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Catastrophic Injuries Caused by Explosions

McMinn Law Firm helps people injured or the families of those killed by an explosion. The economic base of central and south Texas depends on industries that are prone to explosions. The petrochemical industry, oil and gas facilities, and even a seemingly uncomplicated truck fire can be the site of an explosion that leaves multiple victims dead or injured. When those explosions are the result of inadequate training, defective equipment, and careless or negligent conduct, the injured or the survivors may be able to obtain compensation.

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Explosions leave victims with injuries caused by toxic exposure, head and brain injuries, burn injuries, and spinal cord injuries. The injured person may never work again and require life long in-home care. The cost of this care is expensive, well beyond the reach of most families. That is why is important to seek the advice and counsel of an attorney knowledgeable about explosion injuries.
Wrongful death a frequent result of an explosion

At McMinn Law Firm, our legal team provides people injured in explosions an evaluation of their rights and options. If the case involves the death of a loved one, we are sensitive to the needs of grieving families, taking care of the details so that they can focus on putting their live back together. A wrongful death in an explosion caused by negligence can lead to two cases — one an action on behalf of the surviving families, the other on behalf of the estate of the deceased if he or she lived for any time after the explosion.

To learn more about filing an injury or wrongful death claim after an explosion, contact the McMinn Law Firm. From our offices in Austin, we serve individuals throughout central and south Texas.

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