water after use


Rules may be rules, but with a parade of nail salon clients, experts say that about 75% of salons in the U.S. fail to follow state protocol for disinfection.

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