Post-RoT Rally Austin Motorcycle Tips

RoT Rally’s 20th Anniversary

Last weekend, when the sun was still shining before tropical storm Bill made landfall, the Republic of Texas Biker Rally rolled into town for its 20th anniversary. Coming just on the heels of the Waco shootout, some in Austin were a bit wary of the leather-and-denim clad groups that filled the streets of Austin. But the weekend passed without incident, the most menacing event being increased congestion from road closures.

Abide By The Law to Avoid Accident

The annual RoT Rally is a good chance for bike-curious Texans to explore the culture and realities of what can be a fun pastime and a viable means of transportation. But for biker newbies, it’s important that the laws regulating motorcycle riding are understood and followed. In return, it is also important that drivers look twice for bikes and actively share the road with their two-wheeled friends. Motorcycles have the same rights as any vehicle on the roadway. Whatever the road conditions, there are some precautions motorcyclists can take when hopping on their bike to prevent injury.

Keeping Everyone Safe and Injury Free

There are many factors that are essential in keeping yourself safe while operating a motorcycle. Here are some key features you will need to invest in to keep yourself safe on the road.

  1. Helmets: One of the most important pieces of equipment in terms of biker safety is the helmet. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has said that last year “motorcycle helmets saved 1,699 lives…if all motorcyclists had worn helmets, 781 more lives would have been saved. Helmets are estimated to be 37 percent effective in preventing fatal injuries for motorcycle riders (operators) and 41 percent effective for motorcycle passengers.”
  2. Antilock Brakes: According to the IIHS, motorcycles with antilock brakes are 37% less likely to cause a fatal crash for the biker. When the brakes lock up, this takes away the bikers steering control, actually helping them from swerving, skidding, and possibly even crashing. Sure, this can be a little expensive, but it will definitely keep you safer on the road.
  3. Protective Clothing: Sure, Texas may seem too hot for leather, and it might be a little cliche, but it is a good material if you get into an accident. Road burn is a serious thing, and materials like denim and cotton break incredibly easily. Always wear full pants, gloves, and sturdy boots. Who cares if you’re a little sweaty. Better that than severe injuries.
  4. Bright Colors: Try and opt for bright clothing. In most accidents, a driver will claim they didn’t see the biker. Well, try and make that impossible. Neon colors may seem too flashy and embarassing, but they will keep you safe and visible.

McMinn Represents Motorcycle Accident Victims

For more information on state regulations regarding motorcycles, see McMinn’s latest guidelines for motorcycle safety and laws.

In the unfortunate case that you are involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important that you reach out to an experienced attorney immediately. Austin motorcycle accident attorneys, Jason and Justin McMinn, are a valuable resource for victims facing injury as a result of a motorcycle crash. If you have been a victim in a motorcycle accident, call the office of McMinn Law Firm for a free consultation.