Are you, or Someone You Know a Victim of a Bicycle or Pedestrian Accident?

Having recently moved to Texas, I’ve noticed the extremely large bike population that exists in this weather-friendly climate. Whether it’s the growing concerns over climate change and global warming, or the intensive marathon training, many people have begun to consider alternative means of transportation. In addition to benefiting the environment, alternative means of transportation such as walking and biking, are perfect methods to stay healthy and physically fit. While you do have the advantage of not worrying about sitting in traffic, you will have to take extra precautions when walking or biking on busy streets and intersections. Due to the increased amount of pedestrians and cyclists on the road, the probability of a collision between cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles is now at a higher risk. Unfortunately, because cyclists and pedestrians have a limited level of protection on the streets, they have a greater risk of injury if a collision with a motorized vehicle ensues. Approximately, 69,000 pedestrians were injured in collisions with bicycles and motorized vehicles in 2011. In 2010, more than 4,000 pedestrians were fatally injured in traffic accidents. In Austin alone, there has been approximately 315 bicycle accidents per year; more than 88 percent of those collisions resulted in either minor or serious injuries. These collisions can result in serious injuries such as:

  • Road rash

  • Broken bones

  • Bruises

  • Head trauma

  • Traumatic brain injury

These statistics reflect the dangers of biking or walking near busy streets and intersections where motorized vehicles are often traveling at excessive speeds; they also highlight the costly nature of bicycle and pedestrian accidents. The well-qualified and friendly representatives at the McMinn Law Firm have years of experience tackling claims related to bicycle and pedestrian accidents. Due to their experience and knowledge, the representatives at McMinn Law Firm will be able to help you understand the complexities of a personal injury claim related to a bicycle or pedestrian accident. Most importantly, you can trust the attorneys at the McMinn Law firm to handle your case and get you the compensation you deserve if you or a loved one is injured.


The most common accidents concerning bicycle and pedestrian related injuries include:

  • Driver Negligence- Perhaps the most common theme pursued in personal injury claims brought by bicyclists or pedestrians would be driver negligence. If it can be proved that the driver of the motorized vehicle was distracted (by the sun in their eyes, food or drinks spilled in their car, texting or talking on the phone while driving, and many other potential distractions), you can move to file a claim against them to receive compensation for losses or injuries incurred in the accident. The biggest challenge arises in finding sufficient evidence that the operator of the motorized vehicle was distracted. This is where the experienced legal team at the McMinn Law Firm can be of considerable assistance.

  • Malfunctioning Signs-A malfunctioning traffic light or obstructed stop sign can also result in a collision between a motorized vehicle and a pedestrian or cyclist. If it is determined that a malfunctioning traffic sign was at fault for the collision, the state, local, or national government entity responsible for maintaining the safety of the roadway may be found liable for any injuries or fatalities that occur. Once again, the establishment of proof and procurement of evidence to bring a claim against any party will require professional representation such as that offered by the McMinn Law Firm.

  • Defective Automobile or Bike Part-The fault for a bicycle or pedestrian accident may be placed on the automobile or bicycle manufacturer. This case will only be considered if it can be established that a specific bicycle or automobile part was defective upon assembly of the vehicle, such as the chain on the brakes. Bringing a claim against a corporate manufacturer can prove incredibly difficult and expensive for individuals or families. Most corporations employ extensive legal teams to specifically avoid this type of litigation. However, the experienced investigative team at the McMinn Law Firm can assist in recovering fair compensation for any injuries or losses that occur as a result of a defective automobile or bicycle part.


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Whether your bicycle or pedestrian accident is the cause of driver negligence, a malfunctioning sign, or a defective automobile or bicycle part, you will undoubtedly require immediate legal assistance in order to have your case thoroughly investigated and to ensure the preservation of all the evidence necessary for you and your loved ones to bring an effective claim against the responsible party or parties. To ensure that individuals and families receive the fair compensation that they deserve, it is necessary to employ legal representation to assist in their case. The professional and cordial legal representatives at the McMinn Law Firm are experienced in bike accident and pedestrian injury claims, and can aggressively assert your individual rights against all parties found to be negligent in your case. We provide free consultations and are happy to send our representatives to your home or to visit you and your family in the hospital. Please don’t hesitate, contact us today!