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If you live in the Austin metro area and you have been involved in an accident where the party at fault does not have auto insurance, you will need the services of an Austin uninsured motorist claims lawyer.  The difficulties generated by an accident are only exacerbated when the offending driver is uninsured, and you will need qualified and competent help to help you claim damages and restore some peace of mind.

Whether it occurs on a side road or a high speed freeway like I-35, an auto accident is always potentially serious. For every driver like you that takes all necessary precautions and responsibly follows the rules of the road, there are those who do not.  Furthermore, irresponsibility on their part can also take the form of neglecting to maintain the basic auto insurance they are required to have.

Your accident could have had some devastating implications for you.  You may have suffered terrible injuries, including crushed limbs, broken and shattered bones, ruptured organs, head and neck trauma, spinal cord damage or worse.  You could possibly be facing disfigurement, loss of function or paralysis.  Depression, panic anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and general anguish might be setting in. On top of all of that, you now have several financial burdens for health care and auto repair, yet you are not being compensated during your time off.

If whoever is liable for the accident is insured, you can generally expect to receive compensation from their insurance carrier.  But if they are not, then you would find yourself needing to claim coverage from your own insurer.  To protect their profitability, insurance companies are typically quick to look for loopholes that allow them to deny any or all of a claim.  During these tough economic times, many people willfully forego purchasing auto insurance.  If you were to sue the offending driver in these circumstances, you could find that a defendant without auto insurance also does not have the resources to compensate you in the way that you require.

These are terrible straits in which to find yourself. The added stress of having been in an auto accident with an uninsured motorist is spawning a whole set of complications you can barely fathom unraveling.  Fortunately, Austin drivers in this situation can turn to a caring and committed counselor to help them achieve justice.

The McMinn Law Firm

For the most experienced Austin uninsured motorist claims lawyers, you have come to the right place.  At The McMinn Law Firm, we combine deep experience in representing people seeking uninsured motorist claims with a truly client-centric approach to service and a reputation for dogged, unswerving representation.  When we take on your case we are ready for battle to ensure your pain, trauma and hardship are justly recompensed by the parties responsible.

The McMinn Law Firm’s team of legal professionals have successfully settled or litigated scores of cases similar to yours.  We have knowledge of auto accident law that few can match, and that gives us the edge in building and presenting your case.  We are not intimidated by large insurance companies and will not back down from seeking just and fair claims on your behalf.

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