McMinn Law Firm Launches Bike Rights Austin

McMinn Law Firm Launches Bike Rights Austin

Austin, TX — On May 8th, McMinn Law Firm launched Bike Rights Austin, an educational campaign to build awareness for both drivers and cyclists on the shared rights of the road. The firm recognized the movement by both the City and its citizens to make Austin a more bike-friendly city, but noted a general confusion from drivers and cyclists alike on the place of bikes on the road.

“Bike Rights Austin aims to answer simple questions with not-so-obvious answers, like when should a bike ride on the sidewalk or on the street? ” — Jason McMinn, Personal Injury Attorney

About Bike Rights Austin

Bike Rights Austin is a resource that intends to complement today’s driver’s education system that seldom mentions how drivers should interact with and take notice of bikes in the roadway. We hope to cultivate a respect for this mode of transportation alongside cars, answer questions and refute common misconceptions.

Bike Rights Austin’s main resource is accessible at at this main campaign page and short tips and biking advice can be seen on the Bike Rights Austin Facebook page. Bike Rights Austin is looking to engage the cycling community through participation with existing biking groups and community outreach.

About McMinn Law Firm

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