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Infographic: How a Personal Injury Case Works


If you’ve ever wondered about how a personal injury case really works, we have just released a new infographic to help you understand the process. Reading this now to gain some understanding will help you understand the process if you ever need to hire a lawyer for a personal injury case after a crash.

Visit our resource page to find more about Personal Injury Cases – and your role in the process. Remember to get treatment as soon as possible, meet with a lawyer early on, and that you will play a big role in recording evidence for the case.

  • Treat your injuries.
  • Meet with a lawyer early on.
  • You’re an important source for making your case!
  • Time limits apply.
  • Negotiations may take awhile.
    • We will outline different alternative routes on why negotiations can take longer than expected.

    If you or someone you know has been involved in a personal injury case, contact McMinn Law Firm today.