Justin McMinn Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit of Odessa Man

Justin McMinn filed a lawsuit recently concerning the wrongful death of 62-year-old Roland Pearce, a resident of Odessa. The lawsuit details how Pearce’s vehicle was struck by an out-of-control truck, ultimately killing him.

According to the lawsuit, the defendant was driving a company truck when he lost control of his vehicle, swerved across several lanes of traffic and crashed head-on into Pearce’s vehicle. The allegations against the defendant include the following: operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner by failure to maintain proper speed and control, failure to keep a proper lookout, and failure to use brakes in a timely manner.

Pearce struggled to survive following the collision, enduring multiple operations over the span of 50 days. After his death, Pearce’s sister was not only left in mourning, but was left with an overwhelming number of medical bills as a result of her brother’s untimely death. She then sought the legal help of Austin injury attorney Justin McMinn, of the McMinn Law Firm.

“This case is a tragedy,” stated McMinn. “My client’s brother fought for his life for 50 days before his injuries proved to be too much. The operations that doctors hoped would save his life have left my client with thousands of dollars in medical bills, and she’s having to cope with losing an important person in her life. This pain could have been prevented.”

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