MoPac To Undergo Some Major Changes

Crews are set to break ground in October 2013 on the MoPac Improvement Project that will add a tolled expressway in both directions from Parmer Lane to Lady Bird Lake. The project will cost an estimated $200 million and will add a tolled express lane for about 11 miles.

Steve Pustelnyk with The MoPac Improvement Project said the express lane will give those in a hurry a free flowing lane to travel on. He also said that although the tollway is funded by taxpayer dollars, the toll road fees will pay back the funds two-fold.

An open house was held last Wednesday to get input from people in the community on the design changes to the future MoPac toll lanes. The most noticeable changes will be switching downtown exits from overpasses to underpasses.

“Anything we can do to speed up the traffic and steady the flow will be terrific,” said Tom Stacy, who drives on MoPac daily. “It’ll make it safer, it will get more people through, and I think it’s a great improvement.”

According to the project website, when traffic is heavy, the new toll road will help lanes from being congested and increase driver safety. The project will be complete by late 2015.

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