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Most Common Football Injuries

We all know football is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Since its start in the late 19th century, football has been a source of entertainment, bringing people together all over the country. While football is entertaining to watch, the physicality of the sport can be dangerous for the players.

Here is a list of the most common football injuries:

1. Traumatic Injuries – Knee injuries are by far the most common injuries in football. Ankle injuries are also very common due to the surfaces played on and cutting motions. Many of these injuries can have a long-term effect on players.

2. Overuse Injuries – Back pain is a common complaint among players due to overuse. Overuse can also lead to overtraining syndrome which is when a player pushes their body too far causing an injury.

3. Heat Injuries – Heat injuries are often common among younger football players, especially during the start of training camps. These injuries are a result of physical exertion in extremely hot climates. The earliest symptoms of a heat injury include muscle cramps. If not treated, this injury can result in heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

4. Concussions – Football players are always susceptible to a concussion. A concussion is a change in mental state due to a traumatic impact. A concussion does not always mean a player suffers unconsciousness, other symptoms include a headache, dizziness, loss of balance, or blurry vision.

These injuries can be prevented by:

  • Getting a pre-season checkup
  • Wearing the right protective equipment
  • Properly warming up before practice or a game
  • Hydrating adequately to minimize muscle cramps

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