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The Difference in A Truck Accident Case

How does a truck accident differ from an auto accident? If you have been involved in a truck accident then you probably already know. Truck accidents involve a Semi or 18 wheeler and a highly trained driver required to follow strict regulations regarding rest stops, maintenance, and license requirements. Insurance companies representing truckers or delivery firms are known to withhold or alter evidence so liabilities can be minimized. The McMinn Law Firm works hard to combat these special circumstances.

Truck Accidents Are Usually Negligent

Because truck drivers spend so much time on the road, they have to constantly maintain their vehicle, battle fatigue, and drive under the pressure of tight schedules that can lead to aggressive driving. Because demand for drivers is so high in the oil field today, companies are avoiding proper procedures when hiring drivers (i.e. not looking at driving records and criminal histories). All of these circumstances surrounding the truck driver result in negligence. If they haven’t maintained their vehicle properly, kept up with their rest-stop log, or have not fulfilled all requirements to be a driver and they are in a wreck, this is negligence.

Since Insurance companies are a business looking to increase profits, they want to disprove negligence and minimize the damages they pay out to victims. Victims of truck accidents are entitled to damages for medical bills, repair or replacement of vehicle, compensation for lost wages, and, sometimes, punitive damages.

The Importance of Gathering Evidence

We tell possible clients that if you are involved in a truck accident, call us as soon as possible because the investigators of the truck driver’s insurance company will be at the scene of that accident sooner than you are able to call us. It is important to get evidence quickly in a truck accident case because it can be destroyed or altered the longer it stays in the hands of an insurance company. We don’t want to imply that all insurance companies are corrupt, but all are trying to build a case that limits the liability of the truck driver. The sooner we can get accident evidence, the better we can hold the negligent party accountable.

We have teams of investigators to go to the scene and gather our own analysis of the wreck. We look at skid marks and the vehicles to find the cause of the accident. We contact the trucking company so that we receive the driver and criminal history records, GPS system data, analysis of the maintenance of the truck, and information about the load the truck was caring. These are just a few specific investigations surrounding a truck accident case that have to be handled carefully to ensure success.

Our Approach

We make sure that we get every piece of information we need to get our clients the compensation for a full recovery. A truck accident is not a car accident where you are dealing with another person like yourself. Truck drivers have a higher level of responsibility and a vehicle that can cause much more damage to a regular car. It’s important that you understand these differences in case you are ever in a truck accident fighting for compensation.

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