This Week’s Personal Injury News

Keeping up with what’s on the news can be hard to do, but we’re here to bring you the personal injury news for this week featuring injuries that happen on the road, as well as what the industry is doing to prevent them.

Buckle Up

  • Seatbelts are often the difference between life and death. Eight Boston University students were driving in a minivan when the driver, who has since pleaded to careless driving, flipped the car. Although he had told all the passengers to buckle up, not everyone listened. The four who were wearing seatbelts only suffered minor injuries, but the one who wasn’t wearing one suffered brain trauma and the other three who also weren’t wearing a seatbelt actually died.

The Bigger The Bus, The Harder The Fall

  • An oversize load caused an I-5 bridge collapse when it collided with the far right side of the truss structure. The I-5 bridge collapsed into the Skagit River below. Just how big was this bus? Well, the bridge was 14 feet and eight inches at the lowest part, while the truck was 15 feet and nine inches tall.

  • A high school bus in Kentucky that was returning from a trip to a college campus may have experienced mechanical failure that caused it to suddenly veer left across three lanes of traffic before the median finally stopped it in its tracks. Those injured, including the bus driver, were sent to various hospitals, where all were reported to be in stable condition.

Don’t Text And Drive

  • Texting and driving is now almost as prevalent and dangerous as drinking and driving. In order to solve this problem, many alternatives have been proposed– one such being hands-free texting. However, a recent study by the AAA has found that hands-free texting, the use of voice commands to send text messages and emails, is even more distracting and dangerous than simply talking on the phone. Why? It takes too much attention off of the road and onto the complicated process involved in making those commands.

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