What Happens After An Accident With An Uninsured Driver?

It’s a fear of driving that many commuters have every time they get on the road. While we all responsibly pay and keep up with our auto insurance policies, there are still drivers on the road operating vehicles without proper legal coverage. Because there is always the risk of being hit by an uninsured driver and having a serious injury in your accident, it is important to understand the proper procedures that follow such an incident.

When involved in a car accident, your health, safety, and well-being comes first. If there are any serious injuries then you will need to see a hospital for treatment before you should even worry about what you can do legally to cover yourself. Considering in Texas it is illegal to drive without insurance, the police will most likely handle the immediate legal issues regarding the at-fault and uninsured driver on the scene via a ticket or incarceration. However next is the legal process where your trusted attorneys at The McMinn Law Firm take over.

As you purchase your own auto insurance, you are most likely asked to add onto your policy to cover for uninsured drivers. While this bit of coverage can definitely help you recoup somes after medical bills and damages to your vehicle, it doesn’t always cover everything. That is why our expert legal advisers know how to accurately pursue justified compensation from the uninsured and at fault driver through their personal assets. In the court of law it is assumed that a person irresponsible enough to not own an insurance policy has anticipation of covering their mistakes via their own monetary compensation.

Once you have all of the information from the at fault driver, information that should have been verified as valid in part by the police on the scene of the accident, our attorneys will be able to seek compensation from the defendant in the legal system. Thier personal assets will be legally held accountable for compensating you to recover from the pain and suffering, the medical costs, as well as repair damages that they caused. While it may seem like most drivers without insurance don’t have much monetary assets to apply towards compensation, our attorneys are able to help pursue assurance that over time the compensation will be paid.

Being hurt and injured in a car wreck is no joke; you could be out of work for an extended period of time to recover or sometimes suffer life-long injuries. Don’t think accidents can’t be dealt with because the other driver was uninsured. No accident is a lost cause when you contact The McMinn Law Firm today.