Truck Accidents: Blind Spot Negligence In 18-Wheeler Drivers

If you have ever traveled down a stretch of major highway in Texas you have most likely seen the countless number of semi-trucks and 18-wheelers on the road. The large and long highways and interstates are the routes for hundreds of shipping routes that transport all different sizes and types of goods. With so many different trucks and loads on the road, all pressed by trucking regulations and time constraints it is unfortunately common for these truckers to cause a major accident that can be serious and sometimes fatal.

One of the biggest issues that truck drivers have is dealing with their blind spots. As usually advertised on the back of the long trailers they are hauling, blind spots are the parts of the road to the side and behind the trailer that are not visible through the use of mirrors. There is a minor one to the left of the truck, a very large one to the right, and obviously an extended blind spot directly behind it. Any professionally trained and licensed trucker is extensively trained in the importance of checking these blind spots thoroughly while driving so they do not change lanes or make a move that could be bad.

Truckers who become negligent on the road, whether through cell phone use or entertainment devices behind the wheel or just plain tired and unfocus, can take other’s lives into their hands. Failing to responsibly inspect blind spots can lead to serious accidents that injure innocent commuters. The sheer size and power of these semi-sized trucks can cause immaculate damage to other vehicles. Oftentimes truck accidents call for critical hospital visits which result in costly medical bills for saving someone’s life.

In the event that a reckless or unaware trucker causes a serious accident or major damages, the driver or their company can be held accountable for just compensation. If you have been the victim of a trucking accident and have a hard time dealing with the after effects of paying for the problems, contact The McMinn Law Firm to speak to a legal consultant on how to handle your case.