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Medical malpractice is the breach of a duty to provide patients with an accepted standard of care in diagnosing or treating a patient. Whether a nurse, doctor or hospital was negligent, they are liable for damages incurred when the treatment has deviated from a level of care accepted within the medical community. At the McMinn Law Firm, our lawyers represent injury victims and families whose medical provider was negligent in diagnosis or treatment.
We are experienced in medical malpractice claims involving:

  • Birth injuries: Many birth injuries such as cerebral palsy, erb’s palsy, and other injuries result from oxygen deprivation caused by medical negligence. Our attorneys will fully investigate your child’s birth and injuries, using experts and medical documentation to pursue claims against every liable party.
  • Delayed diagnosis: We are experienced in cases of delayed or failed diagnosis particularly in cancer patients. Our attorneys will strive to recover maximum compensation for your injuries and losses if you or a loved one has suffered a late diagnosis or a misdiagnosis.
  • Surgical errors: Surgical errors can be caused by operation on the wrong body part, negligence in anesthesiology, failure to disinfect, infections and complications arising out of negligent incisions. If you or someone you love has suffered the devastating consequences of a surgical error, we will aggressively pursue claims for every injury or wrongful death.
  • Hospital negligence: It is common for injuries to occur, not because the actual provider is at fault, but because the hospital did not have the proper procedures or policies in place to protect each patient. Our attorneys are experienced in the investigation of injuries occurring in medical facilities, and can identify every potential source of liability. We will aggressively pursue claims on behalf of negligent hospitals.
  • Pharmaceutical negligence: An error in medication can lead to catastrophic results, even death. We will aggressively pursue claims against doctors negligent in prescriptions or pharmacists negligent in the dispensation of drugs. If you were injured by a harmful drug mixture, overmedication, undermedication, or the wrong medication, we can help you assert your rights. Contact the McMinn Law Firm for experienced legal service from our Austin, Texas, personal injury firm. Our lawyers offer professional and effective legal representation to the victims and families of medical malpractice injuries.
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