Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturers Can Be Held Liable

When riding a motorcycle, responsible and experienced riders know that safety always comes first. Whether it’s pulling over before the weather takes over the road, knowing when it’s safe to switch lanes or not, and even whether or not their bike is in acceptable condition to ride. Those who have been riding motorcycles for decades will still admit to learning more about riding every time they get on the seat. With such great love for motorcycles comes great responsibility; not just from the riders but from those who aid in making it possible.

Motorcycle accidents happen all too frequently and claim an unfortunate amount of victims due to carelessness. Although the fun and enjoyable commuting style has it’s risks, many riders combat them with the most common form of protection; the helmet. Intended to greatly increase cranial safety while riding, motorcycle helmets are manufactured and tested to withstand great amounts of force and pressure. This is meant to insure the rider that should anything happen while on that seat, their head has a far better chance of being protected in order to keep their brain functioning and inevitably save their life.

What If My Helmet Is Faulty?

It’s not impossible for a manufacturer or distributor to falsely develope, advertise, test, and sell a poorly or under-manufactured helmet. Like any market, motorcycle safety equipment developers are in competition to make the best and most advanced products in the quickest amount of time so that they can hit the market and see some profit. Unfortunately in doing so, it’s not uncommon for corners in modeling and safety features to be cut.

There are a number of different instances where a motorcycle helmet could fall short to it’s competitors and in turn fail during an accident:

  • Cheap plastic or fiberglass used
  • Improper fastening of parts
  • Inconclusive testing
  • Poor shaping or molding
  • Unstable adhesive or fabric

These are just a few different things that could fail on a poorly manufactured motorcycle helmet, all which could lead to the deciding factor between a few broken bones or a full blown coma and brain trauma case in the event of an accident.

Is The Manufacturer Liable?

When a motorcycle helmet, much like any other purchased product that is intended to serve a purpose directly related to a consumer’s safety or well being, is sold to a customer and proven to be faulty or fraudulent, that maker of the product could be held liable. Their false advertisement and pretenses under which they distributed a helmet with the intent to provide head and vision safety for motorcycle riders is an active part in what lead up to the suffering and damages faced by a victim. These companies deserve to be brought to trial over their inferior product and made to answer for the hardships they’ve caused victims of motorcycle wrecks that were wearing their helmet or other rider safety products.

If you or someone you know has been hurt or injured in a motorcycle accident and it’s believed that their helmet did not live up to it’s expectations, do not hesitate to contact The McMinn Law Firm today to speak with a legal representative. We’re here to fight for your just compensation after the damages you’ve experienced.