Recognizing Signs of Dog Aggression

Some signs of dog aggression are more readily recognizable than others. For example physical signs of growling, barring their teeth, barking and snapping are signs that anyone could recognize as aggressive behavior. While there are a number of reasons a dog may exhibit aggression here are a few common causes and some tell-tale signs.

Dominant aggression

Dominant aggression can include, erect ears, standing tall or blocking people or other dog’s paths, as well as snapping and loud barking. This type of aggression is most common in male dogs that are still “intact” so getting your dog fixed could help this behavior.  It is not uncommon for a dog to be territorial of their food while they are eating, but behaviors that raise concern are stopping eating when approached or preparing to attack when someone draws near. Also a dog demanding your attention by barking or jumping on you when ignored could be a sign of dominant aggression.

Over protection

It is not uncommon for a dog to bark when there’s a knock at the door, and then to bark at the stranger on the other side. That is not necessarily aggression to raise major concern. When a dog is over-protective, however, it could be a sign of serious aggression issues. For example standing between you and a partner when embracing, or snarling at welcome guests are behaviors that should be taken seriously.  Although it seems like the dog is simply trying to protect you, which may in fact be his motive, left unchecked this behavior could mean aggression toward a rowdy child or a loved one.

There are many reasons why a dog could be aggressive including fear, illness, or pain.  If you suspect your dog might be aggressive do not test this behavior as you not only risk hurting yourself, your pet or someone else, you also risk a lawsuit. It is advised to seek professional help for your dog by visiting your veterinarian or a behavioral specialist.

If you or a loved one was the victim of a dog bite be sure to identify the owner if any, contact animal control, seek medical care, and contact Austin area animal attack lawyers at McMinn Law Firm.