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When thinking of motor vehicle accidents in Austin, Texas most people imagine crashes that involve multiple vehicles. While multiple vehicle crashes are much more common, single vehicle accidents do happen more often than most people think.

Most accidents with multiple vehicles involve at least one negligent party (e.g. a driver who was speeding, driving under influence, driving dangerously, etc.). In such an accident, the parties that acted negligently can be held liable for the accident and thus also for all the damages that were caused by the accident.

In single vehicle accidents, things are a bit different because there is only one driver involved in the actual crash. This doesn’t necessarily mean however that the person driving the vehicle in the single vehicle crash is also the liable party. While in a number of single vehicle accidents a driver error caused the accident, often there are other factors involved.

Single vehicle crashes can have devastating consequences, leaving victims with severe injuries such as broken bones, deep cuts and head trauma. Tragically sometimes these crashes even cause death. Sustained injuries may need multiple surgeries and intense aftercare and may cause long term or permanent disability, leaving victims unable to work for a long time. Sometimes victims can never go back to work or are unable to exercise their profession at 100% of their former capabilities anymore.

Besides bodily injuries, victims in single accident vehicle crashes sometimes also suffer from mental trauma after the accident. This can seriously affect their quality of life and lead to long-lasting mental health problems. In some cases relationships with family and friends also suffer from the consequences of the accident.

Generally, police assume that the driver is at fault in a single vehicle accident. However, there are often many factors involved in a single vehicle crash and some may have nothing to do with the driver of the vehicle that crashed. It is therefore advisable that if you have been victim in a single vehicle car accident that you hire a personal injury attorney who can help you investigate your crash and find out what exactly caused the accident.

A single vehicle car crash that caused serious injuries or death needs to be thoroughly investigated to determine what led to the accident and also what specifically caused the injuries that were sustained. Sometimes there is a second vehicle involved that triggered the accident but didn’t actually hit the vehicle that crashed. This is especially common when the accident involves a motorcyclist. A motorcyclist who unexpectedly needs to hit the breaks and steer away to avoid a head-on collision with a vehicle that is crossing the center line may hit the ground or an object and get seriously injured. In such a case, the vehicle that crossed the center line – violating traffic laws – is obviously at fault and liable for the accident.

You May Be Entitled To Compensation After Your Crash

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a single vehicle car accident in the Austin, Texas area you should contact a lawyer to find out whether you may be able to claim compensation for your damages from a negligent party. The single vehicle accident attorneys at the McMinn Law Firm can help investigate your accident to find out what exactly caused the crash and your injuries and based on this investigation pursue the liable parties in your accident for compensation. Whether it was a defective tire, badly maintained or designed roadway, other motorist or all of these and other factors that led to your accident, our attorneys will put together the entire puzzle and go after the liable parties to make sure that you recover your damages.

The lawyers at the McMinn Law Firm have the experience, skills and compassion necessary to achieve the fight for the compensation you deserve.

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