This Week’s Personal Injury News

As always, there are many personal injury accidents that took place this week. Here are just a few.

A Deadly Dog Bite

In the San Francisco Bay area, a six year old boy was bitten by his uncle’s dog. The dog is a pit bull, possible a pit bull mix. It bit the child on top of his head while he was at his grandparent’s home. An emergency team was called, but the boy passed away just five hours after being bitten. Family members say the dog was always kind. What made him attack?

A Safer Workplace, A Better Law

In New York, a Scaffold law has been placed on employers whose employees work in elevated places. This law is a strict liability law– a violation of it alone is enough to hold an employer liable for this employee’s injuries. The law falls under Section 240(1) of New York’s Labor Law, and it requires, “contractors or property owners to provide workers with equipment to prevent falls or injuries caused by falling objects, including scaffolding, ropes, ladders and pulleys.”

A Bus Crash In China

A bus was carrying 36 passengers during a foggy, dangerous time of day. It was on its way to a popular tourist spot, but never made it. It crashed into a valley, killing at least 15 of the passengers. Authorities are still unsure about the cause of the accident, which happened on Tuesday afternoon.

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