Moran Fuentes & Resendiz Killed In 18-wheeler Crash on I35 in Austin

18-Wheeler Crash on I-35 Claims Two Lives

Recently there was a tragic accident near Rundberg Lane involving an 18-wheeler and a pick up truck. Telesfora Moran Fuentes, 46, and Yesenia Nayeli Resendiz, 23, from Oklahoma City both were killed in this tragedy. Five other souls were wounded critically, three of whom were children taken to the Dell Children’s Medical Center.

Big Rig Driver Experienced and Accident-Free

The semi-truck driver was no novice: she had been driving large trucks for 25 years with no accidents. Details about the cause of the crash are still being investigated, but it is an important reminder to all who travel through the I-35 corridor, especially late at night or early in the morning, that extra care is needed.

Tractor-Trailer Trucks Need 2x – 5x Braking Distance Than Cars

18-wheelers are not like cars. For a big-rig going at highway speeds, it takes the length of one to two football fields to come to a complete stop. Highway 130 was built as a bypass for travelers, and truck drivers, to escape the congestion of I-35 that happens around downtown Austin, but it is rarely used and these large 18-wheelers can still be found in the downtown traffic. This is partly because 130 is a toll road and that toll would come out of the driver’s already small wages.

I-35 was shut down going both ways for almost 8 hours after the incident. I-35 is the largest artery that Austinites use to access the city, and with the population only growing, traffic and congestion worsen daily. An unfortunate result of this growth is also a rise in automobile accidents. In only the first six months of 2015 Austin had more vehicle accidents and deaths than in all of 2014.

18-wheelers on I-35 are a reality that Austinites will have to deal with for the time being. It is important to know that the drivers of these large vehicles are trying to stay as safe as possible, but safety requires participation from both parties. When driving around around these trucks, drivers should take care to know that stopping takes more space than other cars. Drivers should not cut anyone off, but especially these large trucks.

If you are in an accident, you should follow these steps:

Step 1:  Assess the situation for severe injuries and health concerns.

Step 2: Alert medical personnel, if necessary.

Step 3:  Collect evidence that can point to the cause of the accident.  This includes photographs from the scene of the accident.

Step 4: Remember the names and ask for contact information from any witnesses that may have observed the accident.

Step 5:  Keep record of everything that has happened after the accident.  For example: medical bills, hospital visits, and any lost work wages.

Step 6: If the other party is at fault, consider contacting a lawyer.