Motorcycle Safety In The Rain

With April showers rolling in day after day, Central Texas motorcycle riders should be aware of the dangers involved with commuting during the rain. When the weather gets bad and the clouds begin to roll in, there is no telling where you will be on your bike when the drops begin to fall. Motorcycle accidents are one of the top causes for highway deaths annually in Texas, and adding bad weather to the equation only greaters the risk.

Motorcycle riders are recognized like normal commuter vehicles on highways and busy city roads. They use turning signals and lane change signals, they abide by traffic lights and merging rules, and are expected to obey the speed limits. However, unlike motor vehicles, when unforeseen road conditions come into play it can be a lot hard to tough it out through the circumstances.   

Issues Facing Motorcycles In The Rain

There are many different issues that a motorcycle rider faces on any given day, let alone when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Whether you’re a rider or a driver in a normal vehicle, these tips could help you the next time you are stuck driving in the rain.

Slick Roads and Loss Of Traction

Having less tires means less balance and less ability to grab traction against the road, especially when the rain begins making the roads slick. Often times, heavy rains will draw out oils and grime from the aged concrete which makes the road slick and dangerous for bikes to ride on. If you’re riding your motorcycle in the rain, be conscious of the traction you have when turning or slowing down.

Visibility Of Riders

Rain and dark clouds will make any normal car driver weary on the road. Between the darkened skies and the falling downpour of water, visibility can be rather difficult to just identify large stoplights or street signs. It is because of this that motorcycle riders tend to become even less visible. If you’re driving in a storm on your motorcycle, consider pulling over until visibility clears up.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

If you’ve been injured in a serious motorcycle accident as the result of another negligent driver on the road, despite the weather conditions, contact The McMinn Law Firm today. Your hardships and injuries deserve a chance of just compensation. Call today for a free case evaluation.