Justin McMinn of the McMinn Law Firm Settles Apartment Negligence Case for $175,000

Justin McMinn settles a case for $175,000 that involved a two-year-old girl who fell through a guardrail onto the concrete below and suffered a head injury.

Austin, TX, July 23, 2012 —

Justin McMinn of the McMinn Law Firm, a firm of Austin personal injury attorneys, has reached a settlement with the insurance company of a local apartment complex in the case of a two year old who was injured as a result of the complex’s negligence.

According to settlement documents, the child, who was two years old at the time, fell through a missing guardrail while walking down the stairs of the North Austin apartment complex where she resides with her family. The case would have been handled in the Austin Municipal Court System.

The child fell on her head and was immediately rushed to Dell Children’s Hospital, where doctors were concerned by the swelling of her forehead, according to the claim. The child suffered a skull fracture and had gas in her cranial cavity, according to the claim, GC 2011539399.

With the potential for future learning disabilities and more medical problems resulting from the fall, McMinn reached a settlement meeting the complex’s policy limits to provide for the child’s future care.

“Incidents like this are a tragedy,” Justin McMinn, lead attorney for the case, said. “This child is at risk for a lot of future problems, and it could have been prevented. This settlement might help this family through a very difficult time in their lives.”

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