Summer Safety On The Water

Its summertime, and the water is calling. Its time for you and your family or friends to get on that boat and go for a cruise. However, make sure that you stay safe, even out on the water. Boating accidents can be just as dangerous and disastrous as other accidents– and like other accidents, you can rarely predict when they will occur. So, here are some tips to summer safety on the water.

Wear A Life Jacket

If you can’t swim, you should wear a life jacket while out on the water. Even if you can swim, you should wear a life jacket. If you fall off the boat and into the water, then you may get cramps or suffer from shock and fear and be unable to swim. A life jacket can and will save your life by keeping you afloat until help arrives.

Check The Weather

You should check the weather before you go out on the water. If the weather is poor and the waves are fierce, then you should avoid taking you and your family or friends out on the water in a boat or any other vehicle that will be pushed and pulled by the waves too easily. Weather conditions can be so bad that your boat becomes too difficult to drive– it could even flip.

Don’t Drink And Drive

You may consume alcoholic beverage while out on the water. After all, fun and festivities often require a few beers and drinks for everyone of age. However, just as with a car, a boat should not be operated while a driver is heavily under the influence.

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