Pets of McMinn

There’s more to McMinn Law Firm than meets the eye. These furry friends help keep our sanity after long hours working on personal injury cases. We couldn’t do the work without these guys! So without fur-ther ado, here’s an intro to the furry family members of the McMinn Law office.

These furr-babies and best dog friends aren’t strays any more! Adopting a pet can save a life and improve your own. Do you have pets that you love to come home to? Be sure to show us your favorite pet pictures in the comments section of our Facebook!


Abby’s Human: Jason McMinn, Accident Attorney

This little darlin’ is Abby, Jason and his family’s adopted deaf black lab who they fell in love with on the spot at the shelter. She likes playing fetch with the kids and running through the sprinklers, occasionally knocking into a toddler or two.

Tula and Bruiser

Tula and Bruiser’s Human: Justin McMinn, Accident Attorney

Justin and his family just wouldn’t be the same without their canine friends, Tula the black Pomeranian and Bruiser the blonde Pomeranian. These pups love trying out new hair-dos and riding in the car with their head out the window, tongues flapping in the wind.

Diesel and Bullet

Diesel and Bullet’s Human: Tove Sebring, Litigation Paralegal

Bullet and Diesel may not look like lap dogs, but in their hearts they are. Bullet, the black boxer, welcomed his little brother Bullet, into the Sebring family just 2 years ago. Both Bullet and Diesel love going on long walks or curling up (as close as possible) for a movie night. Diesel and Bullet are proud to be called “love bugs” by their human.

Midnight, Milo, and Grey Kitty

Midnight and Milo’s Human: Susan McElhenney, Digital Marketing

Susan’s rescued black lab mix loves lounging around the house and protecting her family. Though Midnight is prematurely grey, she has plenty of energy to spend her time finding and guarding the perfect places to lay down, whether couch or floor.


Milo was once a hungry growing kitten. One thing is still true: he’s always hungry and looking for snacks! When he’s not surprising Midnight with a surprise sneak attack, he’s eating a tasty morsel of leftover meat from his humans. He might not always look it, but he’s a sneaky cat.

Grey Kitty

Grey Kitty is what you might call a “failed foster.” He originally came into his human’s home as a stray who needed to be fostered, socialized, and adopted out to a loving family. Instead he captured the hearts of Susan and her family, securing himself a furr-ever home and a favorite office chair of his very own.

Heidi and Izzy

Heidi and Izzy’s Human: Ashley Munsel, Paralegal

Heidi and Izzy live with their humans in north Austin. Heidi is the “old lady” who likes to sit pretty while she cuddles up during play time.

Izzy the Dog and Her human

Izzy, the puppy with the sweetest eyes, is the newest addition to the family. Izzy was adopted by the family in November 2018. Who could resist those sweet eyes? (We can’t.) When the family saw her big smile they took her home to her furr-ever home.


Woody’s Human: Shannon Williams, Digital Marketing

Woody is a ginger kitty that was born to play and knows how to look cute while getting into trouble. He likes to play fetch, learn new tricks (he rings a bell!), and bask in the sunshine.

He’s not camera shy! As a 3-year-old rescue from the Austin Animal Shelter he is seriously considering a career in cat modeling for his human’s Instagram account. But for now he’s focused on enjoying the spoiled life of an only-cat.