Nail Salon Injury: Lawsuit Settlement News, and Safety Tips

McMinn Nail Salon Injury Lawyer Helps Austin Woman Receive Deserved Compensation

Our recently updated McMinn Law Firm Settlements announcements page includes a client case and settlement related to a nail salon injury:

“Austin Woman Suffers Infection from Laceration During Manicure, Recovers $91,000

A local woman suffered serious injury when a routine manicure led to a bone infection. The victim’s finger was lacerated during the spa service, which later required surgery to treat the infection. With relentless persistence, McMinn Law Firm fought to recover a financial settlement for our client.”

We’re heartened to have helped our client get the compensation she deserved.  We’d also like to provide more information about nail salon injuries, including:

  • How to know if you’ve suffered an injury or contracted an infection from a nail salon service; and
  • What to do if you believe you do have a serious injury or infection.

Professional nail salon manicures and pedicures with elaborate detailing and cutting-edge treatments have become more popular than ever over the past few years. No longer primarily the dominion of wealthy and professional women, manicures are sought after and consumed by all ages and both genders.  Elementary-school-age girls are having birthday parties with manicures and pedicures provided as the entertainment.  Artists and nail salon professionals are pushing the limits of what’s possible to include as materials for a mani – pedi and are producing brand new looks from wild to weird to gorgeous.

Unfortunately, for some salon customers, a manicure has turned in to a nightmare, resulting in infection, lasting pain, disability, and, rarely but really, amputation. While risks of infection and serious injury from nail salon visits are known, still, pampering at a salon is hard to resist.

How do you know if you have an infection or injury from a nail salon treatment or service? From, symptoms of an infection include:

  • Pain, redness, itching, and pus in or around the nail area.
  • Yellow-green, green, and green-black nail discolorations are signs of a Pseudomonas bacterial infection.
  • A blue-green discoloration signals a fungal infection.

If you are experiencing those symptoms, first and foremost go to the doctor! A medical professional can help you document the infection injury and get you started on treatment.

We also recommend you consult with an Austin personal injury lawyer, Jason McMinn and Justin McMinn will be happy to evaluate their case quickly and without cost.  Call us at 512-474-0222, use the live chat on our website, fill out the form on this page, or email