What To Do When a Dog Attacks

Nearly 5 million people will be attacked by dogs this year. If you’re attacked by an angry or scared dog, you should be prepared to minimize the damage. Below, we list six tips to keep in mind if you’re attacked by a dog.

Don’t run away — Running away from a dominant and aggressive dog will usually cause the dog to chase you, and it will likely be able to catch up to you.

Don’t fight back — Especially if the dog is feeling defensive, fighting back will convince the dog to continue attacking. It may go against your instincts if you’re being attacked, but try not to fight back.

Don’t make eye contact — This will also trigger the dog’s defensive tendencies. Lower your head just slightly so the dog doesn’t feel threatened.

Cover your ears and keep your elbows at your side — In an animal attack, it is important to protect your face and vital organs. Use your arms as a shield for your eyes, ears and torso.

Contact the owner and animal control after the attack — If you know the dog’s owner, you should contact him or her after the attack. This is important for two reasons: The owner can help you determine if the dog has rabies and informing the owner can lead him or her to ensure the dog never attacks again.

Yell “No!” as strongly as possible — Whether the dog is attacking to assert his dominance or because he is afraid, showing him that you are more dominant can be a successful tactic. Stand tall and show the dog that you are strong and he may stop.

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