News Digest: Salado I-35 Truck Accidents, Falling Beam Kills Clark Davis

Salado Truck Accident Victim Identified As Clark Davis, 32, of Arlington

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Below are quotes and news story references related to the multiple truck accidents and bridge beam fall to I 35 in Salado, TX. This information is updated as more stories break.

Update: March 27, 2015

The fatality crash victim has been identified as Clark Davis of Arlington.

The 32-year-old was driving his pickup truck under the bridge when the concrete beam fell on his truck.

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  • Trucking Company Speaks After Salado Accident

    According to records, the trucking company that was involved in the Salado crash has not had an accident in two years. Although the company has been cited for violations, none of those were related to the load or the height.

    Owner Julian Lares of Lares Trucking says that he had a permit to carry the load and did not know that the bridge could be safely passed.

March 26, 2015

Truck Accident / Bridge Collapse North of Austin Near Salado Closes Interstate 35 in Both Directions.

Earlier today in Salado (about 40 miles north of Austin), a semi-truck drove in to highway bridge construction beams causing a partial bridge collapse and several serious vehicle collisions. One person was killed in the truck crashes involving three 18-wheeler trucks and two pick-ups. Several people were taken to hospitals with injuries. As of press time, traffic continues to be backed up in both directions.

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  • is urging drivers to avoid the area and offered the following alternative routes:

    • SH 95 between Temple and Georgetown
    • US 190 from Belton to Killeen
    • SH 195 to Georgetown

The truck hit a beam being used to build a bridge across Interstate 35 in Salado, about 40 miles north of Austin. Debris then toppled onto the interstate and was struck by other vehicles, Department of Transportation spokeswoman Becky Ozuna said.

The truck, which transportation officials said was oversized, came to a stop under the overpass with its cab heavily damaged. Two other rigs and two pickup trucks also were involved in the wreck, said Lt. Donnie Adams with the Bell County sheriff’s office.

Veronica Beyer, a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Transportation, said that the beams of the bridge under construction were 14 feet and one-half inch above the surface of Interstate 35.

Three signs were posted in the two miles before the bridge, she said.

Each sign said that the bridge clearance was 13 feet 6 inches.

“We say it’s lower than it actually is,” Beyer said, to provide a margin of safety.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, around 11 a.m. Thursday, an oversized tractor trailer hit a beam of the FM 2484 overpass bridge that was under construction on I-35. The impact caused two beams to become dislodged and fall onto the roadway. DPS officials said the 32-year-old man from Arlington who died in the crash was in a pickup truck driving under the bridge when the beams fell.

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