How To Solve Aggressive Dog Behavior

Dog behavior can be cute and endearing or destructive and aggressive. In order to solve aggressive behavior, it’s important to know where a dog’s aggression is stemming from.

It doesn’t take much to push an aggressive dog to attack or bite a stranger or a family member. Luckily, there are strategies to help train an aggressive dog to be friendly and sociable.

There are several reasons why your dog could be expressing such behavior.


If you scold your dog for bad behavior, consider to leaving him alone after he retreats. If you go after your dog when you’ve already reprimanded him once, he is likely to feel threatened and may bite.


One of the reasons we like living with dogs is because they are known for protecting their territory, which can include our home, our possessions, and us. However, this type of aggression can go too far. Behavior can be as minor as jumping or as serious as biting.

It’s important to assert your dominance over your dog. If you have dominance over your dog, he’ll feel secure and calm when you feel secure and calm.


An injured dog knows he is vulnerable. Even the most minor situations can make a vulnerable dog feel the need to lash out to protect himself. When the pain is obvious, be ready for aggressive behavior.

Aggressive behavior isn’t something that should be ignored or laughed off. If your dog is becoming noticeably more aggressive, get him or her to the vet immediately.

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