Kids In A New Groove Needs Your Help!

Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music. – Jimi Hendrix


And don’t we know it. This past year, McMinn Law Firm has been a proud sponsor of Kids In a New Groove (KING), an organization empowering children in the foster system through music. This incredible organization is dedicated to changing the lives of some of Texas’s most vulnerable children through the timeless art of music. Through our period of sponsorship, we have seen KING change the lives of hundreds of children through their efforts, events, and outreach.

In 2013, the McMinn team attended the Kids in a New Groove inaugural Music Matters Luncheon and we were incredibly touched by this organization’s mission. Subsequently, McMinn attended the 2014 Music for the Soul concert featuring the Court Yard Hounds  as well as the 2014 Music Matters Luncheon. The team was so touched by the mission that in 2015 McMinn became an official sponsor of the KING Concert Club, which has featured musicians from Shakey Graves to Max Frost. We’ve seen incredible transformations and incredible talent blossom through KING’s program.

About Kids In A New Groove

KING was initially founded by Karyn Scott, a Travis County felony prosecutor, in 2004 to provide clothing donations for kids in the foster care system. Scott was touched and saddened by the vulnerable kids she was in the courtroom each day and was determined to find a way to help them. In 2009 KING changed their name and mission to reflect the organization’s new ambitions: to enrich and enhance the lives of foster kids and to help them “age out” of the program with at least one solid adult relationship (a difficult task as foster kids are often passed from home to home throughout adolescence), a set of learned skills, and a sense of self-worth. Ever since, KING has been dedicated to the youth in the foster care system and doing their part.

The KING program teaches youth in foster care:

  • How to set, achieve and celebrate goals.
  • How to build trust and a relationship with an adult role model
  • How to be self-disciplined
  • How to have a strong presence by increasing their self esteem

How You Can Help!

Students work with their music mentor to learn an empowering skill and develop a prosperous relationship with a dedicated adult. Through KING’s unique music education program, the students earn rewards through their participation. After showing commitment to their new skill, students have the opportunity to earn their own musical instrument, teaching the valuable skills of hard work leading to great rewards. KING’s dedicated students have been practicing their hearts out and we have many who are getting close to their instrument ownership milestone. KING is seeking donations of any size to help purchase these instruments for the dedicated students, a cost of only $4300 to be reached by the end of the year. Students have worked diligently to set, work towards, and achieve these goals and KING is dedicated to seeing them through.

In the foster care system, KING students move on average of 9 times. Most often, their belongings do not follow, leaving a sense of little self worth and lack of ownership of any skill or belongings. Through this reward, KING can help empower these youth by providing them with a skill and instrument that will follow them to wherever they end up next. By the end of the year, 17 students will be eligible to receive this hard-earned reward.

KING will be purchasing:

  • Keyboards
  • Acoustic guitars
  • Percussion sets
  • Saxophones
  • Trumpets

How To Help

Feelin’ the love yet? Here’s how you can help! Check out KING’s page on IndieGoGo to help them reach their goal of $4300 to purchase instruments to reward their hard working students.

Get Involved

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  • Host a KING event