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Many of the most serious motor vehicle accidents result from vehicle defects, including improper design or malfunction. Tire blowouts, airbag malfunctions, or seatbelt failure could result in catastrophic injuries or death to passengers. At the McMinn Law Firm, our attorneys are experienced in the complex investigations and litigation that are a part of vehicle defect claims.

Vehicle defects lead to thousands of catastrophic injuries and deaths every year. We can handle the complex claims, investigations, and litigation related to vehicle defect claims in Austin and throughout Texas. Contact the McMinn Law Firm today.

Any accident requires an immediate investigation to ensure that evidence is preserved and that witnesses are contacted and available. When you or someone you love is injured as the result of a vehicle defect, our attorneys will begin an immediate investigation to pursue claims against every liable party. We are experienced in pursuing claims against liable manufacturers, designers, and distributors of automobile parts.

We have experience with cases against large automobile manufacturers and insurance carriers, and will take necessary legal action to protect your rights and coverage. Our vehicle defect claims attorneys can assist you with any of the following:

We work with distinguished accident reconstructionists and other experts to reconstruct the scene of the accident and identify the vehicle defects.

Products liability actions may arise out of an error in design, manufacture, or if a warning is improperly displayed. We are experienced in a number of accidents resulting from a malfunctioning or dangerous automobile product including fires, explosions, and crashes. Our attorneys will immediately begin an investigation into the manufacture or design of the defective part, identify the cause of the injury or accident, and determine whether other accidents resulted from the same defect.

Contact the McMinn Law Firm for experienced legal service from our Austin, Texas, personal injury firm. Our lawyers offer professional and effective legal representation to the victims and families of serious injuries resulting from vehicle defects.

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