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Personal Injury Protection In Texas: An Overview

Alright, it’s time to whip out your insurance policy and get familiar with what PIP coverage means for you. Personal injury protection in Texas is mandated by law to be offered by an insurance company to every customer who purchases a liability insurance policy. If you did not sign a letter in writing rejecting PIP coverage, then you will have it on your policy. Again, you must be offered PIP coverage and if you did not sign the PIP rejection letter, you are covered with PIP. Check your policy today, because PIP coverage can be a vital tool when you are in a car accident.

What Is Personal Injury Protection In Texas?

Personal Injury Protection is the minimal coverage you can have to pay for bills and expenses resulting from a personal injury in a car accident. For instance, if you are in an accident, no matter if it is your fault, someone else, or no one’s fault, you can file a PIP claim with your insurance company and receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and expenses for reasonable household duties that could not be performed while injured.

What Damages Does PIP Cover?

PIP covers medical bills you incurred from an accident, lost wages from the inability to work due to injury, and any expense you had to pay from reasonable house duties that you would have otherwise performed yourself (i.e. paying someone to clean your house or mow your lawn when you would have otherwise done it).

You must have a way to prove that the expenses in your insurance claim are the result of your accident. Sometimes insurance companies might say that the doctor’s price was “unreasonable” or they might conclude that your injuries were the result of a preexisting condition. Here are some tips to ensure your claim goes through:

    • Talk to your doctor and let them know you are filing a claim. You might even want to bring your policy to show him what is covered.
    • Make sure your bills clearly explain that your injuries resulted from the accident.
    • From lost wages, you will need a report from your boss and doctor to show that your injuries caused you to miss work if you claim for lost wages.
    • Keep all receipts from the household expenses you incurred from injury.

How Much In Damages Does Your PIP Cover?

If you only bought liability insurance and did not reject the minimal PIP coverage your insurance company offered you, then your PIP covers $2500 total. This means if you have $1000 in lost wages and $1300 in medical bills, you are only covered for another $200, and after that you no longer have coverage.

However, you can set up PIP coverage for any amount when you purchase your insurance policy. An extra $2500 added to your policy might be a great relief. So be sure and explore your options.

What If Your Insurance Doesn’t Pay Your Claim?

Having PIP can be the lifesaver you never saw coming, a friend you never talk to but can always depend on. However, insurance companies are now notorious for denying claims or not paying out as much as a claim is worth. They can be that annoying friend who think she or he is the greatest thing that ever walked the earth and has no regard for other people. If you think you have been wrongfully denied a claim it’s probably time to talk to an attorney and get things set straight. Come talk with us and learn more about your PIP coverage.