Panel Reviews APD Wrongful Death Claims

An independent review panel consisting of Austin citizens has recommended that the APD fire an officer involved in the death of a 20-year-old man in May 2011. The man was shot and killed when a car driven by his 16-year-old friend struck a police officer. The panel’s decision could influence how APD handles the case and a lawsuit filed by the family of the deceased. Meanwhile, the Austin Police Union has launched an investigation regarding the panel’s decision, which was leaked to a local news source. The Union claims that the review panel’s statement was confidential information that could unjustly affect the outcome of the case.

The family of the man who was killed in May claims that the officer in question used excessive force against an unarmed, innocent civilian and are seeking damages for wrongful death. They are also calling for the dismissal of the officer involved.

Grieving a loved one is always a painful experience, but it’s especially distressing in the case of wrongful deaths. The McMinn Law Firm will advocate on your behalf for your family to receive the maximum compensation available. For more details, contact the McMinn Law Firm.