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This Week’s Personal Injury News

Personal Injury in the Workplace

Workplaces can be dangerous; but, compared to an office or desk job, working at the circus takes the cake. The most famed circus troupe in the world, Cirque du Soleil, recently showed just how dangerous working in the circus can be.

During a Las Vegas show, 31 year old acrobat Sarah Guillot-Guyard was being hoisted 50 feet up into the air for a fight scene that featured martial arts, fire, and puppetry as well as acrobatics when she suddenly plummeted into a pit below the stage. Reportedly, cries were heard throughout the hall– her cries and the cries of her cast members. She was pronounced dead that night, much to anguish of her troupe and the shock and dismay of the audience who had heard and witnessed what happened.

Personal Injury on the Waters

This time last year, a yacht holding 27 people celebrating July Fourth capsized after being out at sea. At that time, authorities were unsure of what caused the very unstable, unsteady yacht to capsize and sink, killing three people who were on board. The boating accident mystery was finally solved this year: it had been overloaded, so when a 90 degree wave struck, it was helpless to stay afloat. Luckily, the owner and operator of the yacht is not facing criminal charges.

Be sure to be safe this year as the July Fourth holiday approaches once more.

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